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Dirty Santa MTB is a classic Surrey Hills  trail ride, perfect for XC MTBs and 29ers. Above all, this is a fun event and a celebration of riding to start your holiday season, so enjoy it however you want!


Gravel bikes are welcome on Dirty Santa MTB. You may find one or two slightly more tricky sections, but there’s plenty where your gravel bike will be right at home too! Above all, this is a fun event and a celebration of riding to start your holiday season, so enjoy it however you want!




We’re extending Dirty Santa over two days to meet demand! Ride either Saturday or Sunday in 2023!

Christmas is coming! There’s no getting away from it, so use it as an excuse to get dirty with the excellent pre Xmas blast!

Head out into the Surrey Hills for a frantic festive hack on some superb winter trails. 45 & 34km distance options will be available*, all fully signposted, with all the usual top level Trail Ride support and infrastructure their to compliment your ride. In addition there will be a manned feed station on route handing out tea and mince pies, plus Xmas goodies for finishers, including a custom finishers medal, automatic entry into our great Lezyne finishers prize draw and a specially brewed Dirty Santa bottled beer!**

The routes will as ever, be chosen to give you the very best ride for the time of year, and along with full route marking, you get maps, GPS files, full rider timing and on site catering to make it great day out!

*Final routes to be confirmed   **Beer for the grown ups only!





E Bike Friendly Event

E-bikes are welcome on our events*. When you book your place on the event, just tick the "E-bike" box on the booking form.

E-bikes are allowed on our events. Please ride responsibly on public roads and trails (this applies to any bike!) and be an ambassador for e-bike use; help us establish e-bikes as a positive presence on on the trails through our events!

E-bikes will be noted on our ride results listings for information, but otherwise will be treated the same as any other bike.

*To be allowed on our events, e-bikes must meet the definition of an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC) and be legal for use on UK roads and bridleways without a licence. For the definition and restrictions applying to an EAPC, see the government information at Any bike that does not meet the definition of an EAPC, or that has been modified to exceed the restrictions to an EAPC in the UK will not be permitted on our events.

Bring your buddies! Book 4 places & save 10%!

Dirty Santa Xmas Cards

Perfect for your biking buddies this Xmas – from £3.99per pack!

