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A Trail Break MTB Event

Coronavirus Update

Current Status: Event going ahead as planned

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE: Our events are still open for booking, and we are commited to honouring your booking with us, even if coronavirus restrictions affect the event. Click below to read more…

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Lockdown is going to affect events planned for January and into February. We are currently monitoring updates to the restrictions will update the status of individual events when it is clear whether they can proceed or not.

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE: Our events are still open for booking, and we are commited to honouring your booking with us. In the event that we cannot run an event on the advertised date, your booking will be valid for a rescheduled date or transfer to another event with us of your choice within 18 months. If an event is going ahead, but you can’t attend for Covid related reasons (such as quarantining or tier 3 travel restrictions), you can also request a transfer of your booking to a future event within 18 months. During 2020, we have had 11 events disrupted by lockdown restrictions. We sucessfully rescheduled 7 of those, and have honoured every affected booking  to ensure that no rider loses out.

RIDE IN SAFETY: Where current restrictions allow, we are proceeding with events based on the assessment that our events are a safe activity in current circumstances, for the following reasons:

  1. They are not ‘static gatherings’. They spread participants over wide, remote areas and varied time periods by design.
  2. Off-road cycling is a naturally socially distancing activity.
  3. We have risk assessed every aspect of the events and introduced new safety procedures wherever necessary.

We will continue to follow official advice and best practice in running our events, and to monitor changes in advice.

For details of the precautions we are taking to keep events safe, see our full coronavirus information update here.

Thanks for Riding!

We hope you had a great day! Scroll down for the event results.

5th June 2021

Missed Entry For This Event?

This is our second fully event of this spring, with Shackleford on May 8th already sold out. There are still spaces avaialble right now on our Bramley MTB on June 5th and our next event here from Princes Risborough, Badlands on June 13th. Sign up now to reserve your space or check our calendar to avoid missing out on the next event you want to do!

13th June 2021

The Chilterns Ridge Trail Ride: Relentless Riding in the heart of England

The Spring colours are bursting out everywhere for this ride, but the true colours of the Chiltern Hills are revealed in the rugged folds of their profile.

The Chilterns Ridge Trail Ride is a fantastic trip through one of the best mountain biking corners of the home counties. Big climbs, rooty, rattly descents and fast, fluid singletrack are your route through the picturesque spring countryside of the Chilterns!

As ever, you ride will come fully signposted and supported, with route maps and GPS to help you find your way too, rider timing and full catering back at the event HQ. There’s no better way to finish a hard ride than with a cuppa and a bowl of our home made chilli!




