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Event Results

Ridgeway 100 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
A51Aaron FultonM18-39106km6h 15m 27sSilver
A148Adam SmithM18-39106km5h 45m 17sSilver
C14Ade GoodyerM50+48km3h 26m 58sBronze
A166Adrian WallerM40-49106km6h 47m 36sBronze
C4Aidan BurgerMU1848km3h 51m 24s
A83Alan IddendenM50+106km6h 22m 07sSilver
A86Alan IrvingM50+106km7h 38m 39sBronze
C23Alan PorterM60+ E48km2h 26m 39sGold
A163Alan VenablesM40-49106km6h 30m 41sSilver
A5Alex BendM18-39106km6h 04m 54sSilver
A6Alex BennettM18-39106km6h 05m 17sSilver
C13Alex GearM18-3948km3h 45m 29s
A57Alex GordonM40-49106km7h 02m 35sBronze
B10Alison CooperF50+85km5h 03m 47sSilver
C27Alistair SedwellM40-4948km2h 12m 13sGold
B35Allison StewartF60+85km6h 11m 50sSilver
A103Andre LiebenbergM50+106km6h 18m 22sSilver
B7Andrew ChesworthM40-4985km5h 49m 10sBronze
C8Andrew CopleyM40-49 E48km2h 52m 33sSilver
A64Andrew GunbyM40-49106km6h 48m 29sBronze
C15Andrew KentM50+48km2h 20m 32sGold
A102Andrew LayM50+85km6h 42m 40sBronze
B27Andrew LittlejohnsM40-4985km5h 13m 59sSilver
C21Andrew ParryM40-4948km4h 05m 01s
A141Andrey RotchevM18-39106km7h 15m 30sBronze
B1Andy AllenM60+85km7h 09m 03sBronze
A18Andy BurgeM50+ E106km6h 23m 55sSilver
A49Andy FordM40-49106km6h 31m 25sSilver
A65Andy GundryM40-49106km7h 43m 06sBronze
A70Andy HarwoodM50+85km6h 08m 17sBronze
A183Andy JonesM18-39106km5h 29m 26sSilver
A149Andy SmithM40-49106km5h 47m 05sSilver
A44Anthony EdwardsM50+48km3h 48m 52sBronze
A158Ashley ThomasM18-39106km6h 04m 47sSilver
B39Barry WellsM50+106km7h 23m 21sBronze
A120Ben OldenM40-49106km6h 46m 12sSilver
A145Ben ScurrM40-49106km5h 52m 09sSilver
C29Ben VinallM40-4948km4h 04m 55s
B17Benn EldridgeM18-3985km6h 24m 17s
A164Bernie VerrillsM60+106km7h 02m 25sSilver
A160Buddy UpsonM18-39106km5h 44m 05sSilver
A50Charles FoxM50+106km7h 14m 28sBronze
A154Charlie SummerfieldM60+106km6h 23m 52sSilver
A13Chris BoultonM50+106km5h 47m 09sGold
A41Chris DoddMU18106km7h 10m 29sBronze
B20Chris GurneyM18-3985km5h 59m 00sBronze
A146Chris SeymourM40-49106km6h 18m 11sSilver
A63Christopher GullyM50+85km4h 57m 00sSilver
B18Ciaran ElmesM18-3985km3h 55m 08sGold
A119Claire NormanF40-49106km6h 37m 43sSilver
C16Colin LewisM40-4948km2h 30m 32sGold
A68Craig HancockM18-39106km8h 07m 52s
A173Dale WilliamsM18-39106km7h 06m 30sBronze
A174Dan WoodM50+106km7h 11m 30sBronze
A122Daniel OsborneM18-39106km7h 10m 44sBronze
A21Darren CardyM40-49106km6h 42m 16sSilver
A54Darren GiddingsM50+106km4h 49m 35sGold
B14Dave DaubneyM50+48km3h 50m 17sBronze
B38Dave WelchM50+85km7h 43m 39s
A39David A CullimoreM18-39106km5h 02m 15sGold
A9David BlakeM50+106km7h 15m 38sBronze
A20David BushM50+106km5h 52m 50sGold
B12David E CullimoreM60+48km3h 15m 41sSilver
B21David GurneyM50+ E85km5h 59m 07sBronze
B22David HeadM50+85km6h 42m 00sBronze
A91David JohnsonM60+106km5h 37m 41sGold
A99David KoslowM60+106km5h 43m 58sGold
A171David WhitelockM40-49106km4h 35m 52sGold
A52Dictino GarciaM50+106km7h 18m 36sBronze
A92Douglas JohnsonM18-39106km5h 19m 54sGold
A75Ed HillM50+106km6h 07m 13sSilver
