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Shackleford Turkey Burner MTB

Shackleford, Surrey, 8th January

Dirty Santa Xmas Cards

Perfect for your biking buddies this Xmas – from £3.99per pack!




Christmas is coming! There’s no getting away from it, so use it as an excuse to get dirty with the excellent pre Xmas blast!

Head out into the Surrey Hills for a frantic festive hack on some superb winter trails. 45 & 34km distance options will be available*, all fully signposted, with all the usual top level Trail Ride support and infrastructure their to compliment your ride. In addition there will be a manned feed station on route handing out tea and mince pies, plus Xmas goodies for finishers, including a custom finishers medal, automatic entry into our great Lezyne finishers prize draw and a specially brewed Dirty Santa bottled beer!**

The routes will as ever, be chosen to give you the very best ride for the time of year, and along with full route marking, you get maps, GPS files, full rider timing and on site catering to make it great day out!

*Final routes to be confirmed   **Beer for the grown ups only!




Dirty Santa Xmas Cards

Perfect for your biking buddies this Xmas – from £3.99per pack!

Dirty Santa 2021 Photos

These photos from Tim Redgrove are hosted on the Trail Break Facebook page. You can browse the thumbnails here; clicking on a thumbnail will take you to that photo on the Facebook album.

If you want any full resolution, unbranded copies of your images, email us at web@trailbreak.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch with Tim to arrange a direct sale.




