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The Ridgeway Returns!

Sept 2021

The Ridgeway 100 returns! This fantastic kilometre century features an out and back format, using the very best riding on the magnificent ridge! Starting and finishing in the same place, there’s no return transport worries too!

NOW with 85 & 50km options!

New for 2019 – an 85km  option gives you 3 distance choices for the  Ridgeway 100!

Fancy a great ride without going the full 100km? We’ve added a shorter Ridgeway 50 (47km) option last year, and this year, we’re adding 85km ride too! Now there really is a ride for everyone on the Ridgeway 100!

Ride 107k on the Ridgeway in a day!

 (or pick the 48km or NEW 86km route option!)

The Ridgeway is Europe’s oldest continually used highway. Dating back thousands of years, this was a prehistorically important route, with many ancient landmarks along it’s length, and ending at the magnificent stone circles of Avebury (which predates Stonehenge by some 700 years!)




Chilton School, Downside, Chilton, Didcot OX11 0PQ

Today, the Ridgeway remains a popular recreational route, and a fantastic long distance off road trail! Faster paced and less extreme than the South Downs Way, the Ridgeway is a fantastic gravel bike ride and gives you plenty to get your teeth into. The route keeps you high up and offers continuous sweeping views, with just enough dips and diversions along the ridge to keep your climbing / descending muscles ticking over! The surface only occasionally gets semi-technical, leaving you with 100km of very rideable trail to enjoy! It’s a ride that invites you to open up your engines, and test how long you can keep them running!

And we make sure that all you have to think about is riding. Our team have over 20 years experience running long distance off road challenges, and detailed knowledge of the Ridgeway itself. The Ridgeway 100 Century to the Stones is fully supported, from route marking to multiple feed and support stops, so all you have to do is concentrate on taking on this epic ride!


