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Battle Gravel 100 returns for 2022! This unique event mixes open hill south downs riding with timed private laps in the magnificent Matterley Bowl. 

Choose either the full Gravel Race with podiums and prizes to aim for, or the Gravel Challenge, with three distances to complete as your personal challenge.

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Start Time

8:30am – 9:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 4:00pm


Matterley Bowl,

INCLUDES Gravel Race category with timed stage sections on the private Battle Gravel Matterley Bowl circuit!

Battle Gravel 100 is a dirt track celebration of the stunning countryside at the Winchester end of the South Downs! Starting in the stunning Matterley Bowl and including miles of gravel tracks on the private estate gravel circuit, mixed into a course that leads you out onto the South Downs Way and into a deeper exploration of this fantastic area!

The route option you choose will cover one, two or three laps of the Battle Gravel course, and you’ll finish each lap on the private circuit within the magnificent Matterley Bowl arena (which you can’t ride any other time of the year!) where a feed and support station awaits to top you up before your next lap!

Gravel Race Category

Battle gravel includes a 100km race category, using special timed laps on private land to decide the competition. There are prizes and podiums to compete for in all age and gender categories – read on the find out more!

Or choose the Gravel Challenge category for a non competitive option with 100, 66 and 33km distances!

Saturday Camping

Travelling to this event? Camping* is available for Saturday night, so you can be on site first thing for the ride on Sunday. The Matterley Bowl trails will be open for you to ride on Saturday afternoon too!

*Basic facilities include field site camping with toilets on site and access to water. Some food and drink will be available at the catering tent.

This event features

Race or non race formats over a lapped and timed course.

Mixed surfaces, mainly gravel,  hard tracks and  fast byways.

100km, 66km & 33km options.

Timed laps within a private estate, combined with pace limited laps on open hill trails.

Fully stocked feed and drink stations on each lap.

Finishers medals and great prizes for race categories.

Mechanical and first aid support at base.

Full event facilities on site, including parking, toilets, great catering and overnight camping.

A race, challenge and social event weekend.

Prizes from

Results & Photos

Battle Gravel 100 2022 Photos

These photos from Tim Redgrove are hosted on the Trail Break Facebook page. You can browse the thumbnails here; clicking on a thumbnail will take you to that photo on the Facebook album.

If you want any full resolution, unbranded copies of your images, email us at web@trailbreak.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch with Tim to arrange a direct sale.




Battle Gravel 100 2022 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

Gravel Race

(On smaller screens, click on the rider name to see hidden data columns) 

No.NameRace TimeAwardCategoryCourseLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4
A71James Phillips0h 57m 40sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 14m 46s0h 14m 04s0h 14m 35s0h 14m 15s
A2Sam Andrews0h 57m 51sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 15m 17s0h 14m 13s0h 14m 08s0h 14m 13s
A20Crispin Doyle0h 59m 41sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 15m 06s0h 15m 06s0h 14m 46s0h 14m 43s
A42Warren Jesse1h 02m 56sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 15m 12s0h 15m 54s0h 15m 36s0h 16m 14s
A52Finn Mansfield1h 03m 43sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 15m 37s0h 15m 21s0h 15m 29s0h 17m 16s
A78John Russell1h 03m 47sGoldM50+ R100km0h 16m 24s0h 15m 34s0h 15m 45s0h 16m 04s
A84Gregory Smith1h 04m 19sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 10s0h 16m 06s0h 15m 47s0h 16m 16s
A26Daniel Evans1h 04m 20sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 15m 27s0h 15m 47s0h 16m 25s0h 16m 41s
A29James Gilfillan1h 04m 43sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 17m 12s0h 15m 30s0h 15m 48s0h 16m 13s
A55Cj Mcgovern1h 04m 44sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 38s0h 15m 49s0h 16m 08s0h 16m 09s
A24Bryce Dyer1h 05m 10sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 16s0h 16m 15s0h 16m 13s0h 16m 26s
A13Ben Clarke1h 05m 49sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 15m 59s0h 16m 30s0h 16m 16s0h 17m 04s
A87James Stockman1h 05m 56sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 54s0h 16m 32s0h 16m 16s0h 16m 14s
A89Andrew Thomas1h 06m 52sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 09s0h 16m 35s0h 16m 54s0h 17m 14s
A30Matthew Gooch1h 06m 53sGoldM50+ R100km0h 16m 24s0h 16m 48s0h 16m 34s0h 17m 07s
A63Michael Morris1h 07m 11sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 11s0h 16m 30s0h 17m 09s0h 17m 21s
A44Joe Killen1h 07m 24sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 34s0h 17m 02s0h 16m 40s0h 17m 08s
A48Simon Laws1h 07m 42sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 15m 41s0h 15m 50s0h 19m 43s0h 16m 28s
A61Luke Monahan1h 07m 50sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 48s0h 16m 26s0h 17m 20s0h 17m 16s
A93Rory West1h 08m 02sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 22s0h 16m 18s0h 17m 08s0h 18m 14s
A28Adam Gibson1h 08m 44sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 18m 05s0h 17m 15s0h 16m 53s0h 16m 31s
A56Paul Mcgowan1h 09m 07sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 31s0h 16m 55s0h 17m 23s0h 18m 18s
A36Nigel Herrod1h 09m 17sGoldM60+ R100km0h 17m 01s0h 17m 04s0h 17m 21s0h 17m 51s
A65Tom Moss1h 09m 59sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 17m 14s0h 17m 17s0h 18m 01s0h 17m 27s
A68Madeleine Nutt1h 10m 13sGoldF18-39 R100km0h 17m 04s0h 17m 23s0h 17m 58s0h 17m 48s
A7Celia Brown1h 10m 14sGoldF40-49 R100km0h 17m 11s0h 17m 21s0h 17m 39s0h 18m 03s
A105Simon Willats1h 10m 36sGoldM50+ R100km0h 16m 44s0h 17m 47s0h 18m 23s0h 17m 42s
A90Roland Tilley1h 10m 37sGoldM50+ R100km0h 16m 15s0h 17m 31s0h 18m 08s0h 18m 43s
A64Carl Morrish1h 10m 58sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 16m 46s0h 17m 45s0h 18m 01s0h 18m 26s
A54Paul Marsden1h 11m 26sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 22s0h 17m 32s0h 18m 46s0h 18m 46s
A45Stuart King1h 11m 35sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 16m 25s0h 17m 27s0h 18m 30s0h 19m 13s
A106Alex Yeldham1h 11m 51sGoldM40-50 R100km0h 19m 07s0h 17m 21s0h 17m 17s0h 18m 06s
A5Will Blackham1h 12m 07sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 17m 13s0h 17m 55s0h 17m 53s0h 19m 06s
A81Andrew Smith1h 12m 59sGoldM50+ R100km0h 17m 03s0h 17m 31s0h 18m 36s0h 19m 49s
A98Jay Worbey1h 13m 05sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 17m 21s0h 18m 03s0h 18m 05s0h 19m 36s
A35Bryan Healy1h 13m 09sGoldM50+ R100km0h 17m 17s0h 17m 46s0h 18m 04s0h 20m 02s
