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Part of the Battle in the Bowl weekend!

Take a look too at Battle in the Bowl Super CX – an epic day of racing on Sunday 23rd May!

Online entry for this event is now closed, but there will be entry on the day spaces available at the event. Scroll down for full event details.




Sponsored by

Chain Reaction Cycles




Start Time

8:30am – 9:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 4:00pm

NEW FOR 2021: Gravel Race category with timed stage sections on the Battle in the Bowl race circuit!

The Battle Gravel 100 comes to the Battle in the Bowl Super CX weekend! This is an open hill event, separate to the Sunday race programme, that takes you on a fantastic 100km (or 66 or 33km) open hill ride on the South Downs; starting & finishing on and passing through the Battle in the Bowl race circuit as you take on one, two or three laps of the 33km course!

The Battle Gravel 100 is a dirt track celebration of the stunning countryside at the Winchester end of the South Downs! Starting in the stunning Matterley Bowl and including up to three laps of the private Battle in the Bowl race circuit itself, the route leads you out onto the South Downs Way to lead you into a deeper exploration of this fantastic area!

The route option you choose will cover one, two or three laps of the Battle Gravel course, and you’ll finish each lap on the Battle in the Bowl race circuit in the magnificent Matterley Bowl (which you can’t ride any other time of the year!) where a feed and support station awaits to top you up before your next lap!

You can ride Battle Gravel on it’s own, but why not make a weekend of it? Ride one of the shorter distances as a warm up to your race on Sunday, or ride the full 100, camp over and watch the racing the next day – make the most of a great weekend!

Sponsored by

Chain Reaction Cycles

Start Time

8:30am – 9:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 4:00pm

Start Location

Matterley Bowl,

Matterley Bowl

Choose Gravel Race or Gravel Challenge

Gravel Race Category

NEW for 2021: The Battle Gravel 100 now features a timed stage Gravel Race option!

The Gravel Race category (100k only) is a competitive ride featuring three timed stages around the Battle in the Bowl race circuit. Open hill sections of the course are non competitive neutral stages that just need to be completed within a qualifying pace). The fastest combined timed stages from qualifying riders will make the podium and prize presentation! (Full details and ride rules will be published in your event information).

Gravel Challenge Category

 If you don’t want to race, choose the Gravel Challenge Category.

This is a non competitive personal challenge. Your ride will be timed for your personal interest and finishers medals will be awarded, but there is no competition with other riders so you can enjoy the challenge at your own pace!