Ridgeway 100 2020 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourseAvg Pace
A60Adam Foster5h 50m 23sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
B9Adam Holbrook5h 03m 34sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
A80Adrian Hall8h 20m 07sM50+107km13 km/h
A84Alan Headland8h 19m 16sMU18107km13 km/h
A62Albert France-Brotherton5h 05m 21sSilverM40-49107km21 km/h
C17Alex Oakley3h 37m 15sM18-3950km14 km/h
B40Alisdair Mitchell6h 08m 27sM18-3985km14 km/h
A92Allan Hyde7h 34m 56sBronzeM50+107km14 km/h
C25Allison Stewart3h 54m 08sF50+50km13 km/h
B10Andrew Holmes6h 08m 36sM50+85km14 km/h
A90Andrew Hunt6h 41m 21sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A118Andy Lyes6h 41m 24sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A134Andy Moore4h 03m 27sSilverM40-4985km21 km/h
A10Anne Bateman7h 56m 19sBronzeF60+107km13 km/h
A103Anthony Kendall5h 46m 05sSilverM60+107km19 km/h
A143Anthony Onwuka8h 19m 26sM40-49107km13 km/h
A144Antony Page6h 56m 01sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A85Avril Heins6h 17m 18sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
B6Barbara Golds6h 33m 45sF50+85km13 km/h
A165Barry Rudd5h 01m 16sSilverM18-39107km21 km/h
C32Ben Brunt2h 48m 13sSilverM40-4950km18 km/h
A33Ben Clarke5h 57m 01sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A39Ben Courtnell6h 16m 15sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A168Ben Scurr6h 46m 11sBronzeMU18107km16 km/h
B26Ben Sperring7h 01m 08sM18-3985km12 km/h
A183Ben Turner6h 02m 08sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A74Bharat Gurung5h 51m 48sBronzeM18-39107km18 km/h
A75Bishal Gurung6h 40m 50sBronzeM18-39107km16 km/h
B12Blair Jenkins4h 40m 01sSilverM60+85km18 km/h
A151Brad Pearman7h 19m 55sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A96Bryan Johnson5h 05m 28sSilverM18-39107km21 km/h
C26Callum Stewart3h 54m 26sM18-3950km13 km/h
A57Carl Ellis6h 04m 42sBronzeM18-39107km18 km/h
A123Carl Mayes4h 59m 39sGoldM40-49107km21 km/h
A36Charles Collins10h 23m 14sM50+107km10 km/h
A199Charles Grant Witheat6h 33m 28sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A114Charles Leeming5h 56m 19sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A177Charlie Thelu7h 27m 07sBronzeM50+107km14 km/h
A79Chris Haley5h 33m 43sSilverM40-49107km19 km/h
B32Chris Walsh2h 57m 38sSilverM60+50km17 km/h
C22Christopher Seherr-Thoss2h 11m 13sGoldM40-4950km23 km/h
A182Christopher Todd7h 15m 47sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A47Colin Deady6h 01m 37sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A94Colin James5h 25m 22sSilverM50+107km20 km/h
A7Craig Arnold7h 05m 40sM18-39107km15 km/h
B36Craig Bulmer5h 05m 10sBronzeM18-3985km17 km/h
C2Dan Barber2h 36m 19sSilverM40-4950km19 km/h
A52Dan Dukeson6h 46m 24sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A195Dan Whiter5h 21m 50sSilverM40-49107km20 km/h
B1Daniel Ascroft5h 06m 57sBronzeMU1885km17 km/h
A8Daniel Atkins4h 46m 31sGoldM18-39107km22 km/h
A99Daniel Jordan7h 06m 53sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
A166Daniel Scott5h 44m 38sM18-3985km15 km/h
A66Darren Giddings5h 07m 44sSilverM40-49107km21 km/h
A194Darren Whitehead6h 28m 07sBronzeM50+107km17 km/h
A131Dave Melsome6h 54m 44sBronzeM18-39107km15 km/h
A2David Agg6h 10m 52sSilverM50+107km17 km/h
B37David Carr5h 05m 02sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
A70David Goodchild7h 10m 17sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
A72David Grant5h 39m 17sSilverM18-39107km19 km/h
A97David Johnson5h 31m 42sGoldM60+107km19 km/h
A200David Josling6h 22m 15sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A150David Peacock5h 09m 11sBronzeM50+85km16 km/h
A128Davina Mclelland5h 30m 19sSilverF40-49107km19 km/h
B27Don Sperring7h 01m 03sM60+85km12 km/h
A50Edward Druce5h 35m 51sSilverM40-49107km19 km/h
A115Eric Lewis7h 17m 16sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
A196Eric Wilcock7h 17m 19sBronzeMU18107km15 km/h
A18Freddie Broadway4h 34m 16sGoldM18-39107km23 km/h
A54Gail Edmans7h 56m 16sBronzeF50+107km13 km/h
A132Gareth Millar6h 35m 51sM18-3985km13 km/h
C18Garry Oakley3h 37m 21sBronzeM60+50km14 km/h
A135Gary Moore5h 25m 26sGoldM60+107km20 km/h
A145Gary Palmer6h 54m 04sBronzeM50+107km16 km/h
A107Gavin Kramer7h 44m 54sM50+107km14 km/h
A133Geoff Mizen6h 49m 33sBronzeM50+107km16 km/h
A58Gerard Evans5h 57m 00sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A67Glen Gilbert6h 08m 23sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A82Glenn Harris7h 44m 49sM50+107km14 km/h
A3Graham Agg6h 10m 55sSilverM50+107km17 km/h
A16Graham Botwright5h 57m 03sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
B4Graham Collyer2h 56m 07sSilverM50+50km17 km/h
A6Hans Andreae5h 41m 56sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
A26Ian Cannons6h 29m 05sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
B14Ian Kelly4h 22m 50sM50+50km11 km/h
A187Jack Vail4h 58m 01sSilverM18-39107km22 km/h
A46James Deacon5h 51m 02sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A112James Lee7h 00m 39sM18-3985km12 km/h
A129James Meacock5h 50m 30sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A152James Peckham5h 36m 11sSilverM40-49107km19 km/h
A157James Ranson7h 22m 22sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
C29James Watson4h 44m 42sMU1850km11 km/h
A117Jamie Lloyd6h 25m 32sBronzeMU18107km17 km/h
B19Jamie Maher5h 04m 27sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
A175Jamie Sumner6h 51m 15sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A23Jane Butterworth6h 49m 58sBronzeF50+107km16 km/h
A35Jason Collett6h 28m 24sBronzeM50+107km17 km/h
A201Jason Smith4h 39m 01sGoldM40-49107km23 km/h
A83Jeremy Hartill5h 33m 56sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
B30Jeremy Taylor6h 46m 24sM50+85km13 km/h
A161Jessica Reynolds5h 35m 37sBronzeF18-3985km15 km/h
A139Jim Noyes7h 24m 40sM40-49107km14 km/h
B29Jo Staton2h 56m 05sSilverF40-4950km17 km/h
A4John Amans6h 24m 05sBronzeM50+107km17 km/h
A109John Laird5h 31m 15sBronzeMU1885km15 km/h
C27John Tarling3h 33m 23sM40-4950km14 km/h
A191John Webb6h 10m 27sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
B5Jonathan Cooper6h 17m 01sBronzeM60+85km14 km/h
A55Jonathan Edwards5h 22m 40sSilverM18-39107km20 km/h
A160Jonathan Reid5h 39m 21sSilverM18-39107km19 km/h
B31Joseph Taylor6h 45m 53sMU1885km13 km/h
A186Karl Turnill5h 26m 17sSilverM40-49107km20 km/h