A46Craig Kingham1h 14m 15sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 17m 34s0h 17m 30s0h 19m 10s0h 20m 01s
A67Pete Noble1h 16m 07sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 20m 18s0h 18m 22s0h 18m 31s0h 18m 56s
A16Dan Cottington1h 16m 36sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 20m 20s0h 18m 28s0h 18m 54s0h 18m 54s
A41Richard Irvine1h 16m 49sGoldM60+ R100km0h 18m 43s0h 19m 10s0h 19m 40s0h 19m 16s
A92Paul Wellicome1h 17m 25sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 17m 23s0h 18m 46s0h 20m 39s0h 20m 37s
A91Neil Watts1h 17m 28sGoldM50+ R100km0h 18m 14s0h 18m 33s0h 20m 06s0h 20m 35s
A50Ian Loades1h 17m 53sGoldM50+ R100km0h 17m 19s0h 18m 48s0h 20m 33s0h 21m 13s
A100Fergus Brady1h 18m 06sGoldM50+ R100km0h 19m 02s0h 18m 10s0h 20m 34s0h 20m 20s
A94Ross Williams1h 19m 23sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 17m 07s0h 18m 54s0h 20m 57s0h 22m 25s
A103Jason Smith1h 19m 26sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 19m 45s0h 17m 17s0h 19m 41s0h 22m 43s
A72Matt Plested1h 19m 51sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 19m 29s0h 18m 01s0h 19m 49s0h 22m 32s
A69Vanz Opinion1h 20m 14sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 17m 00s0h 18m 34s0h 22m 05s0h 22m 35s
A49Barry Lee1h 20m 27sGoldM60+ R100km0h 19m 52s0h 19m 47s0h 19m 43s0h 21m 05s
A47Richard Lang1h 20m 30sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 19m 35s0h 19m 16s0h 20m 28s0h 21m 11s
A57Richard Mcvey1h 20m 41sGoldM50+ R100km0h 19m 12s0h 19m 09s0h 23m 21s0h 18m 59s
A23Billy Dyer1h 21m 08sGoldM50+ R100km0h 17m 29s0h 19m 17s0h 21m 13s0h 23m 09s
A53Stuart Mansfield1h 23m 04sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 20m 55s0h 21m 50s0h 22m 51s0h 17m 28s
A27Bob Ford1h 23m 47sGoldM60+ R100km0h 18m 41s0h 19m 34s0h 21m 09s0h 24m 23s
A22Amy Dunwell1h 24m 10sGoldF40-49 R100km0h 20m 06s0h 20m 20s0h 21m 19s0h 22m 25s
A66Dave Noakes1h 24m 20sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 20m 08s0h 20m 39s0h 21m 11s0h 22m 22s
A83Gareth Smith1h 24m 24sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 19m 24s0h 20m 00s0h 22m 06s0h 22m 54s
A3Aisling Baird1h 24m 27sGoldF50+ R100km0h 20m 26s0h 20m 04s0h 21m 13s0h 22m 44s
A73Maddy Pope1h 24m 36sGoldF18-39 R100km0h 21m 45s0h 21m 36s0h 20m 52s0h 20m 23s
A19Mark Davies1h 25m 13sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 18m 09s0h 19m 02s0h 22m 43s0h 25m 19s
A32Martin Gough1h 26m 07sGoldM40-49 R100km0h 20m 55s0h 21m 35s0h 21m 20s0h 22m 17s
A70Nigel Peterson1h 26m 12sGoldM50+ R100km0h 18m 03s0h 18m 25s0h 18m 08s0h 31m 36s
A59Mark Miller1h 26m 39sGoldM50+ R100km0h 21m 17s0h 20m 50s0h 21m 49s0h 22m 43s
A11Marco Miguel Castigador1h 27m 07sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 27m 48s0h 19m 09s0h 20m 31s0h 19m 39s
A8Elaine Burroughs1h 28m 21sGoldF50+ R100km0h 20m 19s0h 21m 25s0h 23m 17s0h 23m 20s
A79Simon Scarsbrook1h 30m 57sGoldM50+ R100km0h 20m 28s0h 22m 14s0h 24m 35s0h 23m 40s
A82Deborah Smith1h 31m 07sGoldF40-49 R100km0h 22m 33s0h 22m 29s0h 23m 11s0h 22m 54s
A76Joshua Ritchie1h 33m 39sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 21m 01s0h 22m 03s0h 23m 38s0h 26m 57s
A85Richard Stanhope1h 33m 51sGoldM60+ R100km0h 21m 36s0h 22m 38s0h 24m 39s0h 24m 58s
A34Kym Harvey1h 34m 16sGoldF50+ R100km0h 22m 37s0h 22m 38s0h 24m 32s0h 24m 29s
A37Ian Hill1h 35m 39sSilverM18-39 R100km0h 19m 30s0h 27m 31s0h 24m 15s0h 24m 23s
A1Jason Abbott1h 37m 01sGoldM50+ R100km0h 30m 10s0h 20m 49s0h 22m 36s0h 23m 26s
A31Tessa Goodfellow1h 37m 37sGoldF18-39 R100km0h 23m 37s0h 23m 58s0h 24m 57s0h 25m 05s
A104Alberto Soler1h 38m 21sGoldM18-39 R100km0h 21m 15s0h 24m 28s0h 25m 43s0h 26m 55s
A88Amy Thomas1h 38m 36sGoldF18-39 R100km0h 21m 54s0h 28m 05s0h 24m 14s0h 24m 23s
A9Samantha Cain1h 43m 12sGoldF50+ R100km0h 24m 24s0h 25m 09s0h 26m 44s0h 26m 55s
A95Craig Wilson2h 15m 15sGoldM50+ R100km0h 19m 17s0h 17m 41s0h 17m 23s1h 20m 54s

