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Coronavirus Update

Current Status: Event going ahead as planned

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE: This events is open for booking, and we are commited to honouring your booking with us, even if coronavirus restrictions affect our plans. Click below to read more…

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Due to lockdown restrictions, this event has been rescheduled to 13th June. If you have already booked for this event, we will contact you by email to confirm your options and any action you need to take.

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE: Our events are still open for booking, and we are commited to honouring your booking with us. In the event that we cannot run an event on the advertised date, your booking will be valid for a rescheduled date or transfer to another event with us of your choice within 18 months. If an event is going ahead, but you can’t attend for Covid related reasons (such as quarantining or tier 3 travel restrictions), you can also request a transfer of your booking to a future event within 18 months. During 2020, we have had 11 events disrupted by lockdown restrictions. We sucessfully rescheduled 7 of those, and have honoured every affected booking  to ensure that no rider loses out.

RIDE IN SAFETY: Where current restrictions allow, we are proceeding with events based on the assessment that our events are a safe activity in current circumstances, for the following reasons:

  1. They are not ‘static gatherings’. They spread participants over wide, remote areas and varied time periods by design.
  2. Off-road cycling is a naturally socially distancing activity.
  3. We have risk assessed every aspect of the events and introduced new safety procedures wherever necessary.

We will continue to follow official advice and best practice in running our events, and to monitor changes in advice.

For details of the precautions we are taking to keep events safe, see our full coronavirus information update here.

Online entry for this event is now closed, but there will be entry on the day spaces available at the event. Scroll down for full event details.




Start Time

8:30am – 9:30am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 4:00pm

E-bikes are welcome at this event.

Tick the e-bike option when you sign up, and we’ll put you in the e-bike category for the event

Rescheduled to new date – ride the classic Badlands route on summer trails!

As we know from our now well established Wildwood event, the Chilterns are a near perfect mix of roads tracks and trails for CX/gravel riding. Badlands spins out it’s route a little further north,allowing us to explore some of the darker, grittier folds of this deceptively demanding range of hills.

While the Chilterns might enjoy a genteel reputation today, their hidden history recalls them as a hotspot of dashing villainy, and for awhile at least, the dark hills north of the Thames were justifiably known as the badlands. Coaches loaded with cargo from trading vessels that docked at Henley had to make their way through the wooded hills where robbers watched and waited. The truth of these robberies were usually far from the romantic image of the gentleman robbers we have today, making this part of the country a forbidding proposition for tradesmen and travellers.

And the very things that made this area perfect for highway robbery, make it ideal for CX/gravel riding today. The densely folded and wooded hills conceal a network of lanes, tracks and trails the wind and climb and fall continuously. It’s a surprisingly harsh corner of the home counties; where the crumbling tarmac on the back roads can prove perilous for skinny road bikes, but where CX or gravel bikes come into their own. 29ers and 27.5in hardtails will eat up the miles on the dirt, and the constantly switching surface provides an entertaining ride and acts as a great leveller between the variety of bikes on the route.

Princes Risborough School

Start Location

Princes Risborough School
Merton Rd
Princes Risborough
HP27 0DR

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where it hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.


Physical severity


Technical severity

Short Route


Mid Route


Full Route


Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? The Wildwood is open to any bike and any rider – but here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.

  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 85% 85%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 75% 75%
  • MTB 80% 80%
  • MTB (29er) 85% 85%
  • Hybrid* 65% 65%
  • Road* 45% 45%

Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres. Remove commute style mudguards prior to the ride.

Terrain Split: This is a rough guide to the mix of terrains on this event. Figures may be approximate, and the exact nature of surfaces and conditions will vary within each of these categories.
  • Road 45% 45%
Predominantly B roads and smaller back lanes. Quality of road surface may vary greatly, and rough or broken lanes may feature as part of the mix. Busy or major roads are avoided wherever possible.
  • Gravel 35% 35%
Unmade roads, farm tracks, forest roads and broader, firmer gravel and dirt bridleways and byways.
  • Dirt 25% 25%
Dirt, grass and unmade bridleways, byways and tracks. May include less defined and semi-technical sections of riding.

Show / Hide Route Map

Route Direction: clockwise. Final route may be subject to change from the one published here.

Badlands 2019 Ride Results

Check your time from last year to set this year’s target!