A110Keith Largent6h 10m 28sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A5Ken Anderson6h 27m 48sSilverM60+107km17 km/h
A98Kenneth Jones5h 02m 41sSilverM60+85km17 km/h
A65Kevin Gear5h 23m 54sSilverM40-49107km20 km/h
A127Kevin Mchardy5h 41m 55sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
C31Kurt Hemmings2h 45m 14sBronzeM18-3950km18 km/h
A178Laurence Thirkettle5h 50m 31sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
C3Lee Cartmell7h 22m 38sM18-3950km7 km/h
A43Lee Davidson6h 25m 07sBronzeM18-39107km17 km/h
A44Lee Davies6h 22m 53sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
B33Lee Ward5h 44m 06sBronzeM40-4985km15 km/h
B24Liz Pillans5h 45m 47sBronzeF50+85km15 km/h
A108Luigi La Vecchia6h 19m 18sSilverM50+107km17 km/h
A21Mandy Bunn6h 15m 29sSilverF50+107km17 km/h
A14Mark Bertoni6h 51m 07sBronzeM50+107km16 km/h
A93Mark Ison5h 50m 41sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A153Mark Pepperell7h 56m 31sM40-49107km13 km/h
A167Mark Scott5h 52m 06sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A179Mark Thomas7h 06m 42sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
A189Mark Wakley5h 33m 18sSilverM18-39107km19 km/h
A56Martin Eldridge8h 05m 24sM50+107km13 km/h
A101Martin Kearsley6h 49m 30sBronzeM50+107km16 km/h
B18Martin Litherland5h 50m 10sBronzeM50+85km15 km/h
A148Martin Patterson5h 46m 43sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
A180Martin Thompson2h 33m 53sSilverM50+50km19 km/h
C1Massimo Amoruso2h 38m 40sSilverM18-3950km19 km/h
A141Matt O'hare6h 50m 39sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
B2Matthew Ascroft5h 06m 56sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
A59Matthew Forster7h 17m 55sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A91Matthew Hunt5h 23m 05sSilverM40-49107km20 km/h
A41Max Darby5h 50m 38sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
C19Michael Page2h 27m 42sSilverM18-3950km20 km/h
A73Mike Greaves4h 49m 00sGoldM50+107km22 km/h
B25Mike Pillans5h 45m 47sBronzeM40-4985km15 km/h
A76Mohan Krishna Gurung7h 30m 29sM40-49107km14 km/h
A31Nathan Chadwick5h 54m 08sBronzeM18-39107km18 km/h
A51Nathan Dudley6h 48m 39sBronzeM18-39107km16 km/h
A25Neil Camden6h 10m 20sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
B22Neil Munro4h 12m 39sGoldM50+85km20 km/h
B23Nicholas Mutasa6h 31m 23sM40-4985km13 km/h
A89Nigel Hufton5h 46m 43sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
A190Pasco Warner7h 58m 56sM40-49107km13 km/h
C16Patrick Marx2h 01m 49sGoldM40-4950km25 km/h
A203Patrick O'hara7h 05m 02sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
B13Patrik Johnsson4h 26m 09sSilverM40-4985km19 km/h
A61Paul Fowler6h 02m 11sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A71Paul Goodman6h 04m 47sBronzeM18-39107km18 km/h
A78Paul Haggerstone4h 59m 52sGoldM50+107km21 km/h
A121Paul Malynn5h 06m 46sGoldM50+107km21 km/h
A136Paul Moore5h 50m 36sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A158Paul Raynor6h 01m 47sSilverMU18107km18 km/h
A173Paul Slater7h 00m 22sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A174Paul Sullivan6h 02m 00sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A181Paul Thrush6h 17m 13sBronzeM18-39107km17 km/h
A125Pete Mccarthy7h 12m 20sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
C12Peter Johnson7h 22m 38sM18-3950km7 km/h
A102Peter Kelly6h 45m 48sBronzeM18-39107km16 km/h
A159Peter Raynor5h 50m 36sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A162Peter Rix5h 33m 46sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
A86Philip Hennessy5h 31m 58sSilverM50+107km19 km/h
A156Philip Pritchard4h 55m 48sSilverM50+85km17 km/h
C13Phill Johnston3h 31m 22sM40-4950km14 km/h
A95Phillip Jenkins5h 25m 28sSilverM50+107km20 km/h
A100Przemyslaw Kaznecki5h 22m 39sSilverM18-39107km20 km/h
A147Rahul Patel6h 08m 50sM40-4985km14 km/h
B38Reece Williams4h 24m 09sSilverM50+85km19 km/h
A9Richard Baker5h 18m 12sGoldM50+107km20 km/h
A24Richard Caines6h 09m 13sSilverM50+107km17 km/h
A45Richard De Carteret5h 57m 00sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A105Richard Kingsley-Smith5h 03m 21sGoldM40-49107km21 km/h
A113Richard Lee7h 55m 12sM18-39107km14 km/h
B20Richard Mcpherson5h 55m 59sSilverM40-49107km18 km/h
A149Richard Payne6h 25m 33sBronzeMU18107km17 km/h
A170Richard Shepherd8h 19m 27sM50+107km13 km/h
A204Richard Sills7h 00m 21sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A184Richard Turner5h 05m 11sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
C8Rick Hawkins3h 42m 51sM40-4950km13 km/h
B35Rob Gidyns5h 05m 10sBronzeM18-3985km17 km/h
A169Robert Searle5h 25m 22sSilverM40-49107km20 km/h
A126Rose Mcgovern5h 35m 35sBronzeF18-3985km15 km/h
B3Ross Burling6h 17m 03sBronzeM60+85km14 km/h
C15Rupert Marsh2h 47m 12sSilverM40-4950km18 km/h
A104Russell King7h 03m 49sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
C21Sam Rendell3h 42m 50sM18-3950km13 km/h
A81Scott Hall5h 17m 15sGoldM50+107km20 km/h
A119Sean Macconnamara4h 34m 05sGoldM50+107km23 km/h
A185Shaun Turner7h 55m 01sM18-39107km14 km/h
A17Si Bowers6h 51m 20sBronzeMU18107km16 km/h
A30Simon Catchpole7h 01m 58sBronzeM50+107km15 km/h
A116Simon Lewis6h 30m 57sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
B39Simon Mitchell6h 08m 21sM50+85km14 km/h
A146Simon Parker6h 57m 27sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
B21Stephen Milam5h 04m 36sBronzeM40-4985km17 km/h
C30Stephen Watson4h 44m 38sM40-4950km11 km/h
A13Steve Bennett7h 26m 59sBronzeM50+107km14 km/h
A19Steve Brooks5h 51m 20sSilverM50+107km18 km/h
A27Steve Carolan8h 12m 06sM60+107km13 km/h
C6Steve Enders4h 29m 55sM40-4950km11 km/h
A69Steve Goble7h 04m 01sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A29Steven Cartwright6h 50m 03sBronzeM50+107km16 km/h
A12Stuart Bendall6h 13m 31sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A20Stuart Bryant6h 16m 16sM40-4985km14 km/h
C28Stuart Thorne2h 48m 45sSilverM40-4950km18 km/h
A202Terry Connelly5h 26m 16sSilverM50+107km20 km/h
C24Terry Spooner2h 48m 56sSilverM50+50km18 km/h
C14Thomas Lacey3h 07m 13sBronzeMU1850km16 km/h
A1Tim Ager7h 25m 08sM40-49107km14 km/h
A68Toby Glyn7h 56m 37sM40-49107km13 km/h
A188Tony Vanderheide7h 19m 56sBronzeM40-49107km15 km/h
A164Trevor Rolls6h 11m 51sBronzeM40-49107km17 km/h
A77Vdai Gurung6h 51m 57sBronzeM40-49107km16 km/h
A48Vick Dibdin5h 30m 18sSilverF40-49107km19 km/h
B17Warren Leaming4h 22m 57sM50+50km11 km/h
C20Yvonne Penfold3h 03m 17sSilverF50+50km16 km/h

