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Bramley Trail Ride results now online

by | Feb 25, 2013 | general, trail rides | 2 comments

Bramley was one of our busiest Trail Rides for a while, with over 250 riders coming out to ride the surprisingly dry and hugely enjoyable trails! So thanks to all of you who came to ride; we hope you had a great day! No thanks though, to whoever took down a good number of our signs (and even redirected some!) That doesn’t help us and it certainly doesn’t help you! So sorry to anyone who had problems out on the route due to these sign vandals, and we hope it didn’t spoil your ride too much. From the reaction of riders coming into the finish it doesn’t seem that it did too much; as ever the fortitude of mountain bikers impressed us, and your determination not a to let a few inconsiderate idiots stop you from enjoying the day!


Click here for the event results


Malicious route vandalism is difficult to counter. The signs will see you round as long as no one tampers with them, but there are other way there are ways you can help yourself stay on track during rides:


Make sure you take a map (we give them out free at registration) and use it to get you back on course if you have problems. Don’t worry about trying to follow the whole route with it – just get to a road or village that you can identify on the map, and then use the map to take the quickest route back onto the route, where you can pick up the signs again.


If you have a GPS device, we send out GPS files to everyone who pre enters by 5pm on the Thursday before the ride. Book early, save the on the day fee, and get the extra security of GPS routes!


Not everyone has a specialist GPS, but more and more people have a GPS enabled smartphone! So, in response to the problems on Saturday, we will be introducing a new feature for smartphone users on our events. We will be preparing QR codes for you to scan at event registration, so that you can have the route loaded right onto your phone! So, if you find yourself off course, you can just pull out your to get yourself back on track!


Finally, we can always use extra riders to pre ride and help check the routes. If you want to ride for free (and get a free feed at the finish) and don’t mind starting early, carrying a few spare signs and correcting any problems you encounter, we’re looking for volunteers to do pre ride and mid ride course checks. Riders should be fairly fast over a 50km course, good at navigating from a map, and preferably have knowledge of the course area of the event in question. If you’re interested, drop us a line!

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