Dirty Santa MTB 2023 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

Rider No.NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAwardDay
A189Aiden TalbotM18-3943km5h 40m 18sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A190Jordan TalbotM18-3943km5h 39m 51sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A127Robert MildredM40-4943km4h 53m 59sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A28Garry CampbellM50+43km4h 53m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C26Gabriel KulagaMU1434km5h 28m 02sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C136Lukasz OsowskiM40-4934km5h 27m 57sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A213Tony WebbM60+43km5h 37m 31sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B14James BurtonM18-3943km4h 32m 21sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A214Jason WebsterM50+43km4h 44m 14sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C142Richard StrauchM60+34km5h 05m 01sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A65Lydia GouldF60+43km4h 02m 53sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A143Chris PaytonM40-4943km5h 17m 40sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A196Matthew ThomasM40-4943km5h 17m 44sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A86Thomas HolbournM18-3943km4h 47m 01sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A184Emily StakerF18-3943km4h 46m 55sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B117Russell SearleM40-4943km4h 52m 05sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C33Mike MinerM18-3934km4h 13m 21sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C19Katy HoggF18-3934km4h 13m 15sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A223Habib ZiaullahM60+ E43km5h 15m 46sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
B82Jonathan LassmanM50+43km4h 36m 34sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B135Daniel UpsonM50+ E43km4h 36m 29sPrancerE-BikeSunday
A204Paul TyrrellM50+43km5h 15m 36sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B44Carl FanciniM40-49 E43km4h 35m 46sPrancerE-BikeSunday
B42Andrew EnglandM40-49 E43km4h 35m 36sPrancerE-BikeSunday
C56Sam TaggartM50+34km4h 16m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C29Vincent LovelandM60+34km4h 35m 07sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C28Debi LovelandF50+34km4h 35m 17sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A15Mike BlackburnM60+43km5h 09m 40sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A33Will CheungM40-4943km5h 09m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A198Carl ThompsonM60+43km5h 10m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A197Steve ThomasM60+ E43km5h 10m 09sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
C7Gareth BowartM50+34km4h 13m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A166Gary RussellM50+43km5h 09m 30sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C22Lewis HowardM40-4934km4h 13m 44sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C6Deniz BowartF40-4934km4h 13m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C21Claire HowardF40-4934km4h 13m 28sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C42Amy PayF18-3934km4h 13m 27sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C43David PayM18-3934km4h 13m 17sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A218Jill WillisF60+43km4h 50m 36sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B48Steve FoxM18-3943km4h 48m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A78Geoff HaynesM50+43km5h 05m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A154Sam RawsthorneM40-4943km5h 05m 23sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C112Simone DillF40-4934km5h 01m 14sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C101Sally Bailey-GatesF40-4934km5h 01m 12sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C135Alina OpreaF40-4934km5h 01m 17sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A108Martin LawM18-3943km5h 04m 14sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B27Paul CookM18-3943km4h 46m 05sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A95Ben HunnisettM50+43km5h 00m 10sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A100Matthew JuppM40-4943km4h 19m 21sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A175Guy SharmanM50+43km5h 02m 34sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A207David VaughanM60+ E43km5h 02m 14sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
A162Phil RogersM50+43km4h 55m 50sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A92Peter HuddieM40-4943km4h 55m 41sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A90Jason HowlettM50+43km4h 55m 36sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A192Luke TaylorM50+43km4h 55m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A55Nir EvronM40-4943km4h 55m 30sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A58Tim FitzgeraldM40-4943km4h 55m 15sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B63Mike HedgesM50+43km4h 39m 12sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A56Russell FernandesM40-4943km4h 54m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A104Steve KinderM50+43km4h 53m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A152Toby PowellM50+43km4h 58m 11sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A93Henry HudsonM60+43km4h 12m 50sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A44Graham CrabtreeM50+43km4h 08m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A81Erika HensonF50+43km4h 08m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A5Philip John BagotloM18-3943km4h 19m 24sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A169Christopher SantiagoM40-4943km4h 19m 10sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A131Dudley MoseleyM60+ E43km4h 08m 45sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
B13Adrian BubbM40-4943km4h 48m 04sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A26Peter CadeM60+ E43km4h 08m 25sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
A132Stuart MoseleyM40-4943km4h 08m 28sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A50Matthew DoughtyM50+43km4h 54m 03sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A48Jupri DelantarM50+43km4h 16m 47sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A13David BerryM50+43km3h 40m 10sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A135Alex NeedsM40-4943km3h 40m 10sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A144Simon PedleyM40-4943km3h 58m 33sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A145Tim Pedley-DuncalfeM18-3943km3h 58m 34sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C115Gozy GostlingM50+34km4h 37m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C116Lou GostlingF18-3934km4h 37m 05sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B55Kai GregoryMU1643km4h 40m 42sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C23Gary JacobsM50+34km4h 15m 43sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B10Simon BostelM40-49 E43km4h 38m 49sPrancerE-BikeSunday
B85Nicholas ManserM40-4943km4h 38m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B40Marc EbanksM50+43km3h 27m 17sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B61Stewart HackmanM50+43km4h 09m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B125Michele St VincentF50+43km4h 09m 21sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B139Robert WellsM40-4943km4h 26m 17sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B138Harry WellsMU1443km4h 26m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B47Alex FletcherMU1843km4h 34m 24sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B88Daniel MayMU1643km4h 34m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A115David MalenczakM40-4943km4h 21m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A34Wesley ChildsM40-4943km4h 21m 59sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A114Keith MakinsonM50+43km3h 56m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C30Sarah MakinsonF60+34km3h 56m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B149Anton ZakiewiczM18-3943km4h 34m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C11Sean CollisonM50+34km3h 56m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B123John SmithM50+43km4h 34m 52sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A148Julie PerrinF50+43km3h 56m 20sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A98Daniel JordanM50+43km4h 34m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A37Steven CluttonM60+ E43km4h 33m 01sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
B104Hannah QuayF40-4943km4h 05m 04sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B78Jennie JonesF50+43km4h 05m 08sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B110Darrell ReillyM50+43km4h 32m 09sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A63Freddie GilveroM40-4943km3h 56m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A209Eya VicencioF18-3943km3h 54m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C24Steven JacobsM50+34km4h 05m 16sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A54Elliott EppsM18-3943km4h 11m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C27Christopher LakeM50+34km4h 04m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A20Nathan BriceM40-4943km3h 35m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A205Jacqui UnderhillF40-4943km3h 35m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A163David RoseM40-4943km3h 35m 56sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A206Sam UnderhillM40-4943km3h 35m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A88Olly HorneM40-4943km3h 35m 39sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A17Yari Bouche De VitrayM50+43km4h 07m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A201Andrew TimmsM40-4943km4h 07m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A202Lee TimmsM50+43km4h 07m 07sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A97Gary JenkinsonM40-4943km4h 07m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B147Paul Wright-AndersonM50+43km3h 50m 35sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B74Stuart JackmanM50+43km3h 50m 52sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B32Paul DaviesM40-4943km3h 50m 52sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B86Paul MartinM50+43km3h 50m 50sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B37Jonathan DouglasM40-4943km3h 50m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B75Harry JennerM18-3943km3h 49m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B53Stuart GreenM40-4943km3h 50m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A138Adam O'SullivanMU14 E43km4h 08m 36sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
A16Neil BlakesleyM40-4943km4h 08m 38sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A220Jeremy WinterM60+43km3h 29m 11sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A83David HignettM40-4943km4h 08m 39sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A120Nigel MasonM50+ E43km3h 50m 43sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A19Todd BowsherM60+43km3h 50m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A133Jason MuirM50+43km4h 08m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A181Jake SmithM50+43km4h 08m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A211Ben WalkerM40-4943km4h 08m 49sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A153Martin PriorM50+43km4h 08m 22sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A41Alan CoomM18-3943km4h 13m 31sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A87Ashley HollickM60+43km4h 13m 18sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A116Chris ManleyM40-4943km4h 14m 05sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A61Jamie GarsideM40-4943km4h 14m 14sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B71Ebaa HussenM40-4943km3h 51m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A72Will GrosettM40-4943km4h 13m 37sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A149Martin PhillipsM50+43km4h 12m 37sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A155Nick RayM50+43km4h 13m 39sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A177Paul SheppardM40-4943km4h 12m 15sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A96Daniel InghamM50+43km3h 07m 49sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A99Emily JoyceF50+43km3h 07m 48sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
C120Jaedon HulseMU1634km3h 51m 16sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C131Max MaundersMU1634km3h 51m 07sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B58Joanna GrobelF40-4943km3h 33m 03sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B57Edmund GrobelM40-4943km3h 33m 02sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C143Alexander TaskerMU1634km3h 44m 35sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C144Julian TaskerM40-4934km3h 44m 31sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B122Clive SmithM60+43km4h 07m 52sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B113John RomerM60+43km4h 07m 50sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B50John GallopM60+43km4h 07m 39sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A122Gillian WrightF50+43km3h 30m 15sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A151Valerie PlaceF60+43km3h 30m 12sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A49Simon DellerM40-4943km3h 11m 35sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C55William SymondsM50+ E34km3h 11m 27sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
A187Brian StoneM60+43km4h 04m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B56Steve GregoryS50+43km4h 05m 17sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B17Mark ButlerM50+43km4h 05m 07sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B2Phil AveryM60+43km4h 04m 56sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C49Mark ReedM50+34km3h 39m 17sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A94Trevor HughesM50+43km4h 03m 48sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C10Greg ChiappiniM50+34km3h 39m 08sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B120Jonathan SlowM40-4943km3h 41m 38sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C17Keith HaywoodM50+34km3h 39m 14sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A110Alan LewisM50+43km3h 09m 16sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A125Muzz MeridithM50+43km3h 59m 21sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A91John HowlettM50+43km3h 59m 22sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A8Tony BarnesM50+43km3h 59m 13sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A101Paul KauterM60+43km4h 04m 45sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A22Roddy BridgeM60+43km3h 49m 14sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B106Murray QuineyM60+43km4h 01m 46sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B103Lesley QuineyF50+43km4h 01m 41sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A191Mark TarrantM40-4943km3h 49m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B52Barbara GoldsF50+43km3h 53m 31sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C8Mark CharltonM40-4934km3h 20m 42sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A199Paul ThorogoodM60+43km3h 30m 04sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A160Oliver RobinsonM18-3943km3h 18m 41sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C40Tony PainM50+34km3h 41m 25sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A77Dan HaynesM40-4943km3h 54m 04sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A212Paul WatsonM50+43km3h 53m 59sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C105Darren BlackmanM50+34km3h 40m 44sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C106Loo BlackmanF40-4934km3h 40m 39sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C1Alfredo BarquinM40-4934km2h 57m 32sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C2Guillermo BarquinMU1834km2h 57m 26sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A35Mike ChurchM40-4943km3h 53m 51sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A259Brendon HillsM50+43km2h 50m 44sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