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where it hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.

Full Route

  • Physical Severity 80% 80%
  • Technical Severity 30% 30%

Mid Route

  • Physical Severity 70% 70%
  • Technical Severity 40% 40%

Short Route

  • Physical Severity 55% 55%
  • Technical Severity 25% 25%

Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? The Wildwood is open to any bike and any rider – but here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.

  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 90% 90%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 75% 75%
  • MTB 80% 80%
  • MTB (29er) 90% 90%
  • Hybrid* 60% 60%
  • Road* 30% 30%
Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres. Remove mudguards prior to the ride.

Route direction – Chilton, out and back.

The Kilometre Century (plus seven): 107km

The Century to the Stones is a classic kilometre century; 107km and 1,361 metres of climbing in a single day, 85% off road on the historic Rideway.  Thre trail keeps you high on on the ridge for most of it’s length, giving you fantastic views to enjoy as the miles unfold. Mostly off road, the Ridgeway is ideal riding for fast MTBs, 29ers and even gravel/CX bikes. This is fast paced endurance off road, through one of the worlds great historic landscapes! A truly stunning summer ride!

100 kilometres


107km (66miles)


Start Location

Chilton School, Downside, Chilton, Didcot OX11 0PQ


Start Time


Finish Location

Chilton, Oxfordshire


Finish Time

Estimated 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Chilton School

OX11 0PQ

Ridgeway 85: The Ridgeway Returns

86 km out and back
  •  Included Event Support

  • 3 Feed & support stations. (All feed stations offer, water, energy drink, first aid & mechanical support).
  • Rider timing by transponder tag with half way mid timing. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Multiple emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Mechanical support vehicles .
  • Route marked by the event Team and uses known Ridgeway markers. GPX route issued to all entries.
  • Book early! Entry price increases will apply in the final month of booking.

Ridgeway 50: The Ridgeway Returns

47 km out and back
  •  Included Event Support

  • 1 Feed & support station. (All feed stations offer, water, energy drink, first aid & mechanical support).
  • Rider timing by transponder tag with half way mid timing. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Multiple emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Mechanical support vehicles .
  • Route marked by the event Team and uses known Ridgeway markers. GPX route issued to all entries.
  • Book early! Entry price increases will apply in the final month of booking.