Rider No.NameCategoryBike TypeCourseAvg PaceRide TimeTime Band
123Andrew BagnallM60+CXFull18.52 km/h03:46:49Silver
4Alex BallingerM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full15.54 km/h04:30:13Bronze
5Daniel BalthasarM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full19.13 km/h03:39:31Silver
8Andrew BarrowcliffeM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full15.46 km/h04:31:45Bronze
11Lee BeesleyM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full13.59 km/h05:09:08
13Thomas BraceM18-39OtherFull12.13 km/h05:46:00
17Jack BuckleyM18-39OtherFull15.72 km/h04:27:12Bronze
18Bruce CaldwellM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full15.59 km/h04:29:23Bronze
19Simon CarterM40-49OtherFull17.59 km/h03:58:43Bronze
21Rich ClarkM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full16.05 km/h04:21:39Bronze
22Danny ClaydenM40-49Mountain Bike (MTB)Full14.15 km/h04:56:54
23Laurent ColemanM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full16.90 km/h04:08:30Bronze
26Graham CrabtreeM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full18.20 km/h03:50:46Silver
28Drew CunliffeM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full18.52 km/h03:46:47Silver
32Joseph DumontM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full23.40 km/h02:59:28Gold
33Mike EdwardsM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full19.66 km/h03:33:37Silver
35Brad FarrerM40-4929er (MTB)Full15.63 km/h04:28:39Bronze
37Barry FrenchM40-4929er (MTB)Full11.17 km/h06:16:00
122Ed GibbM50+MTBFull18.59 km/h03:45:56Silver
39Richard GilesM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full23.40 km/h02:59:28Gold
42Rob GrayM40-4929er (MTB)Full18.51 km/h03:46:55Silver
125Charles GreenM18-39CXFull20.08 km/h03:29:08Silver
117Mark GroomeM50+MTBFull15.33 km/h04:33:57Bronze
120Clifford HenleyM60+RoadFull14.75 km/h04:44:43Bronze
48Jim HiattM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full-DNF
116Andrew HuntM40-49MTBFull16.20 km/h04:19:14Bronze
128Marco JardimM40-49CX/GravelFull16.74 km/h04:10:54Bronze
54Brian JonesM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Full-DNF
55Pawel KedzierskiM40-4929er (MTB)Full19.56 km/h03:34:43Silver
57Stephen LaneM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Full15.65 km/h04:28:26Bronze
59Matt LilwallM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Full12.03 km/h05:49:00
60Josh LittleM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Full14.15 km/h04:56:49
61Jamie LloydM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full16.39 km/h04:16:19Bronze
62Ricardo LopesM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full16.96 km/h04:07:42Bronze
63Reece LoweM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full13.91 km/h05:01:52
65Roderick MacfadyenM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full18.45 km/h03:47:42Silver
68Ollie MartinM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full15.06 km/h04:38:52
127Leo MartinsM18-39CXFull16.74 km/h04:10:56Bronze
72Darren MccallM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Full-DNF
72Darren McCallM50+MTBFull9.93 km/h07:03:04
73George McferranM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full14.89 km/h04:42:06Bronze
121Ian MeikleM50+CXFull18.59 km/h03:45:57Silver
74Stuart MillsM40-4929er (MTB)Full18.08 km/h03:52:19Silver
75Tom NewmanM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full17.74 km/h03:56:42Bronze
76David PeacockM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full20.21 km/h03:27:51Gold
78Ken PeacockM50+OtherFull13.88 km/h05:02:31
82Arjan PlantingM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full21.93 km/h03:11:32Gold
118Alan PorterM60+HybridFull-DNF
83Steve PorterM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full13.84 km/h05:03:27
84Raf PostingsM40-49OtherFull13.89 km/h05:02:28
88Mark PrinceM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full17.74 km/h03:56:42Bronze
89Nick ReasonM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full12.75 km/h05:29:30
90Chris RouseM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full12.13 km/h05:46:00
119Darren Rowan-WaiteM40-49MTBFull18.10 km/h03:52:05Silver
92Sam ScottM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full15.60 km/h04:29:17Bronze
95Nick SinfieldM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full20.33 km/h03:26:35Silver
100Henry SyrettM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full14.88 km/h04:42:10Bronze
104Crispin TownerM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full16.88 km/h04:08:50Bronze
105Nick TuckerM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Full15.16 km/h04:37:04
108Simon WarnM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full20.69 km/h03:22:57Silver
109Paul WealM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full20.14 km/h03:28:34Silver
111Roy WhitneyM50+Cyclocross (CX)Full13.84 km/h05:03:27
112Chris WilliamsM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Full17.75 km/h03:56:39Bronze
113Andrew WinstanleyM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Full20.06 km/h03:29:24Silver
1Andy AguilarMU18Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.54 km/h03:05:23Bronze
2Stephen AndersonM50+Cyclocross (CX)Mid20.50 km/h02:20:31Gold
3Francisco AryM18-39OtherMid17.47 km/h02:44:49Bronze
7Stefan BardenM50+Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.26 km/h03:08:47Bronze
9Rob BatesM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid13.01 km/h03:41:18
12Nick BellM50+29er (MTB)Mid17.51 km/h02:44:31Silver
15Stuart BrookeM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.68 km/h03:03:43Bronze
136Jonathan CadoganM18-39CX/GravelMid12.41 km/h03:52:00
24Gregory CookM50+Cyclocross (CX)Mid13.74 km/h03:29:40
27Martin CraigM50+Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.68 km/h03:03:43Bronze
29John DanksM50+29er (MTB)Mid13.81 km/h03:28:31
131Mark DevenM50+29erMid-DNF
36Iain FleetM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.54 km/h03:05:17Bronze
38David FudgeM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid12.19 km/h03:56:16
140Lydia GouldF60+MTBMid14.65 km/h03:16:38Bronze
41Mark GrayM40-4929er (MTB)Mid12.18 km/h03:56:27
126Michael GreenM60+CX/GravelMid14.44 km/h03:19:24Bronze
43Richard GreenM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Mid12.34 km/h03:53:22
139Craig HeaslipM18-39MTBMid9.70 km/h04:56:53
47Allan HeyM50+Cyclocross (CX)Mid11.10 km/h04:19:27
50James HouseM50+29er (MTB)Mid15.89 km/h03:01:16Bronze
115Jo HuntM40-49MTBMid9.61 km/h04:59:39
51Kev HunterM40-49Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid14.87 km/h03:13:38Bronze
52Scott IrwinM18-39OtherMid10.59 km/h04:31:58
134Arran JacobsM18-39MTBMid12.62 km/h03:48:08
56Siu-Yun KoF18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid12.50 km/h03:50:23
135M LewandowskiM40-49MTBMid14.62 km/h03:17:02Bronze
64Gary MacdonaldM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid19.68 km/h02:26:19Silver
66Harry MalcolmM18-39OtherMid15.67 km/h03:03:47Bronze
67Giles MartinM40-49Cyclocross (CX)Mid11.19 km/h04:17:22
69Wendy MartinF40-49Cyclocross (CX)Mid11.47 km/h04:11:08
70Julian MatthewsM50+OtherMid13.81 km/h03:28:30
79Mat PearsonsM40-49Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid11.47 km/h04:11:04
130James PengellyM40-49CX/GravelMid11.77 km/h04:04:47
81Andy PhillipsM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid13.79 km/h03:28:50
85Gareth PrattM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid14.73 km/h03:15:31
91John RoyleM40-49Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid14.87 km/h03:13:39Bronze
129Mark SempersM40-49CXMid12.04 km/h03:59:18
138Gurman SinghM18-39MTBMid9.70 km/h04:56:55
96Owen SmithM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid12.95 km/h03:42:21
97Kate SmokerF18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid15.56 km/h03:05:02Bronze
137Hugh StowellM18-39CXMid12.85 km/h03:44:08
98Richard SutcliffeM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid12.41 km/h03:52:05
99Robert SwiftM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid12.41 km/h03:52:04
102Scott Thorn-DavisM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid13.88 km/h03:27:28
103Alastair TiltM50+Mountain Bike (MTB)Mid13.89 km/h03:27:25
106Andrew WalkerM50+HybridMid-DNF
132Douglas YoungM18-39CX/GravelMid12.62 km/h03:48:09
86Iestyn PrattM18-39Cyclocross (CX)Mid14.74 km/h03:15:24
133Andrew DanielsM50+29erShort16.01 km/h02:22:24Bronze
45Phil HardyM50+29er (MTB)Short12.02 km/h03:09:37
49David HodgsonM40-49Mountain Bike (MTB)Short15.05 km/h02:31:30Bronze
124A PearsonM40-49CX/GravelShort-DNF
101David TabernerM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Short13.58 km/h02:47:50
110Neil WhiteM18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Short9.82 km/h03:52:07
114Samantha WynessF18-39Mountain Bike (MTB)Short9.35 km/h04:03:46