C147Ken WellsM60+34km3h 52m 00sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A51Paul DuxburyM50+43km3h 54m 36sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B81Phillip LangleyM50+43km3h 51m 57sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A254Haydan DurrantM50+43km3h 51m 47sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B73Christopher IstedM50+43km3h 51m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B142Paul WhyteM40-4943km3h 51m 34sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A137Arry O'RourkeM18-3943km3h 55m 06sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A200Stuart TierM40-4943km3h 51m 54sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A128Geoffrey MilnerM50+43km3h 53m 57sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A25Phil ByrneM50+43km3h 53m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A129Charlie MortlemanM50+43km3h 07m 14sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A130Sally MortlemanF50+43km3h 07m 10sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B118Allan SillsM60+43km3h 52m 10sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A188Mike StubbsM50+ E43km3h 33m 45sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A159Michelle RobertsonF50+ E43km3h 33m 40sDasherE-BikeSaturday
B111Giles RichardsonM50+43km3h 50m 53sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B98Robin PetersM50+ E43km3h 51m 03sDasherE-BikeSunday
C149Mike WoodM60+34km3h 46m 37sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B91Gary MillingtonM50+43km3h 46m 16sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A158Stephen RipleyM50+43km3h 23m 57sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C12Glenn ComiskeyM50+34km3h 10m 36sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A117Simon MannM40-4943km3h 03m 52sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A126Simon MerryM50+43km3h 48m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A43David CowanM60+ E43km3h 29m 51sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A178John ShortM40-4943km3h 13m 56sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C145Gerry TurnerM60+ E34km3h 23m 23sPrancerE-BikeSunday
C103Craig BeerM40-49 E34km3h 23m 22sPrancerE-BikeSunday
C146Andy WalkerM40-4934km3h 33m 44sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B54Simon GreenwayM50+43km3h 39m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A258Richard WatersM40-4934km3h 33m 27sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B12Rob BrowneM50+43km3h 12m 59sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B116Mike SchofieldM50+43km3h 12m 58sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B109Brian ReidM50+43km3h 41m 23sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B11Euan BrownM40-4943km3h 37m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B9Nick BorboneM50+43km3h 45m 14sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B89Nigel MayM50+43km3h 44m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B8Eddie BorboneMU1843km3h 44m 40sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B25Martin ConnellM50+ E43km3h 44m 19sDasherE-BikeSunday
B144Henry WinterMU1843km3h 43m 45sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B145Richard WinterM50+43km3h 43m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B69Richard HornM40-4943km3h 36m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C52Ivan ScattergoodM50+34km3h 24m 20sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
B107Chris RattrayM40-4943km3h 36m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C34Anthony MooreM40-4934km3h 25m 54sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A24Kim BryanF40-4943km3h 25m 12sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A70Dom GrimesM18-3943km3h 25m 07sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C124Mark JohnsonM40-4934km3h 35m 01sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C102Andre BarnardM40-4934km3h 34m 58sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C47Leon PriceM40-4934km3h 25m 24sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A59Hadrien FregnacM40-4943km3h 16m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B15Adam BusbyM50+43km3h 39m 54sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B43Matt EvansM40-4943km3h 33m 35sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B83Duncan LeeM50+43km3h 33m 30sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A173Peter SealM50+43km2h 48m 38sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A119Paul MarshM60+43km3h 38m 28sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C139Daniel Sambrook SmithMU1834km3h 14m 43sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C138Colin Sambrook SmithM50+34km3h 14m 42sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B114Jeremy RothM60+43km3h 37m 35sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B108Emma RawlingsF40-4943km3h 37m 34sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A89Will HoustonM40-4943km3h 32m 59sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A42Olly CoullingM40-4943km3h 33m 01sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A176Richard ShepherdM60+ E43km3h 19m 38sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
A67Jonathan GreenM60+43km3h 35m 57sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A146Tom Pell-StevensM40-4943km3h 35m 51sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C125Dominic LambertM18-3934km3h 20m 30sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B100Matt PhillipsonM18-39 E43km3h 00m 30sDasherE-BikeSunday
A14Bryan BlackM60+ E43km3h 32m 47sDasherE-BikeSaturday
B49Richard FrancisM18-39 E43km2h 59m 34sDasherE-BikeSunday
B70Robin HunterM50+43km3h 26m 36sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A69Gordon GriffinM40-4943km3h 30m 20sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A124Steve MckeownM50+43km3h 33m 10sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A60Jason Gaines-BurrillM40-4943km3h 33m 03sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C107Matt AskillM18-3934km3h 19m 24sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C113Margaret DunnF18-3934km3h 17m 46sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
C16Amie HarrisonF18-3934km3h 29m 29sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
C117Vicky HardmanF40-4934km3h 17m 22sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A73Dennis HaleyM50+43km3h 29m 13sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A179Chris SloanM40-4943km3h 26m 50sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B96Dean PaynterM50+ E43km3h 26m 08sDasherE-BikeSunday
B65Dahlia HillF50+ E43km3h 26m 03sDasherE-BikeSunday
A167Mark RyderM50+43km3h 29m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A123Eddie MckennaM50+43km3h 29m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B77Chris JonesM40-49 E43km3h 27m 52sDasherE-BikeSunday
B67David HiscocksM50+43km3h 27m 52sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A121Simon MccormackM40-49 E43km2h 50m 11sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
A142Chris PageM40-49 E43km2h 50m 08sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
B130Robert SwiftM50+43km3h 27m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B129Richard SutcliffeM50+43km3h 27m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A66Bryn GreenM60+43km3h 29m 42sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B26Barry CookM60+43km3h 20m 47sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A141Martin OutenM40-49 E43km3h 22m 54sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A57Vanessa FisherF40-4943km3h 25m 21sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A2Christofer AnderssonM40-4943km3h 23m 44sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A82Damien HerseyM40-4943km3h 23m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A140Alan OutenM40-49 E43km3h 20m 37sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A147Dean PenwardenM50+ E43km3h 20m 33sDasherE-BikeSaturday
A4Malcolm AylingM60+43km3h 23m 39sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A113Neil LipscombM50+43km3h 11m 39sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B22Matthew ChristieM40-4943km3h 22m 40sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B36Michael DohanM50+43km3h 22m 31sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B46Ryan FitzpatrickM18-3943km3h 21m 16sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A3Will ArnoldM40-4943km3h 04m 11sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B92Paul MunslowM50+ E43km3h 17m 06sDasherE-BikeSunday
B5James BkakeyM40-49 E43km3h 17m 07sDasherE-BikeSunday
A161Colin RobsonM50+43km3h 15m 09sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A136Andy O'BrienM60+ E43km3h 15m 04sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
B1Matthew AngierM50+43km3h 16m 57sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B39Roy DunnM40-4943km3h 17m 27sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B35Alex DewittM40-4943km3h 14m 07sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C111Scott CrooksM40-4934km2h 53m 14sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C141Conrad SteynM50+34km2h 53m 14sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C63Steve WoodM50+ E34km3h 12m 06sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
C64Tom WoodMU16 E34km3h 11m 57sPrancerE-BikeSaturday
C14Chris CopasF50+34km3h 12m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C39Robert O'KeefeM40-4934km2h 54m 04sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B115Mark SabalM40-4943km3h 13m 56sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C114Anthony FathersM50+34km3h 14m 04sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
A6Russell BaldwinM50+43km3h 16m 09sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
B23Martin ChuterM60+43km3h 15m 32sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B87Richard MasonM60+43km3h 15m 14sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B93Gerry NorthwoodM60+43km3h 14m 50sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A216Andy EvansM60+43km2h 52m 25sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A27Gavin CagerM40-4943km3h 09m 43sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A71Duncan GristM40-4943km2h 52m 00sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
C57Chris TeeM60+ E34km2h 32m 10sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
C58Karen TeeF60+34km2h 32m 09sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B16Jamie ButlerM50+43km3h 13m 27sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A62Paul GillespieM50+43km3h 14m 28sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B6Graham BlakeM60+43km3h 12m 13sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B51Matthew GarrettM18-3943km3h 08m 29sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B124Chris Sood-NichollsM40-4943km3h 08m 25sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B137Steve WebbM40-49 E43km3h 07m 21sDasherE-BikeSunday
B126Guy StevensM40-4943km3h 11m 08sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B131Paul TateM40-4943km3h 07m 13sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A183Robert SoanesM50+43km3h 09m 42sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B94Robert PalmerM50+ E43km3h 07m 00sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
B24Tim ColeM50+ E43km3h 07m 06sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
B146Andrew WoodcockM40-4943km3h 06m 53sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A185Matt SteeleS40-4943km3h 01m 01sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A11John BennettM40-4943km3h 01m 01sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B102Susie PooleF50+43km3h 11m 49sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B101Chris PooleM50+43km3h 11m 58sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A256Stuart SimmsM50+34km2h 54m 24sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
B72Richard IllmanM50+34km2h 54m 20sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
C20Paul HollowayM50+34km3h 06m 31sPrancerNon E-BikeSaturday
A46Alex DavisM40-4943km3h 05m 30sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
C54Sean SpringettM50+34km3h 05m 01sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C60Paul WeeksM50+34km2h 42m 49sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C65Adam WrightM40-4934km2h 42m 47sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C50Caroline RichmondF50+34km2h 42m 29sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C51Nick RichmondM40-4934km2h 42m 22sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
C121Andrew IsenmanM40-4934km3h 00m 22sPrancerNon E-BikeSunday
B132Mark TaylorM60+43km3h 00m 21sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B90Anthony MccarthyM60+43km3h 06m 58sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A168Terry SandersM50+ E43km3h 09m 24sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
B136Nik WattsM50+43km3h 06m 37sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A75Jamie HawesM50+43km3h 09m 20sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A276Matt Dunsbierm50+43km2h 38m 37sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A118Paulo MarquesM50+43km3h 01m 50sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B133David ThompsonM60+ E43km2h 38m 24sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
C129Sam MartinM18-3934km2h 48m 48sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A102Kevin KellyM50+43km3h 00m 55sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A165Paul RusbyM50+43km2h 46m 29sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B28Richard CookM50+43km3h 00m 38sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A84Simon HindleyS40-4943km2h 56m 39sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A134Deb MuntonF60+43km2h 34m 58sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A134Martin BrownM60+43km2h 34m 58sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A257Neil DanielM40-4934km2h 53m 35sDasherNon E-BikeSunday
A38Tony ColeM60+43km2h 56m 45sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A170Darius SarsharM50+43km2h 28m 36sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A21Martin BrickellM50+34km2h 32m 01sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A52Greg EastonM40-49 E43km2h 46m 50sBlitzenE-BikeSaturday
B19Stephen CarsonM50+43km2h 49m 21sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
C25Milo JamesM18-3934km2h 32m 16sDasherNon E-BikeSaturday
A174Alistair SedwellM40-4943km2h 39m 48sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B141Darren WheelerM50+43km2h 32m 46sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
C62Richard WhaleyM60+34km2h 14m 50sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
C41Emilio PanicoM50+34km2h 14m 18sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A255Chris Simpsonm40-4943km2h 40m 55sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B4Uttam BhoobunM40-4943km2h 37m 12sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A1John AdamsonM18-3943km2h 36m 28sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B30Phil CronkM50+ E43km2h 39m 10sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
B18Nicolas CareswellM60+ E43km2h 39m 02sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
B97David PeacockM60+ E43km2h 36m 38sBlitzenE-BikeSunday
A253Jonte BeswickM18-3943km2h 34m 10sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A252Graham HillM60+43km2h 33m 39sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
C45Joe PilgrimM18-3934km2h 17m 32sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A106David King-SmithM50+43km2h 14m 18sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
A105Arne King-SmithMU1643km2h 14m 13sBlitzenNon E-BikeSaturday
B29Ian CraddockM18-3943km2h 27m 09sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
A251Alan PorterM60+43km2h 27m 09sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B79Robert JonesM50+34km2h 21m 57sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
C126Andrew LayzellM60+34km2h 21m 46sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B80Peter KelseyM50+43km2h 19m 56sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B33Mark DavisM60+43km2h 16m 55sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B45Nicholas FinchM40-4943km2h 15m 01sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday
B112Andrew RobinsonM40-4943km2h 14m 54sBlitzenNon E-BikeSunday