2020 Ride Results

Ride Time
Finished at
Lap 1
Lap 3
A18Jack Gover7h 23m 49s M18-39100km16:28:162:06:332:27:242:49:52
A59Jules Zanchi5h 53m 31s M50+66km14:48:4802:51:5603:01:35
A10James Creed5h 53m 33sBronzeM18-39100km14:40:2801:41:2801:59:4302:12:22
A20Chris Haley6h 04m 52sBronzeM40-49100km14:38:5101:51:3602:12:2402:00:52
A44Peter Rix6h 04m 52sSilverF50+100km14:38:4901:51:3602:12:2502:00:51
A30Gary Kurth5h 51m 07sBronzeM40-49100km14:38:0001:41:1601:57:2102:12:30
A34Tony Marvin5h 58m 16sSilverM60+100km14:36:3101:45:5802:02:0602:10:12
A24Jeremy Hartill5h 18m 27sSilverM50+100km14:30:1401:58:2501:37:0901:42:53
A21Campbell Hall5h 33m 06sSilverM40-49100km14:10:5401:42:3402:02:4901:47:43
A32Kevin Limn5h 32m 59sBronzeM18-39100km14:10:5101:42:2502:02:5701:47:37
A52Michael Stimson5h 32m 56sBronzeM18-39100km14:10:5001:42:2502:02:5701:47:34
A37Bob Moores5h 21m 55sSilverM40-49100km14:03:1301:34:0501:55:4001:52:10
A33Mark Macdonald5h 17m 57sSilverMUnder 18100km13:59:2301:39:3501:46:0501:52:17
A43Ben Pyne4h 54m 23sSilverM18-39100km13:56:2001:42:4801:35:2601:36:09
A49Lee Spooner4h 46m 36s M18-3966km13:56:1702:02:4602:43:50
A50Terry Spooner4h 46m 33s M50+66km13:56:1602:02:4102:43:52
A38Neil Munro5h 12m 40sSilverM50+100km13:45:3601:40:2001:41:5801:50:22
A28Przemyslaw Kaznecki5h 03m 28sSilverM18-39100km13:37:3001:41:2801:41:5701:40:03
A15Stefano Fratesi4h 55m 37sGoldM60+100km13:34:1501:39:1401:35:0301:41:20
A13Jenny Evans3h 58m 34sBronzeF40-4966km13:32:3001:58:4701:59:47
A22Steven Hankin4h 46m 11s M18-3966km13:27:3102:26:5902:19:12
A9Garre Burton4h 41m 19s M18-3966km13:26:1302:02:1902:39:00
A19Ryan Green4h 42m 33sSilverM18-39100km13:20:3601:36:2101:31:1201:35:00
A61Katie McDonald3h 44m 29sSilverF18-3966km13:15:0601:49:0001:55:29
A8Charlotte Brittain3h 44m 15sSilverFUnder 1866km13:14:5001:48:4601:55:29
A7Adam Brittain3h 42m 41sBronzeM18-3966km13:13:2301:49:2301:53:18
A54Jose Vazquez4h 35m 08sSilverM18-39100km13:12:3601:22:5501:28:4501:43:28
A62Benjamin Lee3h 45m 04sBronzeM18-3966km13:11:3701:51:4101:53:23
A41Tom Parrott4h 24m 07s M18-3966km13:09:0201:56:2702:27:40
A48Gregory Smith4h 27m 27sGoldF40-49100km13:05:0601:30:0501:32:1901:25:03
A60Martin Olney3h 47m 49sSilver M50+66km12:47:5501:50:5401:56:55
A46Alan Sheppard4h 06m 45sBronzeM50+66km12:39:3401:50:1102:16:34
A51David Sriyoheswaran3h 56m 56sBronzeM18-3966km12:34:2801:48:2602:08:30
A12Adrian Elkin3h 42m 50sSilverM50+66km12:21:5801:44:5201:57:58
A26Blair Jenkins3h 20m 40sGoldM60+66km11:58:1601:43:4001:37:00
A29Tyrone Kleynhans3h 01m 36s M50+34km11:56:5103:01:36
A58Steven Woodbridge2h 59m 11sGoldM40-4966km11:51:0101:29:2301:29:48
A36Stuart Montserrat1h 42m 27sSilverM18-3934km10:56:4201:42:27
A55David Whitelock1h 49m 50sSilverF40-4934km10:51:0301:49:50
A56Michael Winter2h 15m 35sBronzeM50+34km10:48:3602:15:35
A6David Branston1h 56m 31sSilverM60+34km10:37:5401:56:31
A11Adam Davis1h 46m 37sSilverF18-3934km10:37:3401:46:37
A31Stuart Le Tissier1h 46m 37sSilverM18-3934km10:37:3101:46:37
A42Martin Patterson1h 46m 50sSilverM50+34km10:19:4001:46:50
A5Richard Baker1h 31m 41sGoldM50+34km10:04:2601:31:41

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where the hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.


Physical severity


Technical severity

Short Route

Mid Route

Full Route

Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? The Wildwood is open to any bike and any rider – but here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.

  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 90% 90%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 80% 80%
  • MTB 85% 85%
  • MTB (29er) 90% 90%
  • Hybrid* 65% 65%
  • Road* 45% 45%

Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres. Remove mudguards prior to the ride.

Chain Reaction Cycles

Riding the Winchester Downs

This is where the South Downs Way starts it’s journey eastwards, but there’s a lot more to this ride than just it’s most famous trail!

The route uses the SDW to give you plenty of open, hilly chalk/gravel trail, mixes in loops off of the Downs ridge to create variety and work you through this gorgeous National Park landscape. Plenty off road content is connected by quiet country lanes that give you an opportunity to spin your legs out before you hit the dirt again. The east and west end of the loop have subtly different characters, as the South Downs get into their stride, meaning by the time you return to the beautiful Meon Valley setting of the ride base, you’ll feel you’ve really been somewhere! your legs will tell you too; the hills don’t pull their punches around here!

Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

You can enter the event on the day, although there is a small surcharge of £3 (so pre entering is recommended). Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

There will be food, water and energy mix at a feed station on the course to help you stay fuelled during the ride. Hot and cold food & drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)


Rider Timings & Medals

Riders are electronically timed, with rider times displayed on a screen at the finish line. Gold, silver and bronze time bands are set as an optional ride incentive, and finishers medals are presented to reflect the time band you achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: rider timings are provided for personal interest only and time bands are an optional target that you can choose to ignore. This event is not a race. No winner is declared, and no status or prizes are awarded for ‘beating’ other riders. The ride time and completed distance for any individual rider is taken on trust and cannot be definitively verified by the organisers.