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Trail Break MTB Trail Rides

The Original Open Trail Series

Our MTB Trail Rides have been getting people out on the Trails since 1997. We realised that people wanted MTB events away from the race course, so we devised the open trail format, with a choice distances and fully marked routes, that concentrated on great rides in great locations on carefully designed routes. Over time, we’ve seen our format become pretty much an industry standard, shaping the way mountain bike rides, road sportives and more are organised today.

What continues ot set Trail Break’s MTB Trail Rides apart, is the quality of the courses, the support you get and our independent ethos. Our events are not a marketing exercise to try and sell you something else, they are what we do, the only thing we do, and your enjoyment of the ride is all that matters. Our courses are planned by the most experienced open trail route designer in the country – there’s way more to what makes a great ride than just drawing a rough circle on a map! Every aspect of the terrain and every choice of track or lane is carefully considered to tie together the best possble circuit. You’ll get a choice of three route distances too, so you can pick exactly the right option for you. We provide comprehensive trail marking, as well as clear route maps and gps files to keep you on track, along with back up support and mechanical assistance to keep you going. There’s free energy drink at the start to fuel you, and top up drink stations out on the course., plus rider timing and full catering.

Your time on the bike is precious – trust the event specialists to deliver the best day out!