Prizes for Best Outfit
& Best Decorated Bike

(Note: Xmas outfits, decorated bikes etc. are optional, not compulsory)


Take home a bottle of specially brewed Dirty Santa Ale.

Every (adult) finisher will take home a bottle of Dirty Santa real ale to enjoy over the Xmas break!

Fantastic Finishers Prize Draw!

We have a stack of good stuff from our favourite accessories brands to give away on the day in the Dirty Santa Prize Draw! You just have to be there to be in with a chance! 

Pedal to the Medal!

Collect your Custom Dirty Santa finishers medal* at the end of the ride – wear it with pride, take it home and use it to bling up your Xmas tree

*2022 medal design to be revealed soon! 

Substitutions to advertised items may occur depending on demand and availability.

Short Route


Full Route


Start Location

Tillingbourne Junior School
New Rd, Chilworth,
Guildford, GU4 8NB

Start Time

9:00am – 10:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 3:30pm

Riding the Surrey Hills

Starting on the fringes of the Surrey Hills, this ride takes you into their very heart and back out again, to explore a mix of the most popular tracks and hidden gems!

The Surrey Hills are one of the most popular MTB destinations in the UK. But in recent years, the focus on a small number of man made trails has led many to forget just what a great mix of open trail riding the area has to offer! Let the Bramley Trail Ride show you some of the best. Role out on fast tracks from the picturesque village of Bramley, climb up into Winterfold Woods and beyond into some of the very best riding in the south east, you’ll enjoy a series of climbs, descents with enough technical spice to keep things interesting, plus sweeping views and beautiful scenery.

34km Short Route

Shorter, sharp and fun, a terrific ride that avoids the hardest sections of the longer routes.
  • Fully route marked by the event team
  • Route map for all riders
  • GPS files sent to pre entered riders (enter in advance to receive these)
  • Rider timing by transponder tag. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Mid ride feed point (Tea & Mince Pies!).
  • Hot food and drink available at event base.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Ride souvenirs