Event Logistics


Go to the registration desk on your arrival, where your timing chip on an ankle strap and bike numberwill be available to collect. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Cut off & bail out points

Your big target for Century to the Stones is to complete the challenge. This ride should be acheivable by most people within the time limits, however you will need to be aware of your pace, and listen to advice form our course marshals. There will be cut off times at the points on the route, after which riders may be transported forwards to catch up time or (if they have not yet reached the return point at Avebury) instructed to turn back early, at the event organisers discretion. In extreme circumstances, very slow riders who are far behind the event schedule may be refused further event support and required to make their own arrangements to complete or abandon the ride.

Friends and family support vehicles
A good number of riders will arrange for friends or family to support them along the route from their own vehicles, and to collect them at the end of the day. We welcome friends and family support vehicles on the event, however, we will need them to to observe our guidelines to help the event to run smoothly. We will provide details of recommended rendezvous points on the course, with suitable access and parking. There will also be certain roads on the course where we will ask vehicles not to attempt to access the course, due to road width or parking limitations. This information will be provided to you well in advance to allow you to plan.
On the ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chip strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and set off as directed. As you go along the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. These should guide you around the whole route, but use a map or gps if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There will also be emergency contact numbers provided to you. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Event support vehicles & mechanical assistance
Our support vehicles will be traveling along the route on the closest possible roads, and will be equipped to help with mechanical problems and basic first aid. However, please note that getting assistance to any point on the Ridgeway may involve considerable distances and can take a long time. Riders will be expected to carry basic tools and spares, and a small, basic first aid pack. Your first and best option is always to fix yourself if you can; if you can’t we’ll be there to help.