B44Edi HienrichM60+85km7h 00m 39sBronze
B25Edward JohnsonM18-3985km6h 39m 57s
A172Eric WilcockM50+106km7h 18m 01sBronze
B43Francesco ArceM18-3985km4h 03m 34sGold
A48Francis FlahertyM50+106km7h 17m 04sBronze
C5Fredrik BurgerM40-4948km3h 51m 26s
A112Gabrielle MiddletonF40-49106km6h 29m 08sSilver
A33Geoff CooperM60+106km5h 16m 19sGold
A109Geoffrey McdonaldM50+106km6h 18m 27sSilver
A47Gerard EvansM50+106km6h 19m 08sSilver
A113Glenn MiddletonM40-49106km6h 29m 10sSilver
B13Graeme DacombM60+85km4h 25m 42sGold
A152Graeme StockM40-49106km7h 55m 41sBronze
A11Graham BotwrightM50+106km5h 31m 56sGold
A37Graham CrabtreeM40-49106km5h 31m 00sGold
A45Graham EdwardsM60+106km7h 38m 45sBronze
A180Hans AndreaeM50+106km5h 22m 31sGold
B4Harvey BoultMU1848km3h 46m 12s
B11Haydn CostinM50+106km7h 05m 24sSilver
A155Helen SwanF40-49106km6h 50m 26sSilver
C11Howard EwanM18-3948km3h 45m 00s
C33Ian BarringtonM50+48km2h 35m 47sGold
A25Ian CharltonM50+106km5h 06m 49sGold
B31Ian MoraleeM50+85km5h 13m 59sSilver
C25Ian PryorM60+48km3h 24m 31sBronze
A7Jack BentM18-39106km6h 21m 04sSilver
A126Jake PassinghamM18-39106km7h 15m 06sBronze
A140James RicherM18-39106km5h 55m 30sSilver
A104Jane LiebenbergF50+106km6h 17m 25sGold
A27Jason ClarkM50+106km7h 26m 02sBronze
A53Jason GardinerM40-49106km7h 46m 31sBronze
C12Jenni FitzsimonsF40-4948km3h 26m 53sBronze
B2Jennie BallF50+85km6h 49m 26sBronze
A147Jim SheaM50+106km5h 52m 47sGold
B40John WestM60+85km6h 08m 17sBronze
A162Josh VaughanM18-39106km8h 07m 59s
A58Justin GrayM40-49106km6h 05m 13sSilver
A76Justin HillM50+106km6h 41m 24sSilver
A93Justin JordaanM18-39106km7h 11m 15sBronze
B5Kane ChaineyM18-3985km6h 39m 59s
A2Karan AndrewsF50+106km6h 16m 17sGold
B8Katarina ComptonF40-4985km5h 58m 36sBronze
C18Kate MccaffreyF50+48km2h 56m 28sSilver
A73Keith HeddleM50+106km7h 11m 30sBronze
A177Kejal BhuvaM18-39106km7h 53m 00s
A139Kelly RichardsonM40-49106km7h 55m 49sBronze
A1Ken AndersonM60+106km6h 16m 58sGold
A151Ken StewartM40-49106km6h 04m 47sSilver
A107Kieron MartinM40-49106km6h 12m 43sSilver
A94Lauren JordaanF18-3985km6h 31m 07sBronze
B16Lee EagleM18-3985km4h 59m 27sSilver
A22Leon Cardy-StewartM18-39106km6h 42m 19sBronze
A85Leonard IngramM50+106km7h 26m 51sBronze
A137Les ReadingM40-49106km6h 31m 53sSilver
A35Luis CostaM18-39106km5h 22m 37sGold
C24Marc ProtheroeM40-4948km3h 32m 13sBronze
B33Marcus PeedellM18-3985km6h 41m 58s
B29Mark MacdonaldM40-4985km4h 27m 46sGold
A161Mark VallisM18-39106km8h 07m 52s
A168Mark WestbrookM18-39106km4h 45m 14sGold
A8Martin BentM40-49106km6h 21m 00sSilver
A15Martin BrickellM50+106km4h 35m 35sGold
A143Martin RuleM50+106km5h 05m 58sGold
A144Martyn ScalesM40-49106km6h 21m 06sSilver
A181Matt HuntM40-49106km5h 33m 57sGold
B24Matthew HutchisonM50+85km7h 43m 33s
C28Michael SetfordM40-4948km4h 04m 58s
A153Michael StrugaleM40-49106km5h 56m 14sSilver
B42Michael WinterM50+85km6h 11m 53sBronze
A17Mike BrothersM50+85km6h 43m 00sBronze
A40Mike DeanM50+106km5h 51m 04sGold
A59Mike GreavesM50+106km4h 44m 51sGold
C19Mike MolyneuxM60+48km4h 29m 12s
A135Mitchell PurvisM50+106km5h 36m 50sGold