Dirty Santa MTB 2022 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourseDay
B61Aaron Gauci3h 23m 34sSilverM18-39 E43kmSunday
C138Aaron Spink4h 31m 17sM18-3935kmSunday
B23Adam Busby3h 55m 37sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
A127Adrian Leggett3h 09m 44sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
B113Adrian Leggett3h 07m 48sGoldM60+43kmSunday
C7Alan Beck3h 33m 58sBronzeM50+35kmSaturday
A129Alan Lewis2h 49m 48sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B138Alan Outen2h 43m 50sGoldM40-49 E43kmSunday
B200Alan Worwood3h 40m 46sSilverM50+43kmSunday
C42Alastair Mill4h 09m 09sM18-3935kmSaturday
A62Alex Davis3h 01m 12sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
B47Alex Dewitt3h 55m 31sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
A85Alex Gordon4h 07m 47sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
A168Alex Needs3h 09m 24sSilverM40-49 E43kmSaturday
C65Alex White2h 17m 07sGoldM40-4935kmSaturday
C109Alexander Evans4h 38m 06sMU1435kmSunday
A101Alexander Hendry3h 10m 45sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
C143Alexander Tasker4h 44m 57sMU1435kmSunday
C139Alfie Spink4h 31m 12sMU1435kmSunday
B58Alistair Gardner3h 29m 59sSilverMU1843kmSunday
A147Alius Markevicius3h 11m 24sSilverM18-3943kmSaturday
A206Allan Shephard3h 02m 36sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
C58Amandine Rohmer3h 03m 24sSilverF40-4935kmSaturday
C9Amelia Blunt2h 45m 30sSilverF18-39 E35kmSaturday
C115Andrew Gleave3h 13m 18sBronzeM40-4935kmSunday
B104Andrew Kent2h 33m 19sGoldM50+43kmSunday
B123Andrew Mckenzie3h 15m 26sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
C49Andrew Piper2h 29m 05sGoldM50+35kmSaturday
B167Andrew Seltzer2h 44m 53sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A262Andrew Woodcock3h 31m 03sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B68Andy Grierson3h 59m 56sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
B135Andy O’Brien2h 52m 12sGoldM60+ E43kmSunday
B175Andy Steventon2h 47m 45sGoldM50+43kmSunday
B191Andy Walker4h 40m 04sM40-4943kmSunday
A251Andy West2h 43m 34sGoldM50+ E43kmSaturday
C150Andy White3h 10m 51sGoldM60+ E43kmSunday
C66Andy Whitwell2h 45m 17sSilverM50+35kmSaturday
B103Angela Kennett3h 19m 03sGoldF60+ E43kmSunday
A14Angus Beer3h 58m 15sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
B52Anthony Fathers3h 11m 38sBronzeM50+35kmSunday
B109Anthony Lansdowne2h 52m 32sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A247Anthony Webb4h 32m 40sBronzeM60+43kmSaturday
B15Antony Brown3h 21m 03sSilverM50+43kmSunday
C153Arne King-Smith2h 09m 43sGoldMU1835kmSunday
A232Ashley Toft3h 17m 12sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A83Barbara Golds4h 23m 35sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
B90Barry Hopkins2h 58m 09sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
C110Beatrix Evans4h 37m 38sFU1435kmSunday
A42Ben Carter3h 49m 31sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
B29Ben Chapman2h 40m 23sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A107Ben Holborow3h 47m 49sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
A116Ben Jordan2h 40m 20sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
C45Ben Nash3h 21m 32sBronzeM40-4935kmSaturday
B89Bob Holroyde3h 31m 11sSilverM50+ E43kmSunday
A145Brendan Maltman3h 09m 34sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A217Brian Stone3h 32m 25sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
A212Bruce Smith4h 39m 47sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A22Bryan Black3h 04m 37sGoldM60+ E43kmSaturday
C37Carl Mann3h 03m 51sBronzeM40-4935kmSaturday
A227Carl Thompson4h 32m 17sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
B130Carlos Moreira3h 23m 46sSilverM18-39 E43kmSunday
A133Catherine Linney2h 50m 18sGoldF50+43kmSaturday
A18Cathy Berry3h 49m 28sSilverF50+43kmSaturday
C2Chris Ashton2h 49m 52sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A12Chris Bashford3h 22m 37sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C104Chris Cameron4h 20m 00sM40-4935kmSunday
C14Chris Copas3h 05m 16sSilverF50+35kmSaturday
C123Chris Lake4h 27m 21sM50+35kmSunday
A138Chris Lowrey3h 30m 43sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B120Chris Mason4h 10m 48sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
C47Chris O'Connor3h 41m 29sBronzeM50+35kmSaturday
A180Chris Perry3h 12m 59sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B146Chris Poole3h 16m 47sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A194Chris Roper3h 09m 28sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B169Chris Short2h 19m 21sGoldM40-49 E43kmSunday
A210Chris Sloan3h 01m 03sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A224Chris Tee2h 59m 30sGoldM60+ E43kmSaturday
C67Chris Widdows3h 57m 40sM50+35kmSaturday
A29Christian Bowsher3h 50m 56sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
B98Christopher Isted3h 55m 47sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
A170Claire Norman4h 07m 31sBronzeF40-4943kmSaturday
A229Claire Ticehurst3h 12m 40sGoldF40-4943kmSaturday
A81Clark Gillam4h 11m 07sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
B53Clinton Field3h 50m 08sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
A68Colin Dunn3h 41m 42sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
B149Colin Robson2h 52m 00sGoldM50+43kmSunday
B161Colin Sambrook Smith3h 18m 11sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B176Conrad Steyn2h 28m 17sGoldM50+43kmSunday
C116Craig Gravett3h 13m 17sBronzeM18-3935kmSunday
A121Craig Kingham2h 40m 17sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
B72Csaba Gulyas2h 19m 01sGoldM18-3943kmSunday
A182D-H Potter3h 10m 48sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A67Dan Driver2h 56m 38sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
B81Dan Haynes4h 50m 55sM40-4943kmSunday
B128Dan Mcsherry4h 43m 01sM40-4943kmSunday
A155Dan Michelmore3h 21m 29sSilverM40-49 E43kmSaturday
A117Daniel Jordan4h 17m 54sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
B162Daniel Sambrook Smith3h 18m 07sSilverMU1643kmSunday
A246Daniel Waters2h 45m 21sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A52Danny Clayden3h 05m 42sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A200Darius Sarshar2h 18m 05sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B2Darren Achilles2h 34m 52sGoldM50+ E43kmSunday
B145Darren Phillips3h 26m 03sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A195Darren Rowan-White3h 53m 18sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A19Dave Berry3h 49m 36sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A163Dave Morgan3h 17m 10sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A13David Bayliss3h 25m 21sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A57David Cook4h 45m 17sM50+43kmSaturday
C107David Easton4h 20m 04sM18-3935kmSunday
A102David Hignett3h 21m 37sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B99David James2h 42m 26sGoldM50+ E43kmSunday
C71David Josling3h 29m 16sGold44kmSaturday
C152David King-Smith2h 09m 46sGoldM50+35kmSunday
A144David Malenczak3h 56m 18sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
B122David Mccabe3h 02m 09sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A177David Peacock2h 44m 08sGoldM60+ E43kmSaturday
B150David Rose3h 21m 29sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
C137David Spencer3h 06m 15sSilverM50+35kmSunday
B179David Thompson3h 22m 25sGoldM60+43kmSunday
A257Dawn Wilson3h 12m 00sGoldF60+43kmSaturday
B144Dean Penwarden2h 43m 52sGoldM40-49 E43kmSunday
C149Debra Ware2h 50m 53sSilverF50+35kmSunday
C33Des Koukouvais4h 29m 00sF18-3935kmSaturday
B153Dominic Rowley2h 56m 00sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A109Donald Howie3h 07m 12sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A164Dudley Moseley3h 31m 09sSilverM60+ E43kmSaturday
A90Duncan Grist3h 13m 32sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A126Duncan Lee4h 37m 54sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A142Duncan Maclure2h 40m 22sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A258Duncan Wilson3h 12m 01sSilverM50+ E43kmSaturday
C15Dyer Daren4h 29m 14sM50+35kmSaturday
B97Ebaa Hussen3h 04m 37sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
C48Ed O'Connor3h 41m 29sBronzeMU1635kmSaturday
A151Eddie Mckenna3h 27m 37sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C52Ella Pyman3h 03m 06sSilverF50+35kmSaturday
B44Elvi Da Silva3h 23m 36sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
A118Emily Joyce2h 34m 41sGoldF50+43kmSaturday
A130Emily Lewis4h 07m 33sBronzeF18-3943kmSaturday
C119Emma Hoskins2h 51m 01sSilverF40-4935kmSunday
A154Erik Meyer3h 23m 04sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C38Ethan Mann3h 03m 57sSilverMU1635kmSaturday
B17Euan Brown4h 30m 47sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
A236Felix Upton3h 28m 07sSilverM18-3943kmSaturday
A160Fiona Molloy3h 40m 00sSilverF50+43kmSaturday
B64Fred Goozee3h 49m 45sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
B32Gareth Chislett'3h 34m 35sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A41Garry Cambell3h 26m 47sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C120Gary Jacobs4h 26m 18sM50+35kmSunday