Chilterns Ridge MTB 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourse
A6Adam Benzimra3h 28m 04sBronzeM40-4937km
B20Adam Busby3h 58m 48sSilverM50+50km
C15Adam Crickmar4h 48m 30sBronzeM18-3950km
B51Adam Frost3h 42m 09sBronzeM40-4937km
A61Adam Holbrook2h 56m 44sGoldM40-4950km
A66Adam Hopper3h 33m 04sSilverM18-3950km
B144Adam Simpson3h 39m 37sSilverM40-4950km
A7Adrian Boston4h 59m 52sBronzeM40-4950km
C21Adrian Fallart4h 57m 02sM50+37km
A69Adrian Hutchinson2h 50m 21sGoldM60+50km
B166Adrian Whitcombe2h 19m 23sBronzeM40-4925km
B8Alan Beck3h 41m 58sBronzeM50+37km
B99Alastair Mackay-James2h 59m 45sGoldM40-4950km
A24Alex Costin3h 27m 26sBronzeM50+37km
A109Alex Richards3h 10m 09sGoldM40-4950km
A118Alfie Smales4h 59m 44sBronzeMUnder 1850km
B35Alfonso Corbacho Anton2h 46m 00sGoldM18-3950km
A30Alli Dempsey3h 22m 35sGoldF50+50km
C88Amelie Melville2h 57m 20sSilverFU1637km
B57Andrew Green3h 48m 07sSilverM18-3950km
B65Andrew Harwood1h 55m 35sSilverM50+25km
B68Andrew Healey3h 33m 50sGoldM50+50km
B89Andrew Kent2h 45m 28sGoldM40-4950km
C89Andrew Parkes4h 04m 15sM40-4937km
A122Andrew Springer2h 53m 04sGoldM50+50km
A132Andrew Timms3h 49m 49sSilverM40-4950km
A137Andrew Vincett3h 59m 18sSilverM50+50km
C77Andrew Woodcock2h 30m 31sGoldM40-4937km
A8Andy Broadbent3h 57m 50sSilverM40-4950km
B19Andy Burt3h 02m 51sSilverM50+37km
B25Andy Carter3h 42m 13sBronzeM40-4937km
C13Andy Child1h 54m 04sGoldF60+25km
A47Andy Garton3h 08m 18sGoldM50+50km
A72Andy Jackson2h 33m 06sGoldM50+50km
B140Andy Sewell1h 53m 55sGoldM50+25km
C42Annie Marson4h 38m 26sF40-4937km
A74Anthony Kendall3h 34m 23sGoldM60+50km
A76Anthony King3h 52m 35sSilverM50+50km
C68Ar Vickers2h 19m 03sGoldM50+50km
B94Arkadiusz Kowalczyk3h 51m 59sSilverM40-4950km
B1Arya Abyar Lathari6h 02m 00sM18-3950km
B120Ashley Phillips3h 49m 39sSilverM18-3950km
A23Barry Cook2h 40m 42sGoldM50+50km
C28Barry Hedge5h 19m 52sM50+ E50km
C44Barry Nash2h 07m 45sGoldM40-4937km
A36Ben Edwards3h 03m 53sGoldM40-4950km
C31Ben Houlihan3h 16m 53sGoldM18-3950km
C56Ben Roberts2h 32m 30sGoldM40-4950km
A44Bernie Fyans2h 19m 09sGoldM40-4950km
A136Bernie Verrills3h 27m 55sGoldM60+50km
A79Bertrand Lacour2h 49m 16sGoldM40-4950km
B81Blair Jenkins2h 29m 10sGoldM60+ E50km
A27Brien Curran3h 47m 19sSilverM18-3950km
A40Bruce Ferguson3h 49m 51sGoldM60+50km
B165Byron Wessels4h 18m 13sBronzeM18-3950km
B54Caleb Gittens6h 01m 47sM18-39 E50km
C90Callum Partridge2h 33m 51sGoldMU16 E50km
C63Carl Spencer2h 36m 58sGoldM40-4937km
A143Carl Weldon2h 49m 49sGoldM18-3950km
A146Caroline Whittaker2h 40m 38sGoldF50+50km
C58Cedric Rubenstein2h 22m 55sGoldM18-3950km
C35Charles Leeming2h 56m 23sGoldM50+50km
B23Chris Cannacott4h 05m 08sSilverM40-4950km
B24Chris Carr2h 50m 16sGoldM50+50km
B42Chris Dodd3h 18m 30sGoldM40-4950km
B44Chris Du Preez2h 10m 10sGoldM40-4950km
A58Chris Hems3h 32m 56sGoldM40-4950km
C41Chris Lowrey2h 30m 37sGoldM40-4937km
A100Chris Perry3h 10m 48sGoldM50+50km
B146Chris Sloan3h 12m 03sGoldM40-4950km
A134Chris Tucker3h 28m 14sBronzeM40-4937km
B106Christine Moore4h 07m 31sGoldF60+50km
B79Christopher Isted3h 57m 16sSilverM50+50km
C43Clive Michael3h 40m 45sM40-4925km
A106Colin Revels5h 20m 05sM40-49 E50km
B139Colin Schofield3h 49m 44sSilverM40-4950km
C72Colin Whysall2h 29m 57sGoldM40-4937km
C36Craig Leonard2h 34m 09sBronzeM40-4925km
B148Damon Smith2h 36m 24sGoldM40-4950km
A1Dan Barber2h 59m 42sGoldM40-4950km
B29Dan Chisholm3h 49m 41sSilverM40-4950km
A51Dan Guilliatt3h 31m 27sGoldM40-4950km
B158Dan Thomas3h 05m 23sBronzeM18-39 E37km
A57Daniel Hawes4h 18m 39sSilverM40-4950km
B85Daniel Jordan3h 49m 45sSilverM50+50km
B116Daniel Parsons3h 25m 00sGoldM40-4950km
A95Daron Osborn3h 39m 31sSilverM40-4950km
C39Darrell Lowe3h 07m 48sBronzeM18-3937km
A67Darren Humphreys3h 39m 37sSilverM40-4950km
B128Darren Rayfield1h 58m 08sGoldM40-4950km
C54Darren Remmers2h 35m 21sGoldM40-4937km
B66Dave Hayes2h 21m 10sGoldM40-4950km
A21David Collar4h 21m 57sBronzeM18-3950km
B34David Copping3h 20m 52sGoldM50+ E50km
A99David Peacock3h 27m 20sGoldM50+50km
A108David Rice4h 03m 07sSilverM40-4950km
A117David Shaw4h 00m 29sSilverM18-3950km
C70David Walker4h 30m 28sM60+37km
B153Dawid Szczesniak2h 56m 04sGoldM18-3950km
B126Dominic Powles1h 58m 27sGoldM40-49 E37km
B5Don Bailey2h 02m 46sSilverM50+25km
A13Dwight Burden2h 46m 27sGoldM40-4950km
A138Edjun Violon4h 01m 38sSilverM18-3950km
B31Edward Colley3h 42m 06sBronzeM18-3937km
C9Elizabeth Brown3h 13m 31sGoldM18-3950km
C8Elizabeth Brown3h 13m 46sGoldF50+50km
A103Emmanuel Pringalle2h 49m 17sGoldM40-4950km
A43Erin Fromm4h 00m 27sSilverF18-3950km
A64Gareth Hooper2h 46m 51sGoldM50+37km
C10Gary Buckingham2h 19m 01sBronzeM40-4925km
B170Gary Wilson3h 09m 15sGoldM50+50km
B76Gavin Hubbard3h 15m 11sGoldM50+50km
B134Gavin Rogers2h 48m 32sGoldM50+37km
C86Geoff Chapman3h 43m 33sBronzeM60+37km
C14Geoff Cooper2h 38m 37sGoldM60+50km
C20Gerard Evans2h 54m 55sGoldM50+50km
A26Graeme Crowston3h 34m 48sGoldM40-4950km
A87Graeme Mccolm3h 18m 54sGoldM18-3950km