Gravel Challenge

(On smaller screens, click on the rider name to see hidden data columns)

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourseLap 1Lap 2Lap 3
A88Amy Thomas6h 17m 54sGoldF18-39 R100km1h 50m 26s2h 15m 51s2h 14m 06s
A37Ian Hill6h 17m 50sSilverM18-39 R100km1h 52m 12s2h 16m 24s2h 14m 07s
A19Mark Davies6h 07m 29sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 40m 49s2h 28m 07s2h 05m 43s
A53Stuart Mansfield6h 14m 55sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 54m 23s2h 19m 31s1h 57m 34s
A165John Potts6h 29m 20sGoldM50+100km1h 58m 59s2h 11m 02s2h 19m 19s
A9Samantha Cain6h 00m 09sGoldF50+ R100km1h 54m 43s2h 03m 16s2h 04m 41s
A91Neil Watts6h 01m 03sGoldM50+ R100km1h 40m 14s2h 23m 46s1h 59m 24s
A32Martin Gough5h 57m 14sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 49m 39s2h 08m 42s2h 00m 15s
A169James Strain6h 17m 28sGoldM40-49100km1h 57m 52s2h 07m 01s2h 12m 35s
A31Tessa Goodfellow5h 53m 35sGoldF18-39 R100km1h 52m 35s1h 59m 01s2h 03m 27s
A85Richard Stanhope5h 53m 36sGoldM60+ R100km1h 48m 37s1h 59m 22s2h 08m 59s
A56Paul Mcgowan6h 01m 01sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 40m 32s2h 23m 09s1h 59m 07s
A8Elaine Burroughs5h 54m 05sGoldF50+ R100km1h 46m 11s2h 06m 41s2h 04m 14s
A79Simon Scarsbrook5h 52m 53sGoldM50+ R100km1h 57m 25s1h 48m 51s2h 09m 49s
A22Amy Dunwell5h 53m 35sGoldF40-49 R100km1h 44m 40s2h 14m 45s1h 56m 29s
A66Dave Noakes5h 53m 34sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 44m 39s2h 14m 35s1h 56m 34s
A67Pete Noble5h 53m 04sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 49m 31s1h 58m 54s2h 03m 17s
A16Dan Cottington5h 53m 08sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 49m 39s1h 58m 56s2h 03m 07s
A76Joshua Ritchie5h 43m 59sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 56m 34s1h 55m 21s1h 58m 00s
A104Alberto Soler5h 37m 47sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 43m 32s2h 02m 26s1h 57m 29s
A59Mark Miller5h 37m 11sGoldM50+ R100km1h 47m 03s1h 55m 14s1h 56m 20s
A34Kym Harvey5h 34m 51sGoldF50+ R100km1h 55m 24s1h 50m 01s1h 51m 18s
A82Deborah Smith5h 34m 42sGoldF40-49 R100km1h 53m 58s1h 47m 31s1h 53m 34s
A57Richard Mcvey5h 38m 22sGoldM50+ R100km2h 01m 56s1h 47m 00s1h 49m 13s
A158Andrew Kent5h 54m 09sGoldM50+100km1h 48m 55s1h 54m 27s2h 10m 47s
A70Nigel Peterson5h 23m 53sGoldM50+ R100km1h 34m 39s1h 47m 38s2h 15m 09s
A49Barry Lee5h 32m 01sGoldM60+ R100km1h 48m 26s1h 49m 45s1h 55m 03s
A73Maddy Pope5h 32m 03sGoldF18-39 R100km1h 48m 55s1h 47m 09s1h 54m 37s
A3Aisling Baird5h 30m 14sGoldF50+ R100km1h 47m 53s1h 43m 33s2h 01m 06s
A28Adam Gibson5h 32m 14sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 48m 24s1h 48m 54s1h 53m 22s
A27Bob Ford5h 14m 36sGoldM60+ R100km1h 43m 15s1h 46m 55s1h 50m 08s
A11Marco Miguel Castigador5h 20m 06sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 50m 58s1h 35m 11s1h 45m 48s
A36Nigel Herrod5h 21m 37sGoldM60+ R100km1h 51m 11s1h 44m 59s1h 46m 17s
A89Andrew Thomas5h 22m 00sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 50m 30s1h 39m 24s1h 53m 11s
A47Richard Lang5h 17m 11sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 44m 57s1h 45m 57s1h 47m 53s
A81Andrew Smith5h 17m 07sGoldM50+ R100km1h 46m 15s1h 45m 48s1h 47m 50s