Dirty Santa MTB 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

 NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourse 
A8Alan Beck4h 47m 54sBronzeM50+48km
A74Hayley Pooley4h 47m 41sF18-3948km
A20Ross Clinch4h 39m 43sM18-3948km
A51Philip Jones4h 39m 39sM18-3948km
A93Matt Vernon-Clinch4h 39m 25sM18-3948km
A84Christopher Sleep4h 39m 17sM18-3948km
A49Robin Hunter3h 51m 20sBronzeM50+48km
A3Adrian Bagshaw4h 27m 10sBronzeM60+48km
A77Kieron Ray4h 27m 12sBronzeM18-3948km
A90Rudolf Szentimrey4h 19m 23sBronzeM18-3948km
A180Chris Roper4h 07m 45sBronzeM50+48km
A24Simon Dew4h 09m 51sBronzeM50+48km
A95Barry Wells4h 09m 34sBronzeM50+48km
A82Peter Seal4h 10m 25sBronzeM50+48km
A18Victoria Chamberlain4h 04m 39sBronzeF40-49 E48km
A100Louise Younger4h 05m 01sBronzeF50+ E48km
A2John Aslett4h 04m 24sBronzeM60+ E48km
A87Martin Southam4h 10m 39sBronzeM18-3948km
A181Lydia Gould3h 02m 04sGoldF60+48km
A80Al Rymer3h 54m 34sBronzeM60+48km
A60Richard Mason3h 54m 34sBronzeM60+48km
A34Barbara Golds4h 02m 37sBronzeF50+48km
A72Bertrand Pole3h 27m 33sBronzeM50+39kmPrize 3
A97Jill Willis3h 50m 45sSilverF60+48km
A4Mark Baker4h 01m 41sBronzeM60+ E48km
B19Michael Lynam3h 59m 37sBronzeM40-4948km
A75Krzysztof Pulkowski3h 41m 58sBronzeM18-3948km
A179Patrick Haveron3h 50m 26sBronzeM50+48kmPrize 9
A52Daniel Jordan3h 58m 19sBronzeM50+48km
A99Jonathan Younger3h 47m 36sBronzeM50+48km
C8Brian Vince3h 12m 52sMU1428km
C7Brian Vince3h 12m 44sM40-4928km
A31James Fell3h 50m 23sBronzeM18-3948km
A59Andy Martin3h 50m 08sBronzeM40-4948km
A25Matt Draper3h 50m 06sBronzeM40-4948km
A76Tim Radford3h 49m 38sBronzeM18-3948km
A29Gail Edmans3h 33m 42sSilverF50+48km
A12Paul Boosey3h 47m 30sBronzeM50+48km
B35Mike Harrison3h 39m 43sSilverM60+ E48km
A7Michael Bebbington3h 26m 58sSilverM40-4948km
A21David Cook3h 43m 52sBronzeM40-4948km
B9Chris Dunn3h 21m 05sBronzeM50+39km
A14Phil Byrne3h 39m 30sSilverM50+48kmPrize 6
A62Geoffrey Milner3h 39m 24sSilverM50+48km
A42Paul Hopkins3h 39m 24sBronzeM60+39km
B18Melanie Lovell Knight3h 07m 08sF50+28km
B1Meg Anderson3h 07m 05sF18-3928km
B25Hermione Redfern3h 36m 17sBronzeF40-4939km
B11Steve Franklin3h 36m 06sBronzeM40-4939km
A86Mike Soffe3h 32m 29sBronzeM40-49 E48km
A73Edd Pooley3h 32m 24sSilverM50+48km
A94Brett Wateridge3h 32m 23sBronzeM40-49 E48km
A89Brian Stone3h 34m 20sSilverM60+48km
A68Tomasz Pekala3h 14m 20sSilverM18-3948km
A9Jason Bell3h 32m 06sSilverM40-4948km
A39Jo Hitchen3h 25m 21sSilverF50+48km
A192Robert Morgan3h 24m 06sSilverM50+48km
A26Matthew Duckworth3h 28m 51sSilverM40-4948km
A27Stuart Duncan3h 28m 47sSilverM50+48kmPrize 4
B29Ferenc Szabo3h 21m 34sBronzeM40-4939km
A70Ben Pentney3h 24m 51sBronzeM18-3948km
A47Harry Hoyle2h 59m 21sSilverMU18 E48km
A46Chris Hoyle2h 59m 17sSilverM50+ E48km
A55Jeremy Lloyd3h 25m 22sSilverM50+48km
A54Brendan King3h 24m 53sSilverM50+48km
A63Simon Murawicki3h 24m 26sSilverM50+48km
A88Tim Steel3h 24m 04sSilverM50+48km
A13Roddy Bridge3h 11m 37sSilverM60+48km
A6Nicholas Beal3h 20m 30sSilverM40-4948km
B20Darren Mills3h 12m 25sBronzeM40-4939km
B23Keir Nolan3h 12m 14sBronzeM18-3939km
A64Alan Outen3h 19m 12sSilverM40-49 E48km
A71Dean Penwarden3h 19m 00sSilverM40-49 E48km
A193Adam Henderson3h 18m 02sSilverM18-3948km
A1Rob Arnett3h 19m 13sSilverM50+48km
A40Mik Hodsdon3h 16m 47sSilverM60+48km
A22Stephen Detsiny2h 59m 19sBronzeM40-4939kmPrize 7
A28Simon Dunford3h 14m 04sSilverM50+48km
B6Chris Copas3h 09m 13sSilverF50+39kmPrize 10
A5Charles Baseden3h 02m 20sSilverMU1648km
A58Paul Marsh3h 10m 41sSilverM60+48km
A23Lawrence Dew3h 01m 35sSilverMU1648km
B7Justin Dando3h 06m 37sBronzeM18-3939km
B14Sally Hunt3h 04m 13sSilverF60+39km
B13Ross Horwich3h 04m 16sSilverM60+39km
B17John Le Beau2h 25m 03sGoldM50+39km
B4Martin Carter2h 25m 02sSilverM40-4939km
B10Alan Fox3h 00m 32sBronzeM40-4939km
B8Tyrone Duff3h 01m 26sSilverM50+39km
B12Paulo Gomes3h 01m 24sBronzeM40-4939km
B16Mike King3h 03m 00sBronzeM60+ E39km
A44Sean Howard3h 06m 15sSilverM50+ E48km
A36Mark Grotefeld2h 58m 58sGoldM50+48km
A48Darren Humphrey3h 05m 03sSilverM40-4948km
A85Darren Sleeth2h 56m 15sSilverM50+ E48km
A92Mark Townsend2h 56m 16sSilverM40-4948km
A182Robin Howett2h 56m 16sSilverM40-49 E48km
A195Sid Chapman3h 05m 57sSilverM50+48km
C5Neil Macqueen2h 42m 55sBronzeM50+28km
A37Otto Hejtmanek2h 47m 19sSilverM18-3948km
A33Paul Gillespie2h 59m 53sSilverM50+48km
A32Juan Garcia2h 59m 00sSilverM50+48km
A69Tom Pell-Stevens2h 53m 27sSilverM40-4948kmPrize 5
A65Martin Outen2h 52m 52sSilverM40-49 E48km
A15Nicolas Careswell2h 53m 21sGoldM60+ E48km
C3Adam Dodd2h 51m 14sBronzeM18-3939km
C4Alex Johnson2h 51m 06sBronzeM18-3939km
B34Andrew Woodcock2h 43m 55sSilverM40-4939km
B24Robert Palmer2h 43m 50sSilverM50+ E39km
B5Annie Christian2h 31m 44sGoldF60+ E39km
B15Angela Kennett2h 31m 34sGoldF60+ E39kmPrize 8
A50David James2h 43m 21sGoldM50+48kmPrize 2
B2Christian Bode2h 39m 34sSilverM50+39km
A30Andy Fell2h 41m 12sGoldM50+48km
A53Andrew Kent2h 40m 39sGoldM50+48km
B3Matt Bode2h 39m 03sSilverM50+39km
C9Justin Dabrowski2h 39m 12sBronzeM40-4928km
A91Sally Taylor2h 39m 20sGoldF50+ E48km
A38Geoff Hill2h 38m 41sGoldM60+ E48km
A194Ben Brunt2h 40m 03sGoldM40-4948km
A183Stuart Heath2h 25m 15sGoldM50+48km
B21Phillip Mitchell2h 27m 48sSilverM50+39km
A16Carl Chamberlain2h 19m 28sGoldM40-49 E48km
A17Oscar Chamberlain2h 19m 47sGoldMU16 E48km
B33Nick Weller2h 27m 41sSilverM50+ E39km
A19Aidan Childs2h 29m 50sGoldM50+ E48km
B22Robert Mitchell2h 27m 36sSilverM50+39km
A66Julian Paphitis2h 19m 14sGoldM50+48km
A79Paul Rusby2h 26m 32sGoldM50+48km
A67David Peacock2h 23m 24sGoldM60+ E48km
A11Alan Boakes2h 03m 45sSilverM50+28km
C1Sarah Collins2h 21m 11sBronzeF18-3928km
A35Simon Green2h 17m 46sGoldM40-4948kmPrize 1
A41Robin Hooker2h 18m 02sGoldM50+48km
A83Brendan Shephard2h 15m 32sGoldM50+48km
A196Matt Dunsbier2h 14m 24sGoldM50+48km
A43James House2h 04m 33sGoldM60+ E48km
B30Chris Tee2h 08m 39sGoldM60+ E39km
B31Karen Tee2h 09m 00sGoldF50+ E39km
B27Daryl Sherwood2h 02m 11sGoldM60+ E39km
B28Rob Sherwood2h 02m 11sGoldM18-39 E39km
A56Steve Lord2h 02m 52sGoldM50+ E48km
C6Elliott Ross1h 50m 31sSilverM40-4928km
A96Gareth Williams1h 44m 21sGoldM40-4948km
A81Richard Sambrook Smith1h 39m 29sGoldM50+28km