C7Graham Botwright2h 55m 32sGoldM50+50km
A37Graham Edwards3h 09m 46sGoldM40-4950km
A42Graham Foster4h 05m 01sSilverM50+50km
B45Greg Easton2h 31m 16sGoldM40-49 E50km
C23Greg Genna2h 09m 39sGoldM18-3937km
C30Greg Hooper2h 20m 30sGoldM50+37km
B101Greg Martin3h 12m 32sGoldM50+50km
C51Gregor Pryor2h 35m 24sGoldM40-4950km
B113Gregory Nunn4h 07m 40sSilverM18-3950km
A116Guy Sellwood2h 53m 00sGoldM50+50km
A45Haley Fyans2h 10m 49sGoldF40-4937km
B70Harry Hislop2h 19m 36sGoldM18-3950km
C93Harry Trimble3h 06m 43sSilverMU1437km
A25Haydn Costin3h 28m 27sBronzeM50+37km
A35Haydn Durrant3h 58m 38sSilverM40-4950km
B123Hayley Pooley3h 41m 53sBronzeF18-3937km
B169Helen Willis2h 51m 02sGoldF50+50km
B18Ian Bull4h 15m 00sSilverM50+50km
A54Ian Hanson3h 08m 21sGoldM40-4950km
A59Ian Henderson3h 10m 03sGoldM60+50km
A112Ian Rotea3h 20m 49sGoldM40-49 E50km
A114Ian Ruddick3h 58m 02sSilverM40-4950km
C60Ian Shackleton1h 54m 06sGoldM60+25km
A144Ian Wells2h 52m 49sGoldM50+50km
C80Issy Zimmerman2h 12m 58sGoldM50+50km
A12Ivan Bullen3h 36m 50sGoldM50+50km
B164Jack Watt1h 46m 44sSilverM18-3925km
C2Jacob Anderson3h 40m 54sBronzeMUnder 1837km
A22James Connolly3h 20m 47sGoldM18-3950km
B74James House2h 58m 08sGoldM60+50km
A82James Leavesley3h 37m 58sSilverM40-4950km
A105James Quilter3h 10m 04sGoldM50+50km
C57Jane Robinson2h 53m 19sSilverF40-4937km
B47Jared Faulkner3h 02m 46sSilverM50+37km
C76Jason Wood1h 58m 31sGoldM50+ E37km
C85Jasper Carter3h 40m 36sMU1425km
C32Jasper James4h 30m 46sSilverM50+50km
B72Jay Horton2h 42m 24sGoldM50+50km
B64Jeremy Hartill3h 02m 42sGoldM50+50km
A151Jeremy Kennedy-Sloane4h 23m 22sM18-3937km
A104Jeremy Pugh3h 08m 17sGoldM50+50km
B167Jermaine Wiggins6h 01m 53sM18-39 E50km
A78Jl Kw3h 22m 33sGoldF50+50km
B145Joanna Skene3h 06m 54sGoldF50+50km
A124Joanne Staton2h 48m 08sGoldF40-4950km
B92Joe Kitanosono3h 53m 28sSilverM18-3950km
B129Joe Rees4h 07m 42sSilverM18-3950km
A126Joey Tapangan4h 01m 45sSilverM40-4950km
B16John Bright3h 05m 17sBronzeM18-3937km
A20John Clark2h 33m 23sGoldM40-49 E50km
C17John Czogalik3h 10m 55sGoldM50+50km
B75John Howlett3h 00m 43sGoldM50+50km
B122John Piper3h 20m 52sGoldM50+50km
C78John Woodcock2h 30m 36sGoldM40-4937km
A50Jon Green3h 10m 47sGoldM40-4950km
B149Jon Smith Smith3h 18m 53sGoldM40-4950km
B136Jonathan Rowland4h 15m 08sSilverM40-4950km
A4Joseph Bean4h 22m 04sBronzeM18-3950km
B59Josh Griffith6h 01m 49sM18-3950km
A65Joshua Hooper2h 46m 54sSilverM18-3937km
B36Juan Corbacho Anton2h 46m 00sGoldM18-3950km
A46Juan Garcia2h 53m 18sGoldM40-4950km
C19Julia Downes2h 17m 30sGoldF40-49 E37km
B4Julian Arbelaez Franco2h 29m 37sGoldM18-3950km
B131Julian Reiter3h 51m 30sSilverM50+50km
A142Julian Webb4h 31m 01sSilverM50+50km
A29Jupri Delantar4h 01m 53sSilverM40-4950km
B83Juser Jimena2h 57m 35sGoldM50+50km
B69Justin Hill3h 16m 13sGoldM50+50km
B86Kane Jury2h 52m 19sGoldM40-4950km
B88Kate Kelland4h 04m 45sSilverF50+50km
A55Kathryn Hanson3h 08m 15sGoldF40-4950km
B48Katie Ferguson3h 49m 57sSilverF18-3950km
A119Kelvin Smales5h 00m 41sBronzeM50+50km
C3Ken Anderson2h 58m 09sGoldM60+50km
A60Kevin Higby2h 54m 54sGoldM18-3950km
B84Kevin Jones3h 51m 28sSilverM50+50km
A115Kevin Runc4h 05m 04sSilverM40-4950km
A131Kevin Tilbrook3h 30m 44sGoldM50+50km
C69Kevin Wade2h 39m 31sGoldM40-4937km
C92Kobe Spencer2h 37m 00sGoldMU16 E37km
B39Lawrence Cumberbatch6h 01m 53sM40-4950km
B21Lee Bushell3h 09m 59sGoldM40-4950km
A39Lee Etherington3h 36m 50sGoldM40-4950km
A133Lee Timms3h 49m 51sSilverM40-4950km
B60Linda Hall1h 55m 34sGoldF50+25km
C81Louis Bailey2h 02m 43sSilverMU16 E25km
A85Lovemore Machiridza4h 49m 45sBronzeM60+50km
B26Lucien Carter2h 59m 43sGoldM50+50km
B137Luke Rudman3h 59m 56sSilverM40-4950km
B73Maddie Horton2h 42m 23sGoldF40-4950km
A32Marcin Dubanowski2h 13m 27sGoldM18-3950km
C4Mark Anderson2h 33m 21sM18-3925km
A31Mark Deven2h 35m 45sGoldM50+37km
C26Mark Groome2h 27m 02sGoldM50+50km
C29Mark Hirschel2h 57m 36sGoldM40-4950km
B82Mark Jetten2h 58m 35sGoldM40-4950km
C34Mark Korinek3h 03m 35sGoldM40-4950km
C50Mark Pile3h 25m 19sGoldM50+ E50km
B138Mark Sabal3h 59m 56sSilverM40-4950km
C61Mark Sharp2h 53m 10sSilverM40-4937km
B156Mark Taylor3h 07m 04sGoldM50+ E50km
A139Mark Wakley2h 26m 40sGoldM18-3950km
A145Mark Westbrook2h 20m 46sGoldM18-3950km
A148Mark Wright2h 07m 26sGoldM50+37km
B13Martin Bloomfield2h 57m 21sSilverM40-4937km
B118Martin Peel3h 26m 51sGoldM50+50km
B12Matt Blackledge2h 51m 04sGoldM18-3950km
A33Matt Dunsbier2h 12m 06sGoldM50+50km
C22Matt Gallagher2h 43m 39sGoldM50+50km
B105Matthew Moister2h 51m 07sSilverM40-4937km
B125Matthew Powell2h 50m 14sGoldM50+50km
B46Maya Ebrahim2h 05m 52sSilverF18-3925km
B50Michael Fitzgerald3h 50m 12sSilverM50+50km
B121Mike Phillips2h 31m 38sGoldM50+50km
B152Mike Spicer3h 23m 40sBronzeM50+37km
B114Nathan O'Hare2h 31m 10sGoldM40-49 E50km
C1Neil Allen4h 30m 41sSilverM50+50km
A19Neil Clapson3h 26m 26sGoldM50+50km
A62Neil Hollins3h 10m 04sGoldM40-4950km
A9Nicholas Brown2h 51m 46sGoldM40-4950km