2019 Results & Photos

Photos hosted on our Facebook page, here

Photos hosted on our Facebook page, here

Rider No. Name Category Bike Type Course Avg Pace Ride Time Time Band
1 Ruth Abra F18-39 MTB Full 14.01 km/h 07:38:22
2 William Agnew M50+ MTB Full 16.50 km/h 06:29:05 Bronze
5 Richard Andrews M40-49 MTB Full 15.94 km/h 06:42:45 Bronze
6 Michael Ansell M50+ MTB Full 14.29 km/h 07:29:08 Bronze
7 Neil Armstrong M18-39 MTB Full 19.79 km/h 05:24:27 Silver
9 Nigel Ashman M50+ MTB Full 21.78 km/h 04:54:48 Gold
11 Dan Atkins M18-39 MTB Full 24.52 km/h 04:21:50 Gold
12 Robert Atkins M50+ MTB Full 14.16 km/h 07:33:21 Bronze
13 Chris Aulton M50+ E-Bike Full 21.21 km/h 05:02:40 Gold
16 Sam Aylott M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.63 km/h 06:04:04 Bronze
18 Peter Baird M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 23.27 km/h 04:35:57 Gold
19 Richard Baker M50+ MTB Full 21.82 km/h 04:54:11 Gold
20 Philip Banfield M40-49 MTB Full 14.46 km/h 07:24:05
21 Richard Barkwill M50+ MTB Full 17.73 km/h 06:02:09 Silver
22 Nigel Barrett M40-49 MTB Full 19.54 km/h 05:28:38 Silver
23 Andrew Barry M40-49 MTB Full 13.53 km/h 07:54:40
24 Nathan Bates M18-39 MTB Full 24.92 km/h 04:17:36 Gold
26 Mark Bibby M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 22.16 km/h 04:49:46 Gold
27 Helen Biggerstaff F50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.31 km/h 06:59:19 Bronze
29 Chris Birch M40-49 MTB Full 20.85 km/h 05:07:54 Silver
30 Dalziel Blake M40-49 MTB Full 15.89 km/h 06:43:55 Bronze
31 Susan Blandford F50+ MTB Full 15.05 km/h 07:06:32 Bronze
32 Duncan Borthwick M40-49 MTB Full 22.63 km/h 04:43:41 Gold
33 Steve Bottomley M50+ MTB Full 18.77 km/h 05:42:05 Silver
34 David Britton M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 21.57 km/h 04:57:36 Silver
35 Darren Brooks M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 18.59 km/h 05:45:22 Silver
36 Graham Brown M60+ CX/Gravel Full 21.34 km/h 05:00:48 Gold
263 Ivan Bullen M50+ MTB Full 14.44 km/h 07:24:37 Bronze
250 Keith Burley M50+ MTB Full 14.23 km/h 07:31:12 Bronze
38 Glenn Bush M50+ MTB Full 12.53 km/h 08:32:22
39 Katie Butler F50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.28 km/h 07:00:15 Bronze
40 Nigel Carpenter M50+ MTB Full 12.62 km/h 08:28:49
42 Mark Chillingworth M40-49 MTB Full 16.49 km/h 06:29:24 Bronze
43 Andrew Clark M50+ MTB Full 20.40 km/h 05:14:45 Gold
45 Stephen Clarkson M50+ MTB Full 18.08 km/h 05:55:03 Silver
48 Iain Collins M40-49 MTB Full 20.11 km/h 05:19:10 Silver
50 Wayne Cook M50+ MTB Full 21.08 km/h 05:04:37 Gold
51 Sam Cooper M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.98 km/h 05:57:01 Bronze
54 Ricky Crimes M50+ MTB Full 17.42 km/h 06:08:28 Silver
56 Dave Cullimore M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 19.97 km/h 05:21:32 Silver
58 Carlo D'ovidio M40-49 MTB Full 20.56 km/h 05:12:11 Silver
59 Ann Dallimore F18-39 MTB Full 14.55 km/h 07:21:19
61 Sam Day M18-39 MTB Full 14.55 km/h 07:21:17
62 David Demmery M50+ CX/Gravel Full 14.14 km/h 07:34:10 Bronze
63 Mark Dimbleby M40-49 MTB Full 24.93 km/h 04:17:34 Gold
66 Carl Ellis M18-39 MTB Full 13.92 km/h 07:41:13
67 Matt Ellis M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 24.60 km/h 04:20:57 Gold
258 Lee Etherington M40-49 MTB Full 14.44 km/h 07:24:33
219 Chris Evett M50+ MTB Full 16.72 km/h 06:23:59 Bronze
70 Stephen Fryer M50+ MTB Full 17.00 km/h 06:17:44 Silver
71 Dictino Garcia M40-49 MTB Full 14.60 km/h 07:19:44 Bronze
72 Matthew Garrett M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 18.21 km/h 05:52:37 Bronze
74 Kim George M60+ CX/Gravel Full 17.53 km/h 06:06:09 Silver
257 Paul Gibson M50+ CX/Gravel Full 21.77 km/h 04:54:57 Gold
75 Darren Giddings M40-49 MTB Full 22.63 km/h 04:43:43 Gold
80 Paul Goodman M18-39 MTB Full 13.92 km/h 07:41:13
81 Dave Gormley M50+ MTB Full 19.71 km/h 05:25:47 Silver
84 Mike Greaves M50+ CX/Gravel Full 23.72 km/h 04:30:37 Gold
85 Mark Grillo M50+ MTB Full 15.51 km/h 06:53:54 Bronze
86 Mike Hale M18-39 MTB Full 20.41 km/h 05:14:35 Silver
87 Antony Hall M40-49 MTB Full 14.43 km/h 07:24:55
88 Scott Hall M50+ MTB Full 21.04 km/h 05:05:05 Gold
90 Julian Hardy M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 22.38 km/h 04:46:49 Gold
92 Steven Hart M40-49 MTB Full 16.03 km/h 06:40:33 Bronze