A61Luke Monahan5h 18m 15sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 45m 24s1h 45m 07s1h 48m 12s
A68Madeleine Nutt5h 16m 03sGoldF18-39 R100km1h 39m 01s1h 45m 27s1h 52m 19s
A160Russell Ley5h 26m 17sGoldM50+100km1h 44m 55s1h 38m 46s2h 02m 36s
A63Michael Morris5h 13m 41sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 38m 58s1h 45m 35s1h 50m 18s
A55Cj Mcgovern5h 13m 53sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 38m 00s1h 45m 09s1h 50m 15s
A24Bryce Dyer5h 04m 43sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 40m 27s1h 39m 04s1h 45m 22s
A41Richard Irvine5h 09m 06sGoldM60+ R100km1h 38m 07s1h 43m 32s1h 48m 00s
A166Paul Quirk5h 23m 06sGoldM50+100km1h 41m 42s1h 50m 12s1h 51m 12s
A5Will Blackham5h 07m 44sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 37m 22s1h 46m 25s1h 45m 50s
A87James Stockman5h 08m 39sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 31m 30s1h 41m 36s1h 54m 53s
A46Craig Kingham5h 05m 01sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 31m 59s1h 45m 50s1h 49m 39s
A100Fergus Brady5h 03m 42sGoldM50+ R100km1h 43m 13s1h 43m 43s1h 38m 04s
A155James Dick5h 18m 40sGoldM40-49100km1h 41m 47s1h 49m 43s1h 47m 10s
A106Alex Yeldham5h 03m 42sGoldM40-50 R100km1h 41m 57s1h 41m 35s1h 39m 09s
A69Vanz Opinion4h 57m 34sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 30m 35s1h 42m 07s1h 50m 27s
A65Tom Moss5h 02m 04sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 30m 31s1h 46m 35s1h 45m 11s
B3Malcolm Booker5h 15m 16sSilverM60+66km2h 40m 15s2h 35m 01s
A83Gareth Smith4h 55m 04sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 33m 48s1h 37m 52s1h 46m 54s
A26Daniel Evans5h 01m 34sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 32m 27s1h 37m 26s1h 52m 55s
A23Billy Dyer4h 54m 09sGoldM50+ R100km1h 40m 42s1h 35m 34s1h 43m 33s
A1Jason Abbott4h 53m 06sGoldM50+ R100km1h 32m 10s1h 28m 37s1h 45m 35s
A52Finn Mansfield4h 58m 31sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 33m 08s1h 34m 37s1h 52m 25s
A98Jay Worbey4h 53m 34sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 25m 08s1h 41m 28s1h 49m 13s
A72Matt Plested4h 50m 00sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 29m 32s1h 35m 42s1h 47m 49s
A103Jason Smith4h 50m 02sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 28m 42s1h 36m 31s1h 47m 47s
A93Rory West4h 54m 19sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 29m 13s1h 55m 10s1h 31m 48s
A153Alex Cook5h 08m 18sBronzeM18-3966km2h 19m 15s2h 49m 03s
A78John Russell4h 56m 43sGoldM50+ R100km1h 32m 45s1h 34m 22s1h 49m 16s
A71James Phillips4h 58m 32sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 32m 52s1h 37m 24s1h 47m 45s
A2Sam Andrews4h 58m 37sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 32m 26s1h 36m 48s1h 48m 19s
A13Ben Clarke4h 53m 47sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 25m 05s1h 40m 58s1h 48m 49s
A7Celia Brown4h 50m 53sGoldF40-49 R100km1h 31m 55s1h 35m 30s1h 44m 20s
A20Crispin Doyle4h 50m 58sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 31m 58s1h 34m 47s1h 43m 50s
A95Craig Wilson3h 42m 53sGoldM50+ R100km1h 42m 11s1h 41m 24s1h 20m 55s
A30Matthew Gooch4h 46m 25sGoldM50+ R100km1h 34m 44s1h 33m 44s1h 38m 40s
A84Gregory Smith4h 45m 17sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 28m 46s1h 34m 25s1h 42m 12s