A91Nicholas Mutasa4h 49m 44sBronzeM40-4950km
A15Nick Calkin2h 06m 17sGoldM50+50km
B32Nigel Coote3h 42m 07sBronzeM50+37km
B135Nigel John Routledge3h 29m 22sGoldM60+50km
C47Nigel Parson3h 34m 49sGoldM60+50km
C83Oliver Bloomfield2h 57m 18sSilverMU1637km
A111Oliver Robinson3h 04m 56sGoldM60+50km
B143Owen Shirley3h 24m 44sGoldM18-3950km
A128Patrick Tarbit3h 57m 14sSilverM50+50km
A73Patrik Johnsson2h 51m 52sGoldM50+50km
C11Paul Buckthorpe3h 12m 18sGoldM40-4950km
C16Paul Crickmar4h 48m 32sBronzeM60+50km
A48Paul Gillespie2h 54m 17sSilverM50+37km
B56Paul Goodlad3h 24m 44sGoldM50+50km
B63Paul Hartigan4h 05m 03sSilverM50+50km
A63Paul Holmes2h 00m 43sGoldM50+37km
A81Paul Lazenbury3h 51m 53sSilverM50+50km
B100Paul Mann3h 47m 24sSilverM40-4950km
B104Paul Mitchell2h 59m 41sSilverM40-4937km
B107Paul Morris2h 59m 33sGoldM50+50km
C48Paul Partridge2h 33m 50sGoldM50+ E50km
A120Paul Smales5h 00m 48sBronzeM40-4950km
B160Paul Trimble3h 06m 44sSilverM40-4937km
B162Paul Vowell3h 16m 06sGoldM50+50km
C73Paul Wilde3h 45m 19sBronzeM50+37km
A86Pawel Matyjaszkowicz2h 39m 23sGoldM18-3950km
B38Peter Cox2h 51m 05sSilverM18-3937km
B49Peter Fincham2h 55m 33sGoldM40-4950km
A56Peter Hart4h 05m 59sSilverM60+50km
B62Phil Hardy1h 46m 46sGoldM50+25km
C33Phillip Jenkins2h 38m 38sGoldM50+50km
A80Phillip Langley3h 57m 39sSilverM50+50km
B142Pieter Sheriff2h 58m 36sGoldM40-4950km
C66Rak Thakrar2h 39m 34sGoldM40-4937km
A49Ralph Gorospe3h 31m 23sSilverM18-3950km
A83Randee Licera2h 42m 44sGoldM40-4950km
C67Rhidian Thomas2h 20m 30sGoldM50+50km
C82Richard Beer2h 59m 48sGoldM40-4950km
B9Richard Bernard4h 15m 05sSilverM50+50km
B15Richard Bowman3h 10m 47sGoldM40-4950km
A11Richard Bull2h 42m 22sGoldM60+50km
A53Richard Hall3h 42m 39sGoldM50+50km
B78Richard Ife4h 00m 01sM40-4937km
B110Richard Nash2h 57m 21sGoldM60+50km
A96Richard Palmer4h 59m 38sBronzeM60+50km
A98Richard Parsons4h 31m 00sSilverM50+50km
A101Richard Petrie3h 49m 46sGoldM60+50km
A123Richard Stanhope2h 41m 52sGoldM60+50km
A150Richard Wallwork2h 32m 48sGoldM50+50km
C79Richard Young3h 10m 55sGoldM50+50km
A141Richie Walshe3h 47m 20sSilverM18-3950km
B2Rob Andrews3h 16m 05sGoldM50+50km
B155Rob Tate1h 53m 58sSilverM50+25km
B161Robbie Trower3h 15m 39sGoldM40-4950km
B52Robert Gardiner3h 17m 11sGoldM40-4950km
B71Robert Holder2h 46m 00GoldM50+ E50km
A89Robert Moore3h 39m 22sSilverM40-4950km
C46Robert Palmer2h 30m 55sGoldM40-4937km
A135Robert Van'T Hoogerhuijs1h 36m 01sGoldM40-49 E37km
A102Roger Pollock2h 40m 58sGoldM50+50km
A68Ron Hurtado3h 56m 19sSilverM40-4950km
A14Ronnie Byrnne4h 01m 14sSilverM50+50km
A125Rory Steward4h 04m 55sSilverM18-3950km
B168Ross Wilkinson4h 15m 36sBronzeM18-3950km
A38Sam Edwards2h 23m 37sGoldM18-3950km
A2Sandra Barden4h 06m 28sSilverF50+50km
B61Scott Hall2h 31m 03sGoldM50+50km
A90Seb Motte3h 42m 39sGoldM50+50km
A10Shane Buckley3h 47m 25sSilverM18-3950km
A16Simon Catchpole2h 43m 16sGoldM50+50km
B40Simon Davies2h 42m 14sGoldM40-4950km
B95Simon Lamb3h 07m 11sGoldM50+50km
B112Simon Nicholson3h 12m 37sGoldM50+50km
A93Simon O'Brien3h 39m 52sSilverM40-4950km
C64Simon Staite1h 54m 07sGoldM60+25km
B163Simon Waite2h 16m 34sGoldM18-3950km
A84Sonya Luther2h 52m 53sGoldF50+50km
B6Stefan Barden2h 44m 04sGoldM50+50km
B53Stephen Gillies4h 04m 08sSilverM40-4950km
C6Steve Bottomley2h 30m 57sGoldM50+50km
A18Steve Christie3h 34m 37sGoldM40-4950km
C25Steve Griffiths2h 27m 20sGoldM50+50km
B67Steve Hayes3h 02m 56sSilverM50+37km
C37Steve Lines1h 58m 26sGoldM50+ E37km
B103Steve Meredith3h 01m 54sGoldM50+50km
C62Steve Smith2h 21m 26sBronzeM50+25km
C71Steve Webb2h 30m 42sGoldM40-49 E37km
A113Steven Routledge3h 19m 39sGoldM50+50km
C45Stewart Norman2h 35m 35sGoldM40-4937km
C24Stuart Greig3h 19m 32sGoldM50+50km
B102Stuart Melville2h 57m 33sSilverM40-4937km
A127Stuart Tapping4h 03m 14sSilverM50+50km
B157Stuart Terry3h 11m 58sGoldM18-3950km
A130Stuart Thorn3h 13m 16sSilverM50+37km
A41Sue Ferguson3h 49m 58sGoldF50+50km
C74Tambo Wilde3h 31m 53sBronzeM40-4937km
B55Terry Gittings2h 10m 17sGoldM60+37km
B41Thanos Derempeis2h 17m 37sGoldM40-4937km
B111Tim Newman3h 39m 27sSilverM40-4950km
A94Tim O'Rourke4h 01m 14sSilverM40-4950km
B130Tim Reid3h 19m 13sGoldM40-4950km
B151Tim Sparkes3h 33m 31sGoldM50+50km
B97Timothy Long3h 12m 30sGoldM50+50km
B159Toby Thorne3h 51m 53sSilverM18-3950km
B3Tom Andrews3h 05m 22sBronzeM18-3937km
A5Tom Beecroft3h 00m 57sGoldM40-4950km
B22Tom Byrne4h 15m 34sBronzeM18-3950km
B87Tom Kearney1h 36m 04sGoldM40-4937km
B90Tom King3h 07m 36sGoldM18-3950km
B7Tony Barnes3h 01m 54sGoldM50+50km
B11Tony Bilton2h 50m 15sGoldM50+50km
B91Tony King5h 22m 10sBronzeM50+50km
B108Tony Mumford3h 33m 53sGoldM50+50km
B28Tracy Caudle3h 36m 05sGoldF50+50km
B93Trevor Kite3h 36m 09sGoldM60+50km
A140Unknown Unknown3h 12m 57sGoldM50+50km
A129Vanessa Taylor3h 07m 27sGoldF40-4950km
C40Will Lowes3h 07m 52sGoldM40-4950km
B124Will Porter3h 24m 50sGoldM18-3950km
C49Yvonne Penfold1h 53m 11sGoldF50+25km
B17Zan Buchanan2h 49m 58sSilverM40-4937km