A198Gary Russell4h 32m 36sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A205Gary Sheffield3h 09m 28sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
A218Gary Stsnton3h 03m 42sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A40Gavin Cager3h 20m 57sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A264Gavin Woolley2h 05m 01sGoldM40-49 E43kmSaturday
C23Geoff Hastings3h 04m 20sSilverM60+35kmSaturday
A158Geoffrey Milner3h 21m 55sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C111Gerard Evans4h 38m 01sM50+35kmSunday
B28Giles Cayford2h 34m 54sGoldM18-3943kmSunday
A189Giles Richardson2h 44m 32sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
C70Sally Mortleman2h 49m 15sGoldF50+43kmSaturday
A89Gordon Griffin3h 04m 25sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A234Gordon Turpie3h 33m 49sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A61Graeme Dacomb2h 29m 14sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
A70Greg Easton2h 47m 17sGoldM40-49 E43kmSaturday
C44Guy Moseley3h 50m 47sBronzeM60+35kmSaturday
A204Guy Sharman4h 32m 21sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A75Hadrien Fregnac3h 04m 41sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
B13Hans Bouwer3h 21m 31sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
B181Harry Trimble4h 35m 09sBronzeMU1643kmSunday
C128Hayden Oates4h 00m 29sBronzeMU1435kmSunday
A58Haydn Costin3h 40m 18sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C51Hayley Pooley3h 34m 00sBronzeF18-3935kmSaturday
A71Helen Edwardson3h 34m 26sSilverF40-4943kmSaturday
B132Hendrik Nel2h 28m 16sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
C140Henry Spink4h 31m 15sMU1435kmSunday
A183Howard Radcliffe3h 04m 21sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A192Hugh Robinett3h 31m 51sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A222Iain Riches2h 05m 03sGoldM40-49 E43kmSaturday
B55Ian Fletcher2h 28m 55sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
B124Ian Mclaren3h 16m 20sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B154Ian Ruddick4h 07m 15sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
C129Jaime-Ann Oates4h 00m 28sF40-4935kmSunday
C41James Mayers3h 30m 39sM18-3935kmSaturday
B137James Oates2h 29m 03sGoldMU1643kmSunday
C55James Randlesome3h 42m 16sM18-3935kmSaturday
A79Jamie Garside3h 19m 29sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B79Jamie Hawes3h 50m 33sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
B148Jane Robinson3h 17m 41sSilverF40-49 E43kmSunday
C68Jane Wiley2h 51m 00sGoldF60+35kmSaturday
A65Jason Dodds3h 07m 44sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A167Jason Neale3h 19m 47sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A242Jason Waghorn3h 08m 25sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C56Jasper Randlesome3h 42m 16sBronzeMU1435kmSaturday
B70Jeff Grimes3h 06m 15sSilverM60+35kmSunday
C32Jeremy Kearns1h 13m 23sGoldM50+35kmSaturday
A260Jeremy Winter2h 58m 25sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
B197Jill Willis3h 51m 32sSilverF60+43kmSunday
B156Jim Russell4h 10m 45sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
B185Joe Tysoe2h 29m 03sGoldMU1443kmSunday
A15John Bennett3h 19m 32sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B94John Howlett2h 56m 51sGoldM50+43kmSunday
B141John Owens3h 59m 42sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
A193John Robinson3h 26m 30sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A207John Short3h 51m 16sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
B172John Smith4h 11m 48sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
A263John Woodcock3h 31m 11sSilverM40-49 E43kmSaturday
B31Jonathan Chequers4h 10m 32sBronzeM60+43kmSunday
C35Jonathan Lucas3h 50m 53sBronzeM60+ E35kmSaturday
B142Jonathan Packer Packer3h 15m 37sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
B160Jonathan Safar-Manesh2h 55m 32sGoldM18-39 E43kmSunday
A253Jonathan White3h 31m 48sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A175Jonny Parkes4h 39m 57sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
B164Josephine Saunders2h 36m 22sGoldF40-4935kmSunday
A134Josh Little2h 53m 41sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
B83Judd Hayworth3h 19m 24sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
C144Julian Tasker4h 44m 57sM40-4935kmSunday
A115Justin Jones3h 25m 16sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
B37Karen Cleverly4h 10m 14sBronzeF50+43kmSunday
A225Karen Tee2h 59m 30sGoldF60+ E43kmSaturday
B57Karin Gambe3h 15m 43sGoldF40-4943kmSunday
A240Karlo Veloce2h 40m 05sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
C62Kate Spisakova4h 26m 14sFU1435kmSaturday
B198Katherine Willoughby2h 56m 26sGoldF50+43kmSunday
C43Kaz Mills3h 54m 22sBronzeF60+35kmSaturday
B82Keith Haywood3h 34m 02sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A159Kelvin Mitchell3h 40m 02sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
B115Kevin Lucas2h 19m 26sGoldM40-49 E43kmSunday
C117Konrad Gurzynski2h 20m 38sGoldM40-4935kmSunday
A43Kristen Carter3h 49m 29sSilverF50+43kmSaturday
A140Kye Macfarlane4h 37m 51sM18-3943kmSaturday
B24Leanne Buxton4h 10m 53sBronzeF40-4943kmSunday
B101Lee Johnson3h 16m 38sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A135Lee Little3h 01m 01sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A187Lewis Reeves2h 16m 29sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
B27Lisa Carrington4h 10m 42sBronzeF50+43kmSunday
C24Louise Hastings-Rushforth3h 04m 24sBronzeF18-3935kmSaturday
A6Luca Badain3h 23m 38sSilverMU1643kmSaturday
C112Lucas Evans4h 22m 02sMU1435kmSunday
B155Luke Rudman3h 47m 07sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
B5Malcolm Ayling2h 59m 28sGoldM60+43kmSunday
B14Malcolm Brinded3h 10m 50sGoldM60+ E43kmSunday
A35Mark Butler3h 34m 55sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C11Mark Butler3h 40m 35sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A87Mark Graham4h 45m 23sM50+43kmSaturday
B93Mark Howell4h 01m 37sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
A114Mark Johnson2h 21m 39sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A139Mark Lynch2h 40m 36sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B159Mark Sabal3h 47m 09sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
B168Mark Sharp3h 17m 41sSilverM40-49 E43kmSunday
B173Mark Smith3h 22m 25sGoldM60+43kmSunday
B177Mark Taylor3h 25m 58sSilverM50+43kmSunday
C147Mark Thomas2h 28m 14sGoldM50+ E43kmSunday
A249Mark Webber2h 48m 50sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A208Marrin Shortt3h 22m 42sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A33Martin Brickell3h 53m 57sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A49Martin Chuter3h 04m 24sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
B48Martin Eldridge3h 11m 05sSilverM50+35kmSunday
A91Martin Groundsell2h 37m 32sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
C26Martin Hill4h 45m 36sM18-3935kmSaturday
B139Martin Outen2h 43m 51sGoldM40-49 E43kmSunday
C61Matej Spisak4h 26m 26sM18-3935kmSaturday
A63Mathieu C Davy3h 34m 53sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C17Matt Esrich2h 45m 18sSilverM50+35kmSaturday
B45Max De Courcy4h 15m 40sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
A66Michael Dohan3h 03m 10sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B105Michael King2h 22m 17sGoldM18-39 E43kmSunday
C145Michelle Tedman4h 14m 05sF50+35kmSunday
A74Miguel Faisca4h 09m 38sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
A23Mike Blackburn4h 32m 46sBronzeM60+43kmSaturday
A48Mike Church3h 25m 51sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A84Mike Goodrich3h 36m 17sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
B85Mike Hodges3h 15m 18sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A120Mike Kennett3h 36m 07sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
B116Mike Mackenzie4h 10m 22sBronzeM60+43kmSunday
A169Mike Noakes3h 58m 12sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
A186Mike Rayner2h 59m 40sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
C133Mike Schofield2h 57m 30sSilverM50+35kmSunday
C122Miroslav Korolev4h 37m 44sMU1435kmSunday
A32Nathan Brice3h 25m 45sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A171Nathan O'Hare2h 46m 42sGoldM40-49 E43kmSaturday
B3Neil Alexander3h 37m 49sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A25Neil Blakesley3h 26m 43sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A259Neil Wilson3h 12m 56sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A72Nicholas Emmins3h 04m 39sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B73Nicholas Hackney3h 42m 29sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A39Nick Cadge3h 12m 31sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A185Nick Ray3h 25m 51sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A97Julian Hardy2h 45m 45sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B26Nicolas Careswell2h 30m 34sGoldM60+ E43kmSunday
B151Oli Rouse4h 22m 54sM18-3943kmSunday
A265Oliver Coulling3h 13m 03sSilverM40-4944kmSaturday
B92Oliver Horne2h 55m 55sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A111Owen Humphries4h 21m 51sBronzeMU1643kmSaturday