93 Jeremy Hartill M50+ MTB Full 16.32 km/h 06:33:25 Bronze
94 Carl Aga Hassan M50+ MTB Full 14.23 km/h 07:31:04 Bronze
95 Andy Headley M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 21.40 km/h 04:59:57 Gold
97 Lee Hewitt M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 20.72 km/h 05:09:53 Silver
98 Allan Hey M50+ CX/Gravel Full 17.75 km/h 06:01:40 Silver
99 Tom Hickman M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.98 km/h 05:56:59 Bronze
102 Stephen Homewood M50+ MTB Full 21.78 km/h 04:54:48 Gold
103 Paul Hopkins M50+ MTB Full 15.56 km/h 06:52:31 Bronze
104 James Huddy M50+ MTB Full 14.37 km/h 07:26:44 Bronze
106 James Hunt M50+ MTB Full 20.14 km/h 05:18:45 Gold
110 Martin Jackson M50+ MTB Full 20.24 km/h 05:17:16 Gold
111 Julian Jenkins M50+ MTB Full 14.43 km/h 07:24:57 Bronze
112 David Johnson M60+ MTB Full 20.52 km/h 05:12:48 Gold
113 Martin Kearsley M50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.87 km/h 06:44:37 Bronze
114 Mike Kelly M60+ CX/Gravel Full DNF
115 Cliodhna Kennedy F18-39 CX/Gravel Full 25.94 km/h 04:07:29 Gold
120 Simon Laland M40-49 MTB Full 20.93 km/h 05:06:45 Silver
122 Jeroen Linnebank M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.79 km/h 06:00:53 Bronze
123 Christopher Linsdell M60+ MTB Full 15.17 km/h 07:03:16 Bronze
125 Mark Loughlin M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 12.75 km/h 08:23:29
126 Peter Lowe M40-49 MTB Full 17.54 km/h 06:05:57 Bronze
127 Diego Lusares M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 18.09 km/h 05:54:49 Bronze
253 Norbert Luvasiewiiz M40-49 CX/Gravel Full DNF
128 Brian Lydon M40-49 MTB Full 21.88 km/h 04:53:27 Gold
129 Andy Lyes M40-49 MTB Full 13.78 km/h 07:45:47
131 Gary Macdonald M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 21.58 km/h 04:57:32 Silver
132 Peter Maisey M60+ MTB Full 14.84 km/h 07:12:43 Bronze
134 Ben Marsh M18-39 MTB Full 23.15 km/h 04:37:19 Gold
136 Kieron Martin M40-49 MTB Full 14.54 km/h 07:21:39
137 Philip Matthee M40-49 MTB Full 14.08 km/h 07:36:02
138 Billy Mcclure M40-49 MTB Full 15.97 km/h 06:42:06 Bronze
140 Paul Mitchell M50+ MTB Full 14.23 km/h 07:31:01 Bronze
141 Geoff Mizen M50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.79 km/h 06:46:36 Bronze
143 Robert Moore M50+ CX/Gravel Full 23.00 km/h 04:39:08 Gold
144 Huw Morgan M40-49 MTB Full 15.12 km/h 07:04:44 Bronze
145 Alex Mulvenna M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 16.40 km/h 06:31:29 Bronze
146 Chris Newberry M18-39 MTB Full 17.99 km/h 05:56:52 Bronze
149 Corinna O'connor F40-49 MTB Full 16.43 km/h 06:30:52 Bronze
151 Michelle Ogilvie F18-39 MTB Full 17.07 km/h 06:16:02 Bronze
152 Ricardo Ornelas M18-39 MTB Full 23.58 km/h 04:32:14 Gold
265 Jonathan Packer M40-49 29er (MTB) Full 23.20 km/h 04:36:41 Gold
153 Al Parkes M40-49 MTB Full 14.67 km/h 07:17:43 Bronze
154 Graham Pavey M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 21.34 km/h 05:00:47 Gold
158 Jay Plumb M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.63 km/h 06:04:06 Bronze
159 Robert Pocock M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.99 km/h 05:56:53 Bronze
160 Nick Powell M40-49 MTB Full 12.53 km/h 08:32:13
252 Rachel Prybylski F18-39 CX/Gravel Full DNF
161 John Pygott M60+ MTB Full 17.62 km/h 06:04:20 Silver
163 Paul Rawsthorne M50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.71 km/h 06:48:44 Bronze
164 Rob Ray M18-39 MTB Full 17.00 km/h 06:17:42 Bronze
165 Gavin Rees M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 20.41 km/h 05:14:31 Silver
166 Phil Rees M18-39 MTB Full 24.19 km/h 04:25:24 Gold
167 Liam Reeves M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 16.79 km/h 06:22:27 Bronze
255 David Reynolds M50+ MTB Full 12.96 km/h 08:15:12
168 Alex Richards M40-49 MTB Full 17.16 km/h 06:14:07 Bronze
169 Danny Riddans M50+ MTB Full 12.53 km/h 08:32:26
171 Colin Robson M50+ MTB Full DNF
172 Annalisa Sarasini F40-49 CX/Gravel Full 17.64 km/h 06:03:58 Silver
174 Daniel Shearing M18-39 CX/Gravel Full DNF
175 Edward Sherwood M18-39 MTB Full 18.15 km/h 05:53:43 Bronze
176 Gareth Shilton M50+ MTB Full 20.24 km/h 05:17:12 Gold
177 Adrian Smith M50+ MTB Full 19.09 km/h 05:36:15 Silver
178 Nick Smith M40-49 MTB Full 19.68 km/h 05:26:12 Silver
179 Sam Smith M40-49 MTB Full 16.15 km/h 06:37:37 Bronze