Short Route



8:30am – 9:30am

Mid Route


Start Time

9:00am – 9:30am

Full Route


Finish Time

Event Centre closes 3:30pm


Princes Risborough School,
Merton Rd,
Princes Risborough
HP27 0DR

Riding the Chiltern Hills

The Chilterns are distinctive for their high ridges, dense woods and closely folded hills. It all makes for a tough but hugely enjoyable place to ride!

You’re at the eastern end of the Ridgeway here, and the ride takes you straight out onto that ancient trail before a brief clip thorough corner of the town and then quickly out into the countryside for the rest of the day. You’ll soon find yourself climbing, as the pattern of the day is established. The Chilterns don’t lie flat for long; the climbs and descents come in continuous succession. And as well as rising and falling, the Chilterns twist and wind too; long, don’t expect straight sweeps of terrain. It’s a mix that creates plenty of physical and enough technical to test and entertain you, all the while leading you through the sort of landscape that makes cycling good for the soul!


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Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

You can enter the event on the day, although there is a small surcharge (so pre entering is recommended). Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

Hot and cold food and drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)


2020 Ride Times

Chilterns Ridge MTB, 22nd August 

Rider No. Name Category Course Avg Pace Ride Time Time Band
144 Sandra Barden F50+ Full 13.99 km/h 03:34:26 Gold
146 Stefan Barden M50+ Full 16.36 km/h 03:03:22 Gold
3 Mark Barnett M50+ Full 12.46 km/h 04:00:52 Silver
148 Alex Basden M40-49 Full 13.12 km/h 03:48:41 Silver
149 Charlie Basden MU18 Full DNF Gold
4 Gavin Bashford M40-49 Full 13.09 km/h 03:49:15 Silver
5 Alex Bayne M40-49 Full 13.70 km/h 03:38:56 Silver
8 Simon Blastock M18-39 Full 12.52 km/h 03:59:34 Silver
9 Graham Botwright M50+ Full 19.26 km/h 02:35:47 Gold
13 Martin Bowd M50+ Full 14.26 km/h 03:30:19 Gold
153 Richard Bowman M40-49 Full 15.65 km/h 03:11:44 Gold
154 Dave Broadbent M50+ Full 14.40 km/h 03:28:18 Gold
14 Harry Bullifent M18-39 Full 14.36 km/h 03:28:57 Silver
157 Ian Campbell M60+ Full 15.14 km/h 03:18:07 Gold
158 Ian Cannons M40-49 Full 12.46 km/h 04:00:44 Silver
160 Vincent Dani Catalan M40-49 Full 12.94 km/h 03:51:53 Silver
16 Darren Chamberlain M40-49 Full 20.56 km/h 02:25:54 Gold
18 John Chatto M50+ Full 11.95 km/h 04:11:04 Silver
161 Josh Childs MU18 Full 11.81 km/h 04:13:57 Silver
19 John Clark MU18 Full 13.50 km/h 03:42:11 Silver
162 Neal Clark M50+ Full 17.91 km/h 02:47:32 Gold
22 Richard Clarke M50+ Full 14.03 km/h 03:33:50 Gold
23 Abigail Clayton F40-49 Full 16.10 km/h 03:06:17 Gold
165 David Cobb M60+ Full 15.38 km/h 03:15:04 Gold
166 David Cook M40-49 Full 11.70 km/h 04:16:26 Silver
26 Richard Cope M18-39 Full 13.59 km/h 03:40:42 Silver
27 Danny Cordt M40-49 Full 20.96 km/h 02:23:06 Gold
29 Ricky Crimes MU18 Full 14.88 km/h 03:21:36 Gold
30 Graeme Dacomb M60+ Full 18.54 km/h 02:41:49 Gold
31 Tony Dalton M40-49 Full 16.39 km/h 03:03:02 Gold
32 Laura Dawkin F40-49 Full 13.88 km/h 03:36:09 Gold
33 Tom Dean M18-39 Full 16.58 km/h 03:00:56 Gold
323 Lawrence Dew MU16 Full 14.01 km/h 03:34:11 Gold
169 Simon Dew M50+ Full 14.00 km/h 03:34:16 Gold
34 Mark Dickinson M50+ Full 8.07 km/h 06:11:37
170 Matthew Doughty M50+ Full 13.45 km/h 03:42:58 Gold
36 Edward Druce M40-49 Full 19.68 km/h 02:32:25 Gold
37 Gary Dwight M40-49 Full 14.37 km/h 03:28:44 Gold
39 Miguel Edwards M18-39 Full 14.42 km/h 03:28:03 Silver
40 Mark Eidem M50+ Full 14.50 km/h 03:26:55 Gold
41 Adrian Elkin M50+ Full 16.14 km/h 03:05:55 Gold
42 Carl Ellis M18-39 Full 16.95 km/h 02:57:01 Gold
43 Damian Fairclough M40-49 Full 12.50 km/h 04:00:03 Silver
172 Martin Findlay M40-49 Full 13.70 km/h 03:39:02 Silver
45 Bruce Foster M50+ Full 18.51 km/h 02:42:04 Gold
174 Robbie Francis M40-49 Full 12.04 km/h 04:09:04 Silver
48 Andrew Garton MU18 Full DNF Gold
49 David Gee M50+ Full 14.98 km/h 03:20:13 Gold
175 Mark George M40-49 Full 11.95 km/h 04:11:05 Silver
50 Paul Gillespie M50+ Full 16.76 km/h 02:58:59 Gold
52 Paul Goodman M18-39 Full 16.94 km/h 02:57:04 Gold
179 Adam Grainger M40-49 Full 13.10 km/h 03:49:02 Silver
53 Fraser Gray M50+ Full 15.75 km/h 03:10:26 Gold
54 Tim Gray M40-49 Full 16.07 km/h 03:06:42 Gold
55 Oliver Griffin M18-39 Full 16.40 km/h 03:02:57 Gold
56 Dan Guilliatt M40-49 Full 11.11 km/h 04:30:03 Bronze
57 Dennis Haley M50+ Full 13.89 km/h 03:36:02 Gold
183 Scott Hall M50+ Full 19.32 km/h 02:35:19 Gold
59 Ian Hanson M40-49 Full 13.41 km/h 03:43:42 Silver
61 Kathryn Hanson F40-49 Full 13.41 km/h 03:43:42 Gold
184 Chris Hardy M50+ Full 18.74 km/h 02:40:05 Gold
62 Paul Harris M40-49 Full 19.62 km/h 02:32:53 Gold
63 Karl Harrison M40-49 Full 9.40 km/h 05:18:59
65 Peter Hart M60+ Full 13.99 km/h 03:34:24 Gold
66 Jeremy Hartill M50+ Full 19.25 km/h 02:35:51 Gold