A94Ross Williams4h 38m 41sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 27m 39s1h 36m 54s1h 39m 26s
A44Joe Killen4h 40m 22sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 28m 29s1h 33m 36s1h 38m 51s
A50Ian Loades4h 36m 52sGoldM50+ R100km1h 28m 15s1h 32m 05s1h 40m 26s
B26Jason Windsor4h 32m 40sSilverM40-4966km2h 14m 10s2h 18m 30s
A35Bryan Healy4h 32m 05sGoldM50+ R100km1h 27m 37s1h 33m 45s1h 33m 28s
B5Ben Brinded4h 28m 06sSilverM40-4966km1h 54m 51s2h 33m 15s
A152Steve Christie4h 43m 23sSilverM40-4966km2h 32m 46s2h 10m 37s
B8Robert Corbishley4h 42m 01sSilverM40-4966km2h 32m 35s2h 09m 26s
A92Paul Wellicome4h 25m 26sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 21m 56s1h 30m 37s1h 36m 07s
B28Caspar Zoeftig4h 40m 16sSilverM40-4966km2h 34m 11s2h 06m 05s
A54Paul Marsden4h 25m 28sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 21m 32s1h 30m 01s1h 36m 19s
A48Simon Laws4h 22m 48sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 18m 11s1h 27m 09s1h 38m 15s
A105Simon Willats4h 21m 25sGoldM50+ R100km1h 22m 32s1h 30m 04s1h 29m 47s
A42Warren Jesse4h 22m 43sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 18m 39s1h 23m 01s1h 42m 05s
A154Mike Dean4h 30m 11sGoldM50+66km2h 00m 08s2h 30m 03s
B22Kevin Shepherd4h 29m 51sGoldM50+66km2h 11m 12s2h 18m 39s
B15Lauren Keeler4h 26m 49sSilverF18-3966km2h 11m 52s2h 14m 57s
B23Nicola Stevenson4h 26m 42sGoldF50+66km2h 11m 10s2h 15m 32s
B6Malcolm Brinded4h 06m 40sGoldM60+ E66km1h 55m 05s2h 11m 35s
A90Roland Tilley4h 07m 53sGoldM50+ R100km1h 20m 02s1h 22m 11s1h 28m 08s
A29James Gilfillan4h 08m 47sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 28m 40s1h 17m 34s1h 21m 34s
A45Stuart King4h 04m 28sGoldM40-49 R100km1h 19m 08s1h 22m 40s1h 25m 28s
A60David Mitchell4h 20m 56sGoldM50+66km2h 16m 19s2h 04m 37s
A15Jill Cliff4h 20m 50sGoldF50+66km2h 16m 12s2h 04m 38s
A64Carl Morrish4h 02m 16sGoldM18-39 R100km1h 18m 43s1h 20m 57s1h 24m 16s
B11Jon Goodman4h 15m 49sGoldM60+66km3h 24m 30s0h 51m 19s
B21Neil Phillips4h 16m 33sGoldM50+66km1h 43m 51s2h 32m 42s
A161Michael Mcgillion4h 05m 46sGoldM50+66km1h 53m 31s2h 12m 15s
A164Andy Partridge4h 00m 53sGoldM50+66km2h 01m 23s1h 59m 30s
A150Steven Cartwright3h 58m 18sGoldM60+66km2h 02m 25s1h 55m 53s
B97James Clark3h 56m 08sGoldM18-3966km1h 47m 32s2h 08m 36s
B13Steve Hibberd3h 53m 29sGoldM50+66km1h 57m 10s1h 56m 19s
A171Marcus Wynne3h 51m 17sGoldM40-4966km1h 46m 04s2h 05m 13s
B2Marcus Blade3h 25m 32sGoldM50+66km1h 43m 58s1h 41m 34s
B10Ged Equi3h 20m 55sGoldM50+66km1h 38m 13s1h 42m 42s
B18Richard Mcpherson3h 19m 45sGoldM50+66km1h 35m 10s1h 44m 35s
B7Guy Butler3h 19m 40sGoldM18-3966km1h 24m 45s1h 54m 55s
B9Jason Duignan3h 09m 32sGoldM40-4966km1h 31m 30s1h 38m 02s
C2Deneys Botha3h 07m 35sBronzeM18-3933km3h 07m 35s
B27Trystan Sanders3h 08m 44sGoldM18-3966km1h 53m 39s1h 15m 05s
C5Karen Gooch2h 34m 31sSilverF40-4933km2h 34m 31s
C4Rebecca Denton2h 05m 37sGoldF18-3933km2h 05m 37s
C3Amy Budd2h 25m 40sSilverF18-3933km2h 25m 40s
C7Mia Rowdon2h 25m 33sSilverF18-3933km2h 25m 33s
C8Fay Rushby2h 03m 42sGoldF40-4933km2h 03m 42s
C1Nina Arbuckle2h 00m 41sGoldF40-4933km2h 00m 41s
C9Ola Zdzieblowska1h 59m 48sGoldF18-3933km1h 59m 48s
Race it or Ride it