A94Patrick Harding2h 39m 54sGoldM60+43kmSaturday
A3Paul Atkins3h 25m 27sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A4Paul Avery3h 46m 12sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
B19Paul Brownlee3h 34m 38sSilverM50+43kmSunday
C10Paul Buckthorpe2h 45m 10sSilverM40-4935kmSaturday
B22Paul Bullen3h 25m 54sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A73Paul Etherington4h 32m 23sBronzeM60+43kmSaturday
B59Paul Gardner3h 29m 15sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B63Paul Goodman2h 40m 21sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A104Paul Hillier3h 13m 56sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C29Paul Holloway2h 36m 11sGoldM50+35kmSaturday
C36Paul Malone3h 21m 31sBronzeM40-4935kmSaturday
A188Paul Rennie3h 19m 31sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A197Paul Rusby2h 37m 36sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
C146Paul Tedman4h 14m 04sM50+35kmSunday
C64Paul Thorogood3h 50m 41sBronzeM60+35kmSaturday
B182Paul Trimble4h 35m 10sM40-4943kmSunday
B193Paul Watson4h 51m 01sM50+43kmSunday
B170Paulo Silva3h 24m 02sSilverM40-49 E43kmSunday
B46Pete Devine3h 44m 05sM40-4935kmSunday
B12Peter Bonwick2h 56m 29sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A38Peter Cade3h 31m 11sSilverM60+ E43kmSaturday
C25Peter Hayes3h 50m 49sBronzeM60+ E35kmSaturday
B80Peter Hayes3h 25m 16sSilverM60+ E43kmSunday
A106Peter Hodges4h 32m 28sBronzeM60+43kmSaturday
B102Peter Kelsey2h 15m 33sGoldM50+43kmSunday
B157Peter Russell3h 37m 48sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A5Phil Avery3h 57m 34sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
A37Phil Byrne3h 22m 03sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
B111Phil Layland2h 36m 23sSilverM40-4935kmSunday
A150Phil Matthews3h 22m 07sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C40Phil Matthews2h 45m 10sSilverM50+35kmSaturday
C22Philip Harding3h 50m 46sM50+ E35kmSaturday
B75Philip Harding3h 25m 19sSilverM50+ E43kmSunday
B42Phill Cronk2h 30m 31sGoldM50+ E43kmSunday
B108Phillip Langley4h 07m 13sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
B88Polly Holmes3h 31m 19sSilverF50+43kmSunday
B196Quentin Wilkins3h 59m 40sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
B78Rhys Harvey3h 05m 18sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
A156Ricardas Mikalonis3h 11m 04sSilverM18-3943kmSaturday
B20Richard Bucksey3h 41m 56sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
C27Richard Hill4h 45m 37sM60+35kmSaturday
A108Richard Horn3h 26m 32sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C31Richard Illman2h 24m 46sGoldM50+35kmSaturday
A137Richard Louis2h 40m 23sGoldM18-3943kmSaturday
A149Richard Materek4h 32m 03sBronzeM60+43kmSaturday
A153Richard Mcpherson2h 52m 39sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B163Richard Sambrook Smith3h 18m 10sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A203Richard Sellis3h 04m 08sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A213Richard Smith2h 58m 31sGoldM60+ E43kmSaturday
A220Richard Sutcliffe2h 49m 11sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B186Richard Ulla4h 30m 53sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
B203Richard Waters4h 40m 02sM40-4944kmSunday
C19Rob Freemantle4h 09m 26sM18-3935kmSaturday
A92Rob Hadden2h 30m 42sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A174Rob Palmer3h 30m 37sSilverM50+ E43kmSaturday
B192Rob Warenycia4h 32m 35sM18-3943kmSunday
A172Robert O'Keefe3h 13m 54sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B158Robert Rzadkowski3h 15m 25sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
B174Robert Soanes2h 39m 00sGoldM50+35kmSunday
A221Robert Swift2h 49m 02sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A9Robin Bailey3h 40m 35sSilverS40-4943kmSaturday
B204Robin Brzaklik3h 15m 24sGoldM50+44kmSunday
B95Robin Hunter3h 29m 56sSilverM50+43kmSunday
A181Robin Peters3h 32m 00sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A31Ron Bradley2h 39m 24sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
C142Rudolf Szentimrey3h 13m 51sBronzeM18-3935kmSunday
A237Rupert Upton3h 34m 56sSilverM60+43kmSaturday
B4Russell Alexander3h 37m 44sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A10Russell Baldwin3h 20m 08sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
C18Russell Ferrari3h 24m 35sBronzeM18-3935kmSaturday
B166Russell Searle4h 20m 59sBronzeM40-4943kmSunday
A254Russell White3h 40m 22sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A202Ryan Seaborne2h 42m 23sGoldM18-39 E43kmSaturday
B54Sam Fisher3h 42m 32sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
B74Sam Hancorn4h 15m 32sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
C34Sam Long3h 30m 48sBronzeM40-4935kmSaturday
A184Sam Rawsthorne2h 49m 50sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A235Sam Underhill3h 25m 39sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
A255Sam White3h 53m 11sSilverMU1643kmSaturday
B201Sam Wrankmore3h 41m 54sSilverM40-4943kmSunday
A21Samuel Bird3h 08m 47sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B121Samuel Maycock3h 49m 42sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
A51Santa Claus3h 02m 38sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
C134Sarah Simpson2h 50m 35sSilverF50+35kmSunday
B84Scott Hayworth3h 19m 15sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B110Scott Lauzon4h 09m 52sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
B10Seb Baucutt3h 05m 12sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
B30Shane Chapman3h 25m 27sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
B184Shaun Turner4h 16m 54sBronzeM18-3943kmSunday
B171Shellie Slater3h 31m 17sSilverF40-4943kmSunday
A60Simon Crumb3h 46m 13sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
B87Simon Holburn2h 47m 30sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A146Simon Mann2h 10m 10sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A157Simon Miller2h 40m 23sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
B133Simon Nolan2h 23m 41sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A190Simon Rider2h 26m 07sGoldM50+ E43kmSaturday
A216Simon Stockley2h 54m 00sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B67Stanley Greening3h 52m 52sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B106Stefan Kogut3h 00m 20sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
B195Stefan Westbroek3h 44m 04sM40-4935kmSunday
A88Stephen Gregory3h 57m 53sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A124Stephen Langhurst3h 32m 10sSilverM50+ E43kmSaturday
C101Steve Abramson3h 16m 40sBronzeM50+35kmSunday
A11Steve Ball3h 01m 03sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A136Steve Lord2h 13m 38sGoldM50+ E43kmSaturday
A152Steve Mckeown3h 09m 41sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A191Steve Ripley2h 42m 28sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A226Steve Thomas4h 32m 43sBronzeM60+ E43kmSaturday
A248Steve Webb3h 30m 36sSilverM50+ E43kmSaturday
A24Steven Blacow2h 45m 35sGoldM60+ E43kmSaturday
C28Steven Hill4h 45m 40sM18-3935kmSaturday
C121Steven Jacobs4h 27m 06sM50+35kmSunday
B38Stewart Cleverly4h 10m 14sBronzeM60+43kmSunday
A165Stuart Moseley4h 09m 42sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
A228Stuart Thorn2h 46m 35sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
A245Stuart Ward3h 51m 15sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
C30Suzanne Hunter4h 29m 08sF50+35kmSaturday
B125Tatti Mcnally4h 11m 02sSilverF60+43kmSunday
A1Terry Akers3h 53m 53sSilverF60+43kmSaturday
B152Terry Rowles2h 42m 35sGoldM18-39 E43kmSunday
A26Thomas Blunt3h 34m 18sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
B60Thomas Gardner3h 28m 57sSilverM18-3943kmSunday
A166Tim Moxon3h 25m 42sSilverM40-4943kmSaturday
B71Tobias Gruber3h 34m 07sSilverM50+43kmSunday
C13Toby Cooles2h 22m 08sGoldM60+35kmSaturday
B131Toby Mullarkey3h 00m 21sSilverM40-49 E43kmSunday
C57Toby Reynolds3h 24m 48sBronzeM18-39 E35kmSaturday
A30Todd Bowsher3h 41m 21sSilverM50+ E43kmSaturday
A8Tom Badain2h 10m 04sGoldM40-4935kmSaturday
A53Tom Coakes4h 11m 11sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
B77Tom Harrison4h 11m 00sBronzeM50+43kmSunday
A132Tom Lewis3h 49m 48sSilverM50+43kmSaturday
A178Tom Pell-Stevens2h 29m 54sGoldM40-4943kmSaturday
A214Tomasz Sobkowiak3h 42m 01sBronzeM18-3943kmSaturday
B100Tommy Jesshop3h 21m 04sSilverM50+43kmSunday
B6Tony Baker3h 26m 12sSilverM60+43kmSunday
B7Tony Barnes2h 56m 52sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A54Tony Cole2h 40m 29sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B65Tony Gordon3h 15m 39sGoldM50+43kmSunday
A45Tracy Chapman4h 21m 55sBronzeF40-4943kmSaturday
A110Trevor Hughes3h 02m 15sGoldM50+43kmSaturday
B56Tyler Fletcher2h 28m 59sGoldMU1843kmSunday
B11Uttam Bhoobun2h 27m 27sGoldM40-4943kmSunday
A201Vaidas Sasnauskas3h 11m 08sSilverM18-3943kmSaturday
C50Val Place3h 03m 26sSilverF60+35kmSaturday
B180Wayne Thomson4h 32m 39sM40-4943kmSunday
A47Wesley Childs3h 56m 26sBronzeM40-4943kmSaturday
C63Will Teale2h 45m 26sSilverM50+35kmSaturday
C141William Spink4h 31m 16sMU1435kmSunday
A27Yari Bouche De Vitray4h 00m 58sBronzeM50+43kmSaturday
A28Yvonne Bourne3h 12m 48sSilverF40-49 E43kmSaturday