185 Craig Heaslip M18-39 Full 16.45 km/h 03:02:25 Gold
69 Chris Hems M40-49 Full 11.55 km/h 04:19:50 Silver
187 Jordan Herbert M18-39 Full 11.21 km/h 04:27:32 Bronze
188 Katie Herbert F50+ Full 11.21 km/h 04:27:37 Silver
189 Matthew Hobbs M50+ Full 16.68 km/h 02:59:49 Gold
190 James Hodgkins M18-39 Full 27.59 km/h 01:48:44 Gold
191 Anthony Holford M50+ Full 14.79 km/h 03:22:51 Gold
193 David Holford M40-49 Full 14.79 km/h 03:22:54 Gold
194 Jo Horton F50+ Full DNF Gold
195 Jon Horton M50+ Full 10.08 km/h 04:57:38 Bronze
196 James House M60+ Full 18.08 km/h 02:45:56 Gold
199 Andrew Humpheson M50+ Full 14.87 km/h 03:21:47 Gold
75 Simon Jackson M40-49 Full 13.70 km/h 03:39:02 Silver
201 Christopher Jasper M18-39 Full 12.59 km/h 03:58:13 Silver
202 Verinder Jassi M18-39 Full 18.69 km/h 02:40:31 Gold
203 David Jefferies M50+ Full 14.18 km/h 03:31:37 Gold
204 Sue Jolly F50+ Full 15.69 km/h 03:11:15 Gold
76 Edward Jones M40-49 Full 19.63 km/h 02:32:49 Gold
205 Daniel Jordan M50+ Full 14.67 km/h 03:24:29 Gold
206 Russell King M50+ Full 11.65 km/h 04:17:36 Silver
78 Richard Kingsley-Smith M40-49 Full 18.59 km/h 02:41:22 Gold
80 Martin Langton M60+ Full 14.18 km/h 03:31:38 Gold
81 Richard Larley M40-49 Full 8.04 km/h 06:13:05
208 Guy Laschinger M50+ Full 10.67 km/h 04:41:12 Bronze
209 Donna Lee F50+ Full 11.89 km/h 04:12:14 Silver
210 Peter Lee M50+ Full 11.90 km/h 04:12:10 Silver
211 Rafael Lopes M40-49 Full 11.07 km/h 04:30:59 Bronze
87 Francis Lowe M40-49 Full 17.91 km/h 02:47:32 Gold
89 Ian Macro M60+ Full 17.95 km/h 02:47:08 Gold
213 Chris Marchand M60+ Full 16.29 km/h 03:04:13 Gold
90 Giles Martin M40-49 Full 17.04 km/h 02:56:06 Gold
92 Drew Mason M50+ Full 15.75 km/h 03:10:32 Gold
93 Paul Matton MU18 Full 15.75 km/h 03:10:32 Gold
94 David Mcguigan M40-49 Full 16.06 km/h 03:06:45 Gold
214 Alex Meehan M18-39 Full 15.36 km/h 03:15:22 Gold
95 Stephen Minett M40-49 Full 16.40 km/h 03:02:57 Gold
98 James Mullins M40-49 Full 15.21 km/h 03:17:17 Gold
99 Pete Murray M50+ Full 15.75 km/h 03:10:29 Gold
215 Paul Newstead MU18 Full 14.45 km/h 03:27:37 Gold
101 Jim Noyes M40-49 Full 15.42 km/h 03:14:32 Gold
104 David Peacock M50+ Full 16.41 km/h 03:02:48 Gold
217 David Pearson M50+ Full 14.86 km/h 03:21:57 Gold
218 Thomas Penrose MU18 Full 15.09 km/h 03:18:51 Gold
219 David Phelps M50+ Full 14.38 km/h 03:28:35 Gold
220 Nicky Pittam F50+ Full DNF Gold
106 Mike Plowman M50+ Full 15.21 km/h 03:17:15 Gold
107 Chris Poole M50+ Full 17.71 km/h 02:49:23 Gold
108 Alan Porter M60+ Full 15.92 km/h 03:08:26 Gold
109 Matthew Prall M18-39 Full 12.52 km/h 03:59:35 Silver
110 Jonathan Prichard M40-49 Full 13.44 km/h 03:43:11 Silver
221 Gary Priestley MU18 Full 11.94 km/h 04:11:16 Silver
111 Jamie Pugh M18-39 Full DNF Gold
112 Jeremy Pugh M50+ Full DNF Gold
222 Robert Ray M50+ Full 15.38 km/h 03:15:04 Gold
113 Darren Reynolds M40-49 Full 17.63 km/h 02:50:12 Gold
307 Wayne Richards MU18 Full 11.64 km/h 04:17:45 Silver
114 Iain Riches M40-49 Full 17.16 km/h 02:54:51 Gold
115 Cathy Roberts F50+ Full 15.08 km/h 03:18:56 Gold
116 James Robinson M40-49 Full 12.40 km/h 04:02:01 Silver
225 Monika Rogers F40-49 Full 16.05 km/h 03:06:52 Gold
226 Tim Rogers M40-49 Full 16.05 km/h 03:06:52 Gold
117 Luke Rudman M40-49 Full DNF Gold
119 Matthew Rush M40-49 Full 12.16 km/h 04:06:38 Silver
120 Mark Sabal M40-49 Full 12.11 km/h 04:07:44 Silver
227 Mustafa Salih M50+ Full 15.79 km/h 03:10:00 Gold
121 Stiaan Scheepers M40-49 Full 15.21 km/h 03:17:17 Gold
309 Trevor Scott M60+ Full 11.64 km/h 04:17:47 Silver
230 Peter Seal M50+ Full 12.20 km/h 04:05:53 Silver
231 Jonathan Sears M50+ Full 18.76 km/h 02:39:56 Gold
234 Kevin Sexton M60+ Full 15.69 km/h 03:11:15 Gold
237 Paul Shaw M50+ Full 10.67 km/h 04:41:13 Bronze
238 Sam Shelton-Smith M18-39 Full 11.54 km/h 04:19:55 Bronze
239 Jamie Shuttle M40-49 Full 16.36 km/h 03:03:24 Gold
240 Nichola Shuttle F40-49 Full 13.98 km/h 03:34:38 Gold
122 Dean Sier M18-39 Full 10.04 km/h 04:58:43 Bronze
241 Gurman Singh M18-39 Full 12.45 km/h 04:00:57 Silver
242 Boo Smith F50+ Full 14.08 km/h 03:33:00 Gold
243 Chris Smith M40-49 Full 14.73 km/h 03:23:44 Gold
244 Michael Smith M18-39 Full 14.72 km/h 03:23:45 Gold
123 Phil Smith M50+ Full 14.08 km/h 03:33:02 Gold
124 Sue Smith F40-49 Full 17.67 km/h 02:49:47 Gold
245 Paul Snedker M40-49 Full 12.07 km/h 04:08:32 Silver
125 Alexandre Soignon M40-49 Full 14.81 km/h 03:22:31 Gold
247 Lee Spooner MU18 Full 10.34 km/h 04:50:07 Bronze
248 Terry Spooner M50+ Full 10.35 km/h 04:49:56 Bronze
249 Vinnie Spooner MU18 Full 10.35 km/h 04:49:56 Bronze
127 Andrew Springer M50+ Full 17.95 km/h 02:47:06 Gold
128 Neil Stamps M50+ Full 17.95 km/h 02:47:09 Gold
129 Joanne Staton FU18 Full 17.87 km/h 02:47:54 Gold
130 Chris Stevens M50+ Full 19.62 km/h 02:32:56 Gold
250 Simon Thomas M40-49 Full 15.83 km/h 03:09:28 Gold
251 Paul Thompson M40-49 Full 19.05 km/h 02:37:27 Gold
131 Kevin Tilbrook M50+ Full 14.97 km/h 03:20:28 Gold
134 Christopher Toon M40-49 Full 11.53 km/h 04:20:18 Silver