Choose Gravel Race or Gravel Challenge

Gravel Race Category

The Battle Gravel 100 now features a timed stage Gravel Race option with podium & prizes!

Race It

The Gravel Race category (100k only) is a competitive ride featuring three timed stages around the private Battle Gravel Matterley Bowl circuit. The open hill sections of the course are non competitive neutral stages that just need to be completed within a qualifying pace. The fastest combined timed stages from qualifying riders will make the podium and prize presentation! 

Gravel Challenge Category

 If you don’t want to race, choose the Gravel Challenge Category.

Race It

The Gravel Challenge category (100, 66 or 33km) is a non competitive personal challenge. Your ride will be timed for your personal interest and finishers medals will be awarded, but there is no competition with other riders so you can concentrate on your own targets or enjoy the challenge at your own pace!

(Full details and ride rules will be published in your event information).

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where the hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.


Physical severity


Technical severity

Short Route

Mid Route

Full Route

Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? Battle Gravel 100 is open to any bike and any rider – but here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.


MTB or Gravel?

You can use either a MTB or gravel bike for any of our events; none of our rides are exclusively one or the other. Al lthat matters is that your bike is suitable for riding off road. The question of which bike you should choose is harder to answer, as it will vary from person to person and ride to ride, but we’ve tried to give yuo some guidance here. While our events ar open to any off road bike, each event may lean slightly more towards one than the other. So our MTB branded events will typically be shorter distances and may use some more rougher or more technical sections and places, while our Gravel branded events will generally be longer distances, with typically less technical surfaces involved. But the emphasis for all rides is off road – our Gravel events are not intended to be road rides with just a few bits of dirt track here and there; they are created to give you plenty of good, varied open hill riding. 