C26Murray QuineyM50+48km2h 34m 55sGold
A133Nathan PretloveM50+106km7h 38m 34sBronze
A121Nathaniel OlsonM18-39106km4h 49m 10sGold
A14Nick BowyerM50+106km5h 12m 41sGold
A81Nick HuntleyM40-49106km6h 12m 49sSilver
B28Nick LockhartM40-4985km5h 53m 43sBronze
C6Nicolas CareswellM60+ E48km5h 04m 08s
A12Nigel BoultM50+48km3h 46m 13sBronze
B26Nigel JohnsonM50+85km6h 40m 01sBronze
C30Oliver VinallM40-4948km4h 05m 08s
A100Owen KoslowM50+106km5h 43m 54sGold
A29Paul CliffordM50+106km7h 43m 10sBronze
A55Paul GillespieM50+106km6h 16m 26sSilver
A182Paul JamesM50+106km6h 22m 43sSilver
A97Paul KeyM40-49106km7h 08m 43sBronze
B30Paul MacmurdieM40-49106km6h 43m 37sSilver
A178Paul McknightM60+106km5h 55m 35sGold
A157Paul TaylorM18-39106km6h 25m 33sSilver
A165Paul VowellM50+106km6h 02m 27sSilver
A31Pete CollinsM40-49106km7h 55m 41sBronze
B34Peter PhillipsM60+ E85km5h 59m 10sBronze
A130Philip PerrettM50+106km7h 15m 14sBronze
A36Phillip CoxillM18-39106km7h 13m 53sBronze
A90Phillip JenkinsM50+106km5h 16m 08sGold
A118Phillip NealeM40-4948km3h 01m 55sSilver
A156Rachel PassinghamF18-3985km6h 04m 42sBronze
A127Rahul PatelM40-49106km7h 14m 31sBronze
A95Rebecca KearneyF18-39106km6h 17m 26sSilver
C3Richard BennettM18-3948km3h 45m 03s
A10Richard BonnerM40-49106km6h 05m 39sSilver
B9Richard CookM50+85km7h 43m 44s
C9Richard EastwoodM18-3948km2h 26m 50sGold
A67Richard HallettM40-49106km6h 21m 14sSilver
A71Richard HastingsM40-49106km6h 31m 23sSilver
A111Richard McphersonM50+106km6h 04m 55sSilver
C22Richard PitcairnM60+48km2h 59m 36sSilver
A179Richard ShoreM50+106km7h 36m 48sBronze
A72Rick HawkinsM40-49106km7h 25m 59sBronze
A79Rick HodsonM50+106km4h 49m 09sGold
A3Rob AndrewsM50+106km7h 36m 23sBronze
A116Robert MorganM50+106km7h 04m 16sSilver
A82Robin HutchinsonM18-39106km6h 14m 45sSilver
A98Robin KnightM40-49106km7h 11m 18sBronze
A16Roddy BridgeM60+106km6h 36m 29sSilver
A30Roger CloseM18-39106km5h 41m 44sSilver
A136Roger RawlinsonM60+85km6h 08m 11sBronze
A77Rupert HillM50+106km7h 35m 20sBronze
B41Rupert WilkinsonM40-49106km6h 43m 34sSilver
A89Sam JefferiesM18-39106km6h 17m 19sSilver
B45Sam StapletonMU1885km5h 03m 09sSilver
A123Scott OsborneM18-39106km7h 10m 45sBronze
B6Shane ChapmanM18-3985km5h 39m 04sBronze
A24Simon Carson-JonesM40-49106km5h 12m 22sGold
B15Simon DewM50+106km7h 17m 06sBronze
A62Simon GuardM50+106km5h 07m 11sGold
A175Simon WoodhouseM40-49106km7h 42m 48sBronze
A129Steve PenneyM50+106km6h 04m 41sSilver
A23Steven CarolanM60+106km7h 00m 01sSilver
A60Stuart GreigM50+106km6h 22m 39sSilver
A115Stuart MillsM40-4948km2h 44m 18sSilver
A128Stuart PembleM40-49106km7h 36m 44sBronze
B36Suzannne TurnerF50+48km3h 51m 27sBronze
C1Terry AkersM60+48km4h 35m 35s
A125Tim ParkesM50+106km7h 02m 38sSilver
A132Tim PowM40-49106km7h 04m 15sBronze
A19Tom BurnleyM40-49106km4h 49m 04sGold
A84Tom ImrieM50+106km6h 24m 42sSilver
A114Tom MillingtonM50+106km7h 46m 38sBronze
B3Travis BoltonM18-3985km4h 59m 22sSilver
A32Wayne CookM50+106km5h 11m 12sGold
A108Wendy MartinF40-4948km2h 44m 19sSilver

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