136 Rupert Upton M50+ Full 14.97 km/h 03:20:23 Gold
257 Andrew Vincett M50+ Full 11.61 km/h 04:18:19 Silver
258 Matt Wadsworth M40-49 Full 14.18 km/h 03:31:36 Gold
137 Mark Wakley M18-39 Full 18.20 km/h 02:44:49 Gold
139 Graham Walter M50+ Full 15.74 km/h 03:10:34 Gold
260 Alex Wheatman M18-39 Full 14.79 km/h 03:22:52 Gold
261 Deb Wheeler F60+ Full 11.88 km/h 04:12:26 Silver
263 David Wiggins M18-39 Full 15.36 km/h 03:15:21 Gold
266 Anthony Wilkinson M50+ Full 11.51 km/h 04:20:36 Silver
140 Alan Winn M40-49 Full DNF Gold
268 Teresa With F40-49 Full 9.41 km/h 05:18:58 Bronze
142 Gavin Woolley M18-39 Full 17.17 km/h 02:54:46 Gold
270 Mark Wright M50+ Full 16.20 km/h 03:05:10 Gold
271 Simon Yearsley M40-49 Full 15.09 km/h 03:18:51 Gold
Rider No. Name Category Course Avg Pace Ride Time Time Band
143 Paul Allen M40-49 Mid 9.32 km/h 03:58:11
272 Mike Amos M40-49 Mid 18.20 km/h 02:01:59 Gold
2 Dan Barber M40-49 Mid 16.62 km/h 02:13:33 Gold
147 Mark Bargery M50+ Mid 9.32 km/h 03:58:08 Bronze
151 Shaun Bone M18-39 Mid 14.26 km/h 02:35:42 Silver
273 Todd Bowsher M50+ Mid 10.83 km/h 03:25:01 Bronze
156 David Callcutt M60+ Mid 12.53 km/h 02:57:08 Silver
275 Paul Callcutt M40-49 Mid 12.44 km/h 02:58:27 Silver
159 Freddy Casallas M40-49 Mid 17.81 km/h 02:04:41 Gold
331 Geoff Chapman M60+ Mid 12.33 km/h 03:00:03 Silver
24 Mark Cooper M50+ Mid 16.48 km/h 02:14:42 Gold
332 Chris Copas F50+ Mid 12.17 km/h 03:02:29 Silver
168 Alasdair Cornwell M40-49 Mid 11.09 km/h 03:20:13 Bronze
278 Fiona Day F40-49 Mid 10.96 km/h 03:22:38 Bronze
322 Gabriel Day MU16 Mid 11.14 km/h 03:19:16 Silver
279 John Day M50+ Mid 10.96 km/h 03:22:34 Bronze
281 Simon Deller M40-49 Mid 15.98 km/h 02:18:53 Gold
38 Jonathan Earl M40-49 Mid 14.32 km/h 02:35:01 Gold
171 Mark Edwards M40-49 Mid 9.33 km/h 03:57:55
283 Pedro Escalona M40-49 Mid 14.22 km/h 02:36:06 Gold
47 David Fudge M50+ Mid 10.67 km/h 03:28:04 Bronze
181 Michael Hackett M18-39 Mid 14.26 km/h 02:35:40 Silver
58 Linda Hall F50+ Mid 12.37 km/h 02:59:27 Silver
67 Andy Harwood M50+ Mid 12.37 km/h 02:59:31 Silver
197 Gavin Hubbard M50+ Mid 16.34 km/h 02:15:53 Gold
198 Nicholas Hume M40-49 Mid 15.64 km/h 02:21:56 Gold
289 Alan Iddenden M50+ Mid 7.81 km/h 04:44:25
290 Edward Ivory M40-49 Mid 17.94 km/h 02:03:44 Gold
291 Thomas Ivory M40-49 Mid DNF Gold
200 Gary Jacobs M50+ Mid 10.54 km/h 03:30:34 Bronze
292 Steven Jacobs M50+ Mid 10.54 km/h 03:30:33 Bronze
325 Aled Johnson MU14 Mid 12.79 km/h 02:53:38 Gold
293 Rob Johnson M40-49 Mid 12.79 km/h 02:53:35 Silver
294 Tom Kearney M40-49 Mid 18.36 km/h 02:00:54 Gold
295 Gary King M50+ Mid 10.90 km/h 03:23:42 Bronze
296 Darren Lee M40-49 Mid 8.81 km/h 04:11:52
297 Fran Lee F18-39 Mid 8.82 km/h 04:11:46
85 Jamie Lloyd MU18 Mid 15.32 km/h 02:24:53 Gold
212 Darrell Lowe M18-39 Mid 14.98 km/h 02:28:12 Gold
298 Chris Lowrey M40-49 Mid 14.56 km/h 02:32:27 Gold
102 Matt Ohare M40-49 Mid 15.28 km/h 02:25:19 Gold
216 Simon Opoker M18-39 Mid 14.22 km/h 02:36:09 Silver
302 Andrew Parkes M40-49 Mid 9.32 km/h 03:58:11
326 Ted Parkes MU14 Mid 9.32 km/h 03:58:14 Bronze
327 Callum Partridge MU16 Mid 21.11 km/h 01:45:11 Gold
303 Paul Partridge M50+ Mid 21.10 km/h 01:45:12 Gold
304 Ben Potter M18-39 Mid 10.42 km/h 03:32:57 Bronze
305 Tom Potter M50+ Mid 12.07 km/h 03:03:52 Silver
224 Glenn Rix M18-39 Mid 12.43 km/h 02:58:40 Silver
311 Clive Smith M60+ Mid 12.29 km/h 03:00:39 Silver
313 Paul Tate M40-49 Mid 14.60 km/h 02:32:02 Gold
314 Mark Taylor M50+ Mid 27.37 km/h 01:21:06 Gold
315 Paul Thorogood M60+ Mid 10.90 km/h 03:23:35 Silver
254 Frank Tracy M18-39 Mid 14.26 km/h 02:35:42 Silver
255 Robbie Trower M40-49 Mid 16.34 km/h 02:15:54 Gold
135 David Try MU18 Mid DNF Gold
138 Adrian Waller M40-49 Mid 10.67 km/h 03:28:01 Bronze
141 Michael Winter M50+ Mid 13.64 km/h 02:42:42 Gold
316 Andrew Woodcock M40-49 Mid 14.50 km/h 02:33:06 Gold
317 John Woodcock M40-49 Mid 14.58 km/h 02:32:15 Gold
269 Julie Woodward F40-49 Mid 11.09 km/h 03:20:12 Silver
Rider No. Name Category Course Avg Pace Ride Time Time Band
274 Rommel Busico M40-49 Short 8.18 km/h 03:03:22
276 Carlos Carriedo M40-49 Short 9.60 km/h 02:36:15 Bronze
319 Lucia Carriedo FU14 Short 9.54 km/h 02:37:11 Bronze
320 Pablo Carriedo MU14 Short 9.54 km/h 02:37:18 Bronze
321 Carlos Carriedo C MU14 Short 9.54 km/h 02:37:12 Bronze
277 Isabel Creixell F18-39 Short 9.53 km/h 02:37:26 Bronze
280 Exequiel De Belen M18-39 Short 7.54 km/h 03:19:04
35 Douglas Driscoll M50+ Short DNF Gold
284 Daniel Figg M18-39 Short 15.95 km/h 01:34:04 Gold
285 Dawn Figg F50+ Short 11.30 km/h 02:12:44 Silver
287 Doug Flude M50+ Short 9.21 km/h 02:42:55 Bronze
324 Eric Flude MU16 Short 9.21 km/h 02:42:52 Bronze
176 Dave Gormley M50+ Short 13.77 km/h 01:48:58 Gold
300 Fathima Muzammil F40-49 Short 12.55 km/h 01:59:32 Silver
301 Robert Palmer M40-49 Short 9.84 km/h 02:32:22 Bronze
223 Edgar Rayner M50+ Short 8.34 km/h 02:59:54
310 Jillian Seddon F40-49 Short 12.30 km/h 02:01:55 Silver
232 Andrew Sewell M50+ Short 13.21 km/h 01:53:32 Gold