In our videos you’ll see us riding gravel bikes on most courses, regardless of whether it’s for a Gravel or MTB event, but really only because that’s our personal preference here in the Trail Break office these days. For individual riders though, that choice will vary. It will depend on your abilities and preferences; how happy you are to push the limits of where you can take a gravel bike for example, or whether you prefer to have the benefits of an MTB under you when the going gets rougher. The terrain, distance nd weather/ground conditions may make a difference too. We try and guide you as best we can – you’ll see here a guide showing a suitability rating for different kinds of bikes, plus a physical and technical severity rating for the courses, and we’re going too add that information for all events as we go into the new season. But at the end of the day, that is only a guide, and the best choice is going to be different for every rider.

  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 90% 90%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 85% 85%
  • MTB 85% 85%
  • MTB (29er) 88% 88%
  • Hybrid* 65% 65%
  • Road* 35% 35%

Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres. Close fitting commute/road style mudguards are not suaitable for this ride.

Riding the Battle Gravel 100

The unique Battle Gravel course features two distinct sections; the open hill trail section in the beautiful countryside of the South Downs, east of Winchester, and the private trails in and around the spectacular Matterley Bowl where the event is based. 

The open hill section uses an entertaining variety of open public trails and lanes to passing through stunning scenery and picture postcard villages. The private Matterley Bowl loop is comprised of an excellent mix of gravel and dirt tracks around the magnificent Matterley Estate – these are trails you can’t ride at any other time of year!

Depending on which category you’ve entered, how you ride Battle Gravel may vary. The Gravel Challenge Category is just about going the distance. You’ll ride 1,2 or 3 laps of the combined circuit and enjoy the ride at your preferred pace. The finish line is your goal. Things get different in the Battle Race Category, where there is a competition and prizes to aim for. But here the trick is to ride smart, not just hard. The Battle Race is the full 100km, but the only bit that counts towards your race position, is your combined time on the private Matterley Bowl section the circuit. The open hill section is ‘neutralised’; you just have to complete it at a basic qualifying pace. So that’s where things get tactical; the secret to success in the Battle Race is to pace yourself on the open hill section to save as much energy as you can for the Matterley Bowl laps. The winner won’t be the fastest over the full 100km, it’ll be whoever gets those tactics right!

100km (Challenge Category)

The full 100km 3 lap Gravel Challenge
  • Fully route marked by the event team
  • Route map for all riders
  • GPS files sent to pre entered riders (enter in advance to receive these)
  • Rider timing by transponder tag. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Mid ride Feed/Support Station.
  • Finishers medals
  • Hot food and drink available at event base.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Additional late booking charges apply from 1 week before the event: +£2 in last week of booking, +£3 on the day entry.

66km Mid Route

2 lap 66km Gravel Challenge for a big ride without going the full 100k!
  • Fully route marked by the event team
  • Route map for all riders
  • GPS files sent to pre entered riders (enter in advance to receive these)
  • Rider timing by transponder tag. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Mid ride Feed/Support Station.
  • Finishers medals
  • Hot food and drink available at event base.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Additional late booking charges apply from 1 week before the event: +£2 in last week of booking, +£3 on the day entry.

33km Short Route

The 1 lap 33km Gravel Challenge is a great and accessible ride for all!
  • Fully route marked by the event team
  • Route map for all riders
  • GPS files sent to pre entered riders (enter in advance to receive these)
  • Rider timing by transponder tag. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Mid ride Feed/Support Station.
  • Finishers medals
  • Hot food and drink available at event base.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Additional late booking charges apply from 1 week before the event: +£2 in last week of booking, +£3 on the day entry.

Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

You can enter the event on the day, although there is a small surcharge of £3 (so pre entering is recommended). Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

There will be food, water and energy mix at a feed station on the course to help you stay fuelled during the ride. Hot and cold food & drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)


Rider Timings & Medals

Riders are electronically timed, with rider times displayed on a screen at the finish line. Gold, silver and bronze time bands are set as an optional ride incentive, and finishers medals are presented to reflect the time band you achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: rider timings are provided for personal interest only and time bands are an optional target that you can choose to ignore. This event is not a race. No winner is declared, and no status or prizes are awarded for ‘beating’ other riders. The ride time and completed distance for any individual rider is taken on trust and cannot be definitively verified by the organisers.