Prizes for Best Outfit & Best Decorated Bike

(Note: Xmas outfits, decorated bikes etc. are optional, not compulsory)


Take home a bottle of specially brewed Dirty Santa Ale.

Every (adult) finisher will take home a bottle of Dirty Santa real ale to enjoy over the Xmas break!

Fantastic Finishers Prize Draw!

We have a stack of good stuff from our favourite accessories brands to give away on the day in the Dirty Santa Prize Draw! You just have to be there to be in with a chance! 

Pedal to the Medal!

Collect your Custom Dirty Santa finishers medal at the end of the ride – wear it with pride, take it home and use it to bling up your Xmas tree!

Substitutions to advertised items may occur depending on demand and availability.

Short Route


Full Route


Start Location

Tillingbourne Junior School
New Rd, Chilworth,
Guildford, GU4 8NB

Start Time

9:00am – 10:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 3:30pm

Riding the Surrey Hills

Starting on the fringes of the Surrey Hills, this ride takes you into their very heart and back out again, to explore a mix of the most popular tracks and hidden gems!

The Surrey Hills are one of the most popular MTB destinations in the UK. But in recent years, the focus on a small number of man made trails has led many to forget just what a great mix of open trail riding the area has to offer! Let the Bramley Trail Ride show you some of the best. Role out on fast tracks from the picturesque village of Bramley, climb up into Winterfold Woods and beyond into some of the very best riding in the south east, you'll enjoy a series of climbs, descents with enough technical spice to keep things interesting, plus sweeping views and beautiful scenery.

34km Short Route

Shorter, sharp and fun, a terrific ride that avoids the hardest sections of the longer routes.
  • Fully route marked by the event team
  • Route map for all riders
  • GPS files sent to pre entered riders (enter in advance to receive these)
  • Rider timing by transponder tag. Results posted to these web pages.
  • Mid ride feed point (Tea & Mince Pies!).
  • Hot food and drink available at event base.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Ride souvenirs
  • + Price increases by £1 from Nov 1st.

Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

This event is fully booked – there will be no entry on the day.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

Hot and cold food and drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)

For Dirty Santa, tea & mince pies will also be available at a feed point out on the trail!