Band 1 (Male 18-39)

Full RouteMid Route Short Route
Gold=14.48km/h (9.00mph) 3h 27m 2h 33m 1h 43m
Silver=12.07km/h (7.50mph) 4h 08m 3h 03m 2h 04m
Bronze=9.98km/h (6.20mph) 5h 00m 3h 42m 2h 30m

Band 2 (Female 18-39, Male 40-49, Male U18)

Full Route Mid Route Short Route
Gold=13.76 km/h (8.55mph) 3h 37m 2h 40m 1h 48m
Silver=11.47 km/h (7.13mph) 4h 20m 3h 13m 2h 10m
Bronze=9.48 km/h (5.89mph) 5h 15m 3h 53m 2h 37m

Band 3 (Female 40-49, Female U18, Male 50+)

Full Route Mid Route Short Route
Gold = 13.04 km/h (8.10mph) 3h 47m 2h 48m 1h 53m
Silver=10.86 km/h (6.75mph) 4h 33m 3h 22m 2h 16m
Bronze=8.98 km/h (5.58mph) 5h 30m 4h 04m 2h 45m

Band 4 (Female 50+, Male 60+)

Full Route Mid Route Short Route
Gold=12.31 km/h (7.65mph) 3h 58m 2h 56m 1h 59m
Silver=10.26 km/h (6.38mph) 4h 45m 3h 31m 2h 22m
Bronze=8.48 km/h (5.27mph) 5h 45m 4h 15m 2h 52m