181 Gregory Speakman M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 18.18 km/h 05:53:09 Bronze
183 Mark Staunton M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 21.34 km/h 05:00:49 Gold
186 Craig Stocker M50+ MTB Full 15.45 km/h 06:55:28 Bronze
187 Alan Stockton M50+ MTB Full 15.54 km/h 06:53:00 Bronze
188 Stephen Stubbs M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 18.70 km/h 05:43:14 Silver
189 Dave Taylor M50+ MTB Full 14.08 km/h 07:36:06 Bronze
190 Huw Thomas M50+ CX/Gravel Full 16.87 km/h 06:20:30 Silver
259 Paul Thomas M50+ MTB Full 19.19 km/h 05:34:35 Silver
254 Logan Thomson M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 19.47 km/h 05:29:47 Silver
191 Kim Travis M50+ MTB Full 15.72 km/h 06:48:31 Bronze
220 Kevin Underwood M60+ 29er (MTB) Full 17.77 km/h 06:01:12 Silver
192 Kerri-Ann Upham F18-39 MTB Full 22.26 km/h 04:48:23 Gold
193 Richard Vanes M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 12.97 km/h 08:15:05
194 Alan Venables M40-49 MTB Full 14.53 km/h 07:21:59
195 Tobias Vokuhl M40-49 MTB Full 22.39 km/h 04:46:46 Gold
197 Julian Wade M60+ MTB Full 17.95 km/h 05:57:41 Silver
198 Paul Walker M50+ CX/Gravel Full 17.04 km/h 06:16:41 Silver
199 Jeremy Wallis M60+ MTB Full 18.02 km/h 05:56:15 Silver
200 Harry Walton M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 24.59 km/h 04:21:05 Gold
202 Neal Watson M50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.68 km/h 06:49:21 Bronze
205 Tim Wellman M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 21.25 km/h 05:02:08 Gold
207 James Westwood M50+ CX/Gravel Full 15.28 km/h 07:00:11 Bronze
208 Mark Westwood M50+ CX/Gravel Full 17.08 km/h 06:15:58 Silver
209 Dominic White M18-39 CX/Gravel Full 17.70 km/h 06:02:47 Bronze
211 Eric Wilcock M50+ MTB Full 14.69 km/h 07:16:55 Bronze
214 Stuart Willis M50+ MTB Full 20.05 km/h 05:20:11 Silver
216 Daniel Wright M40-49 CX/Gravel Full 14.68 km/h 07:17:19 Bronze
217 Gayle Wright F18-39 CX/Gravel Full 14.68 km/h 07:17:23 Bronze
218 Robert Yates M18-39 MTB Full 12.97 km/h 08:15:08
17 Dan Azzopardi M50+ MTB Short 15.15 km/h 03:06:10 Bronze
28 Gavin Binmore M50+ MTB Short 12.83 km/h 03:39:48
37 Jon Bruce M40-49 MTB Short 20.63 km/h 02:16:43 Silver
41 Freddy Casallas M18-39 MTB Short 20.27 km/h 02:19:07 Silver
44 Billy Clarkson M18-39 MTB Short 16.43 km/h 02:51:41 Bronze
57 Dave Cullimore Snr M60+ MTB Short 15.20 km/h 03:05:35 Bronze
260 Andrew Dyson M18-39 CX/Gravel Short 15.98 km/h 02:56:31 Bronze
64 Benn Eldridge M18-39 MTB Short 16.94 km/h 02:46:27 Bronze
65 Julie Eldridge F60+ MTB Short 14.99 km/h 03:08:11 Bronze
68 Erick Feldon M18-39 MTB Short 14.03 km/h 03:21:03
69 Chris Franklin M50+ MTB Short 18.97 km/h 02:28:40 Silver
73 Greg Genna M18-39 CX/Gravel Short 18.06 km/h 02:36:07 Bronze
82 Lydia Gould F60+ CX/Gravel Short 18.53 km/h 02:32:09 Gold
83 Neil Gray M50+ MTB Short 12.79 km/h 03:40:34
91 Yolanda Harris F50+ MTB Short 13.17 km/h 03:34:04
96 Keith Heddle M40-49 MTB Short 17.73 km/h 02:39:01 Silver
100 David Hodgson M40-49 MTB Short 14.55 km/h 03:13:46
256 Mark Hoskyns M40-49 CX/Gravel Short 14.05 km/h 03:20:43
107 Melanie Hunt F50+ MTB Short 11.38 km/h 04:07:54
108 Nathan Hunt M18-39 MTB Short 11.60 km/h 04:03:02
119 Rad Kohanzad M40-49 CX/Gravel Short 17.30 km/h 02:43:03 Bronze
124 Boyd Loughlin MUnder 1 MTB Short 7.43 km/h 06:19:43
142 Edd Moore M40-49 CX/Gravel Short 11.80 km/h 03:58:55
251 Chris Mosier M50+ MTB Short 17.31 km/h 02:42:56 Silver
147 Svanhild Nornes F50+ MTB Short 17.29 km/h 02:43:07 Silver
148 Andy O'brien M60+ MTB Short 13.97 km/h 03:21:54 Bronze
150 Emma O’brien F18-39 CX/Gravel Short 11.80 km/h 03:58:56
155 John Penhale M60+ MTB Short 21.04 km/h 02:14:01 Gold
156 Bill Pewsey M60+ MTB Short 11.37 km/h 04:07:56
173 Chris Setters M40-49 CX/Gravel Short 15.44 km/h 03:02:39 Bronze
266 Richard Shepherd M50+ MTB Short 11.33 km/h 04:08:55
180 Tony Smith M40-49 MTB Short 13.95 km/h 03:22:06
182 Tony Spence M50+ MTB Short 12.83 km/h 03:39:49
184 Tom Stevenson M18-39 MTB Short DNF
262 James Thurgood M18-39 MTB Short 15.97 km/h 02:56:37 Bronze
203 Tom Watt M50+ CX/Gravel Short 13.94 km/h 03:22:22 Bronze
204 Stuart Wellman M40-49 MTB Short 13.95 km/h 03:22:08
206 John West M60+ MTB Short 15.29 km/h 03:04:24 Bronze
215 Steve Woods M50+ CX/Gravel Short 13.93 km/h 03:22:24 Bronze
261 Steven Zhang M18-39 CX/Gravel Short 15.98 km/h 02:56:30 Bronze