Riding the Chiltern Hills

The Chilterns are distinctive for their high ridges, dense woods and closely folded hills. It all makes for a tough but hugely enjoyable place to ride!

You’re at the eastern end of the Ridgeway here, and the ride takes you straight out onto that ancient trail before a brief clip thorough corner of the town and then quickly out into the countryside for the rest of the day. You’ll soon find yourself climbing, as the pattern of the day is established. The Chilterns don’t lie flat for long; the climbs and descents come in continuous succession. And as well as rising and falling, the Chilterns twist and wind too; long, don’t expect straight sweeps of terrain. It’s a mix that creates plenty of physical and enough technical to test and entertain you, all the while leading you through the sort of landscape that makes cycling good for the soul!

Event Logistics

On the Ride
Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.
Entry on the Day
You can enter the event on the day, although there is a small surcharge of £3 (so pre entering is recommended). Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.
Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.
Following the Route
Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink
There will be food, water and energy mix at a feed station on the course to help you stay fuelled during the ride. Hot and cold food & drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)


Rider Timings & Medals
Riders are electronically timed, with rider times displayed on a screen at the finish line. Gold, silver and bronze time bands are set as an optional ride incentive, and finishers medals are presented to reflect the time band you achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: rider timings are provided for personal interest only and time bands are an optional target that you can choose to ignore. This event is not a race. No winner is declared, and no status or prizes are awarded for ‘beating’ other riders. The ride time and completed distance for any individual rider is taken on trust and cannot be definitively verified by the organisers.