Dirty Santa 2022 Photos

These photos from Tim Redgrove are hosted on the Trail Break Facebook page. You can browse the thumbnails here; clicking on a thumbnail will take you to that photo on the Facebook album.

If you want any full resolution, unbranded copies of your images, email us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with Tim to arrange a direct sale.





Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

You can enter no the day at event registration. Entry will include a £2 on the day entry surcharge.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

Hot and cold food and drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)

For Dirty Santa, tea & mince pies will also be available at a feed point out on the trail!


Event Venue

(Start & Finish)

Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery

Stockclose Farm,

Add Junior Riders

Event Venue

(Start & Finish)

Cocking Village Hall

Bell Lane
GU29 0HU

NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
B17Adam ChristieM40-4930km2h 20m 41sBronze
A34Adam GentM18-3950km2h 49m 10sGold
B97Adam SmytheM18-39 E50km3h 30m 05sSilver
A5Alan BeckM50+43km4h 10m 24sBronze
B29Alan FewellM40-4930km1h 49m 55sGold
A33Alan FoxM40-4943km2h 48m 43sSilver
C2Alan WheelerM50+30km2h 25m 14sBronze
B63Alastair Mackay-JamesM40-4950km2h 48m 17sGold
A86Alex RichardsM40-4950km2h 23m 51sGold
C9Alex YeldhamM40-4950km2h 18m 15sGold
A96Ali SmithM40-4950km2h 49m 08sGold
A12Allen BrowningM50+50km3h 59m 37sSilver
B32Andrew GoodmanM40-49 E43km2h 06m 18sGold
B33Andrew GouldM50+50km11h 47m 24s
C24Andrew GroseM60+30km2h 05m 01sGold
A94Andrew ShephardM50+50km3h 51m 10sSilver
C7Andrew WoodcockM40-4943km3h 03m 16sSilver
A38Andy GloverM50+50km2h 46m 14sGold
A41Andy Hall-PattersonM40-49 E50km2h 28m 04sGold
A58Andy MartinM40-4950km3h 24m 28sSilver
A97Andy SwaislandM40-4950km2h 50m 01sGold
C1Andy WaddingtonM50+43km2h 01m 00sGold
B53Angela KennettS60+43km2h 35m 19sGold
B16Annie ChristianS60+43km2h 35m 39sGold
C33Anthony SakellariouM60+30km2h 04m 51sGold
A23Athanasios DerempeisM40-4950km3h 02m 37sGold
B76Barnabas OrdogM40-4930km1h 23m 48sGold
A111Barry WellsM50+50km3h 00m 28sGold
B8Ben BaxterM18-3930km1h 52m 28sSilver
C51Ben NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 43s
C45Ben OttridgeM18-3943km3h 14m 16sBronze
A108Bernie VerrillsM60+50km3h 34m 35sSilver
A16Brett CarterM40-4950km3h 01m 57sGold
A13Brian BurkettM50+50km2h 52m 15sGold
B42Brian HayM60+ E50km2h 28m 43sGold
A21Brien CurranM18-3950km3h 34m 04sSilver
A17Carl ChamberlainM40-49 E50km3h 05m 39sGold
C40Charlie ChristieMU1430km2h 21m 00sSilver
B20Chris CopasF50+30km2h 02m 42sGold
C20Chris GoldingM50+43km3h 30m 31sBronze
B43Chris HemsM40-4950km3h 21m 13sSilver
A60Chris MawerM18-3950km2h 53m 35sGold
B83Chris PearmanM40-49 E50km2h 43m 11sGold
B61Christopher LoweM18-3950km3h 09m 08sSilver
B62Christopher LowreyM40-4943km2h 38m 25sGold
A103Christopher TollitM60+50km3h 02m 42sGold
C50Christopher ToonM40-4950km3h 21m 17sSilver
B85Claire PowerF40-4950km3h 25m 57sSilver
C32Clive PetersM60+30km2h 05m 27sGold
A109Colin WaggettM50+50km3h 16m 43sGold
B66Craig MarriottM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C6Craig WilsonM50+50km2h 09m 22sGold
B24Dan DriverM18-3943km2h 40m 18sGold
B70Dan MichelmoreM40-49 E50km3h 13m 09sSilver
A6Daniel BennettM40-4950km3h 20m 27sSilver
C36Daniel Biddulph-HowellsMU1650km3h 19m 12sGold
C3Darren WheelerM40-4950km3h 08m 55sGold
B25Dave DriverM50+43km2h 40m 12sGold
B26Dave DyerM40-49 E50km3h 23m 49sSilver
C29Dave MorganM40-4950km3h 13m 32sGold
C12David BaylissM40-4950km3h 13m 58sGold
A31David EveleighM50+50km3h 16m 23sGold
B50David JamesM40-4950km2h 38m 34sGold
A50David JoslingM50+50km2h 42m 22sGold
C52David MonkM18-3950km3h 51m 49sBronze
B82David PeacockM60+ E50km2h 47m 38sGold
A78David PowellM40-4943km4h 30m 56s
A114David WilsdonM50+50km2h 48m 45sGold
B38Dennis HaleyM50+50km3h 49m 27sSilver
B19Derek CookM60+50km2h 40m 28sGold
B39Dillan HallM40-4930km3h 28m 53s
A66Dud MoseleyM60+ E50km2h 55m 56sGold
C22Edmund GrobelM40-4943km3h 11m 53sSilver
C42Fabio ReinaMU1650km3h 16m 02sGold
A118Fergus WoodwardM40-4930km2h 09m 10sSilver
A71Gary NorthM40-4950km2h 43m 23sGold
A115Gary WilsonM50+50km2h 55m 34sGold
C43Geoff Chapman50km3h 24m 48sGold
A72Gerry NorthwoodM60+50km2h 39m 02sGold
A22Graeme DacombM60+50km2h 57m 15sGold
A9Graham BotwrightM50+50km2h 40m 43sGold
C60Graham CrabtreeM40-4950km3h 23m 14sSilver
A53Graham KempsterM18-3950km2h 57m 49sGold
A64Graham MillsM50+50km2h 42m 42sGold
B3Hans AndreaeM50+50km2h 14m 55sGold
C39Harry CheshireMU1630km2h 03m 54sSilver
A76Hayley PooleyF18-3943km4h 08m 39s
A27Henry DuddyM50+50km2h 38m 50sGold
A30Herbie ElliottM18-3950km2h 53m 12sGold
A7Ian BleachM40-49 E43km2h 08m 11sGold
C17Ian CheshireM40-4930km2h 04m 07sSilver
B54Ian LaidlawM60+ E50km1h 31m 01sGold
A70Jack NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 17s
C30Jack PennMU1830km1h 39m 55sGold
B30Jaco FourieM18-3930km3h 28m 22s
A106Jacqui UnderhillF40-4943km2h 41m 04sGold
A45Jake HodgsonMU1850km3h 57m 01sBronze
A25James DistonM50+50km3h 16m 29sGold
A73James O’ConnellM50+50km4h 03m 23sBronze
A82James QuilterM50+50km2h 21m 09sGold
C49Jamie NewtonM18-3950km2h 20m 49sGold
C4Jane WileyF60+50km3h 34m 17sGold
B9Jason BellM40-4950km3h 39m 22sSilver
A117Jason WoodM50+ E43km2h 08m 51sGold
B40Jeremy HartillM50+50km2h 28m 34sGold
A48Jeremy HoylandM60+50km3h 50m 50sSilver
A116Jeremy WinterM60+30km3h 11m 51s
B77Jim OrrM60+30km2h 22m 00sSilver
C23Joanna GrobelF18-3943km3h 11m 49sSilver
B27Joe EdwardsM18-3950km3h 24m 22sSilver
A3John AslettM60+ E50km4h 06m 10sBronze
A37John Ginzler-RingM50+43km2h 36m 17sGold
C8John WoodcockM40-49 E43km11h 51m 57s
B49Jonathan HowellsM50+43km4h 28m 46s
B78Jonathan PackerM40-4950km2h 23m 44sGold
A120Jonathan YoungerM50+ E50km3h 13m 08sGold
A4Jono BartleM50+50km2h 57m 58sGold
C37Joseph BullMU1430km2h 16m 39sSilver
A98Julian TaskerM40-4950km3h 07m 37sGold
A83Julie RandF60+50km3h 25m 51sGold
A15Justin CarrickM40-4950km2h 49m 26sGold
A77Karl PotterM40-4950km3h 35m 10sSilver
A43Keith HaywoodM50+50km3h 39m 24sSilver
C46Ken NewtonM60+30km2h 23m 07sSilver
B69Kevin MchardyM50+50km2h 15m 14sGold
A68Kim MossF50+50km3h 38m 21sSilver
B22Laura DawkinF40-4950km3h 49m 33sSilver
B73Liam NealeM18-3950km3h 23m 20sSilver
A121Louise YoungerF50+ E50km4h 11m 05sBronze
A85Luca ReinaM40-4950km3h 13m 33sGold
B34Lydia GouldF60+50km3h 08m 59sGold
C10Malcolm AngusM50+43km3h 30m 03sBronze
C28Marc MontserratM18-3943km2h 16m 33sGold
A119Marcus WynneM40-4950km2h 48m 21sGold
B10Mark BestM50+50km1h 43m 48sGold
C16Mark ButterfieldM60+30km1h 31m 13sGold
B13Mark CartwrightM50+50km4h 27m 10sBronze
A26Mark DoddsM50+50km3h 35m 12sSilver
A49Mark HulmeM50+50km2h 57m 01sGold
B55Mark LambourneM40-4950km3h 25m 43sSilver
B71Mark MillardM50+30km2h 24m 29sSilver
A63Mark MillerM50+50km2h 43m 20sGold
A74Mark PalmerM50+50km3h 58m 10sSilver
B87Mark RichardsM50+ E43km2h 09m 20sGold
B88Mark RiddingtonM50+50km3h 26m 07sSilver
B94Mark SawtellM50+ E50km3h 13m 04sGold
A105Mark TyrrellM40-4950km3h 25m 15sSilver
A2Martin ArnoldM50+50km3h 14m 56sGold
A11Martin BrickellM50+50km3h 41m 20sSilver
A19Martin ChuterM60+50km3h 00m 05sGold
A42Mathew HastieM40-4950km3h 24m 39sSilver
C15Matt BullM40-4930km2h 16m 33sSilver
B80Matt PavittM18-3950km3h 34m 10sSilver
B44Meg HiggsF18-3930km2h 00m 02sSilver
A80Michael PullingerM18-3950km3h 49m 55sBronze
B57Mike LillywhiteM60+50km3h 26m 13sGold
A39Mitch GoslingM40-4950km3h 24m 42sSilver
B46Neil HodderM50+50km4h 25m 18sBronze
A100Neil ThompsonM40-4950km3h 33m 10sSilver
A14Nick CareswellM60+ E50km2h 46m 00sGold
A75Nick PinerM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C34Nick TaylorM50+30km2h 13m 07sSilver
A101Nick ThompsonM40-49 E50km2h 36m 57sGold
B4Nina ArbuckleF40-4930km2h 01m 06sGold
A32Nir EvronM40-4950km3h 10m 40sGold
C38Oscar ChamberlainMU1650km2h 38m 32sGold
B37Paolo GrittiM18-3950km3h 10m 49sSilver
C11Paul AshcroftM60+ E30km2h 12m 16sSilver
B7Paul AtkinsM40-4950km3h 13m 37sGold
A8Paul BooseyM50+50km3h 39m 17sSilver
B18Paul ClarkM40-4950km3h 09m 26sGold
A24Paul DilleyM60+ E50km2h 47m 25sGold
A35Paul GillespieM50+50km2h 40m 32sGold
A59Paul MartinM50+50km4h 22m 36sBronze
B100Paul TaylorM50+43km2h 59m 59sSilver
A112Paul WildeM50+50km2h 59m 30sGold
A46Peter HodgsonM50+50km3h 56m 56sSilver
A52Peter KelseyM50+50km2h 17m 24sGold
B64Phil MalamM50+50km2h 17m 36sGold
B59Philip LiptrotM50+50km3h 36m 01sSilver
B11Phillip BishopM50+50km2h 45m 15sGold
A88Phillip RitchieM50+43km3h 20m 00sSilver
B60Rafael LopesM40-4943km2h 05m 43sGold
B41Richard HawesM50+ E43km2h 06m 05sGold
B47Richard HollowayM50+ E50km2h 42m 42sGold
B67Richard MasonM60+50km2h 42m 38sGold
A61Richard McphersonM50+50km2h 30m 52sGold
B81Richard PavittM50+50km3h 33m 46sSilver
B93Richard Sambrook SmithM50+43km2h 35m 21sGold
A110Richie WalsheM18-3950km3h 36m 24sSilver
B72Robert MorganM50+50km3h 02m 46sGold
B79Robert PalmerM40-49 E43km2h 39m 11sGold
C31Robert PennM50+30km1h 44m 15sGold
A113Robert WillingtonM18-3943km4h 30m 32s
A29Roger ElfordM40-4943km3h 16m 47sSilver
B99Ron SutherlandM50+50km2h 53m 47sGold
A44Sam HedgesM18-3950km5h 30m 24s
A55Scott LauzonM18-3950km3h 51m 11sBronze
A62Scott MiddletonM40-4950km2h 49m 44sGold
B48Sean HowardM50+ E43km3h 27m 05sBronze
A57Shane LovellM18-3943km4h 30m 22s
A36Shaun GilmoreM50+50km4h 34m 12sGold
B12Simon Carson-JonesM40-4950km2h 13m 01sGold
C48Simon DunfordM50+50km2h 50m 18sGold
B65Simon MannM40-4950km2h 02m 22sGold
B75Simon O'HeaM60+50km3h 25m 33sGold
A87Simon RiderM50+ E50km2h 14m 36sGold
A91Simon RoweM50+50km2h 47m 56sGold
A69Stephen MullensM50+50km4h 06m 45sBronze
B58Steve LinesM50+ E43km2h 07m 19sGold
A56Steve LordM50+ E50km2h 49m 34sGold
A67Stuart MoseleyM40-4950km2h 55m 50sGold
B1Terry AkersM60+ E50km3h 40m 21sSilver
B89Terry RowlesM18-39 E50km2h 38m 54sGold
B74Tim NewmanM40-4950km2h 35m 54sGold
A81Tim QuickendenM40-4950km2h 45m 03sGold
A20Toby CoolesM60+30km2h 22m 35sSilver
A40Toby GruberM50+50km3h 40m 50sSilver
B45Toby HiggsM18-3943km2h 47m 56sSilver
B15Tommy CaveM40-4930km2h 24m 50sBronze
C47Tony ColeM50+50km2h 33m 23sGold
A92Tony RuddS50+50km2h 56m 43sGold
B84Val PlaceF60+50km3h 30m 44sGold
B86Vicky RhodesF60+ E50km3h 16m 50sGold
A18Victoria ChamberlainF40-49 E50km4h 03m 41sBronze
A90Warren RossiniM50+50km3h 46m 28sSilver
A28Will EdwardsM18-3950km5h 29m 52s
A84Mark ReedM50+50km3h 41m 54sSilver