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Battle in the Bowl 2021 Team Competition Results

by | May 24, 2021 | Uncategorised

On a recount, it’s congratulations to VC Venta, winners of the 2021 Team Competition in the Battle in the Bowl Super CX. Strong rides from all four team members were enough to give them a good win in the team contest this year. We’ll be in contact with the winners to arrange their prizes!

Here is the full Team results list. This is a mixed category competition, and to create a level playing field, riders points are calculated from their overall race position, their category race position, and number of laps completed, with a category modifier applied.

 TeamNameCategoryPos. RacePos. CategoryLapsPoints
1stVC Venta 1David SpencerVet Male2089190
VC Venta 1Jo ClarkeSenior Female9128121
VC Venta 1Oscar PrattSenior Male15910186
VC Venta 1Ed GurneyVet Male49189149
2ndTWB - On Time Race TeamStephen WilkinsonSuper Vet Male79198121
TWB - On Time Race TeamJosh WakelingSenior Male55229132
TWB - On Time Race TeamStuart BaldwinVet Male26109182
TWB - On Time Race TeamTracy Wilkinson BeggSuper Vet Female13638121
3rdArmy CX Team 1Simon C HaleSuper Vet Male2329202
Army CX Team 1Jason MarriottSuper Vet Male14436778
Army CX Team 1Andrew WhiteSenior Male65259119
Army CX Team 1Stuart JacksonVet Male61239131
4thGS InvictaMark WhittakerSuper Vet Male2439200
GS InvictaStuart KinnonSuper Vet Male11531868
GS InvictaRichard McVeySuper Vet Male87248107
GS InvictaDaniel JamesVet Male63249128
5thMagspeed RacingNatalie CreswickVet Female6719155
Magspeed RacingNatalie JenksSenior Female-
Magspeed RacingTracey FletcherSuper Vet Female12728122
Magspeed RacingDiane LeeSenior Female9548114
6thTeam TMCNick SturmanVet Male-
Team TMCSteve CallandVet Male10510205
Team TMCKevin PlummerSuper Vet MaleDNFDNF44
Team TMCRoger SmithVet Male33139171
7thVC Venta 2Lydia GouldSuper Vet Female15147118
VC Venta 2Jorge MansoVet Male10437875
VC Venta 2Malcolm CrossSuper Vet Male12132884
VC Venta 2David MartinSuper Vet Male9726894
8thCC GIRO ALeon FieldSenior Male-
CC GIRO AMark MullenderSuper Vet Male47109167
CC GIRO AJonathon BisterSuper Vet Male10428888
CC GIRO ACarl BullinghamSuper Vet Male85238110
Sotonia CCGemma WilksSenior Female11668107
Sotonia CCVerity HornerVet Female161117106
Sotonia CCTom BuddenVet MaleDNFDNF33
Sotonia CCDanielle ThomasSenior Female14787104
CC GIRO BRuss HallVet Male9233887
CC GIRO BRicki EllisonSenior Male38169155
CC GIRO BMartin OsmanVet Male10236876
CC GIRO BRich DeeleyVet Male-
11thMedway VeloRob KennisonSuper Vet Male4189176
Medway VeloMichael StanleyVet Male12544867
Medway VeloDaniel BerkhauerSenior MaleDNFDNF33
Medway VeloRob SappVet Male13947864
12thBoA CCJohn GrenfellVet Male52209144
BoA CCJohn BenjaminVet Male11140860
BoA CCShrirunga BristoweSenior Male78289103
BoA CCDavid JanesSenior Male-
13thCC LutonMark CalvertVet MaleDNFDNF55
CC LutonGreg SimcockVet Male42169159
CC LutonPeter MorrellSuper Vet Male-
CC LutonMike JacksonVet Male10035877

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