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Event Results

The Great Escape 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourseFinished at
A35Karl Harrison4h 29m 29sM40-4941km14:12:49
A19Stuart Dale4h 29m 25sM40-4941km14:12:48
A95Teresa With4h 29m 33sBronzeF40-4941km14:12:43
C4Julia Clarke4h 00m 02sBronzeF50+41km14:03:18
C12Caroline Martyn3h 59m 47sBronzeF50+41km14:02:59
C18Nikki Storrar3h 59m 50sBronzeF50+41km14:02:57
C17Denise Stenning3h 59m 37sBronzeF50+41km14:02:37
B7Mark Barnett4h 18m 24sSilverM50+50km13:46:57
B55Heather Millar4h 18m 22sSilverF50+50km13:46:55
B48Andrew Lay2h 58m 27sBronzeM50+31km13:17:20
B49Toby Lay2h 58m 30sBronzeMUnder 1831km13:17:18
B71Roland Seber3h 34m 50sGoldM50+50km13:14:04
B66Julie Rand3h 34m 52sGoldF60+50km13:14:02
B64Stuart Pemble2h 53m 29sBronzeM40-4931km13:12:28
B18Shazna Cook3h 43m 03sSilverF40-49 E50km13:11:41
B17David Cook3h 43m 00sSilverM40-4950km13:11:37
A57Glawber Machado4h 18m 04sBronzeM18-3950km13:05:35
A73Eduardo Saoncela4h 18m 06sBronzeM18-3950km13:05:34
B8Chris Barratt3h 51m 24sSilverM40-4950km13:04:55
C14Amy Rowland3h 12m 44sSilverF40-4941km13:04:43
C16Milli Rowland3h 12m 24sSilverF18-3941km13:04:29
C15Jonathan Rowland3h 12m 18sSilverM40-4941km13:04:27
B45Daniel Jordan3h 23m 48sGoldM50+50km12:59:45
B32Paul Hartigan3h 00m 53sGoldM50+41km12:59:17
B13Richard Burgess3h 00m 32sSilverM40-4941km12:59:14
B46Kate Kelland3h 00m 31sGoldF50+41km12:59:08
A65Nigel Parson3h 31m 21sGoldM60+50km12:57:59
B74Clive Smith3h 31m 02sGoldM60+50km12:57:35
C3Geoff Chapman3h 31m 00sSilverM60+41km12:57:30
B24Steve Ellis3h 30m 13sGoldM50+50km12:56:12
B3Richard Anstey3h 30m 13sGoldM50+50km12:56:10
B22Daniel Draper3h 30m 02sGoldM50+50km12:56:05
A38Emma Hopgood3h 20m 45sGoldF40-4950km12:53:28
A50Laura Lawson3h 20m 44sGoldF40-4950km12:53:25
A96James Woodbridge3h 20m 36sGoldM40-4950km12:53:22
B77Robbie Trower3h 13m 08sGoldM40-4950km12:44:26
B40Gavin Hubbard3h 13m 07sGoldM50+50km12:44:22
B27Lydia Gould2h 36m 34sGoldF60+50km12:41:35
C9Robin Hunter2h 37m 19sGoldM50+41km12:37:29
B67Robert (Tom) Ray3h 15m 48sGoldM40-4950km12:36:54
B62Dale O'Connor3h 15m 46sGoldM40-4950km12:36:50
B50Dean Llewhellyn3h 15m 47sGoldM40-4950km12:36:48
A13Steve Burton3h 07m 52sGoldM50+50km12:34:11
A81Roger Stott3h 07m 58sGoldM50+50km12:34:10
A28Peter Gerrard3h 08m 00sGoldM50+50km12:34:08
C20Emily Subden2h 27m 20sGoldF18-3941km12:31:37
C1Paul Bagot2h 25m 59sGoldM40-4941km12:30:08
C13Robert Palmer2h 44m 18sGoldM40-4941km12:27:14
C5Tim Cole2h 44m 21sGoldM40-49 E41km12:27:12
C23John Woodcock2h 44m 07sGoldM40-4941km12:27:07
C22Andrew Woodcock2h 43m 32sGoldM40-4941km12:26:24
C11Christopher Lowrey2h 43m 28sGoldM40-4941km12:26:23
C6Mike Coles2h 42m 41sGoldM40-4941km12:22:44
C10Rob Huxtable2h 42m 20sGoldM50+41km12:22:26
B12Richard Bowman2h 50m 51sGoldM40-4950km12:20:45
C29Jamie Larbalestier2h 51m 05sGoldMU1650km12:19:59
C28Seb Kukreja2h 51m 06sGoldMU1650km12:19:57
B47Roy Kukreja2h 51m 04sGoldM40-4950km12:19:53
B80Jim Waller2h 50m 53sGoldM40-4950km12:19:49
B29Dave Gurney2h 50m 13sGoldM50+ E50km12:19:44
B60Steven New2h 49m 40sGoldM40-4950km12:19:42
B26Keegan Fourie3h 20m 03sGoldM18-3950km12:19:29
B59Warren Naude3h 20m 03sGoldM40-4950km12:19:26
B21Chris Dodd2h 49m 41sGoldM40-4950km12:19:13
B75Jon Smith2h 49m 32sGoldM40-4950km12:19:05
B20Simon Deller2h 57m 29sGoldM40-4950km12:18:09
B25Jason Filer3h 00m 43sGoldM50+50km12:14:10
B73Victoria Sharpin3h 00m 47sGoldF40-4950km12:14:09
B2Karan Andrews3h 00m 39sGoldF50+50km12:14:03
B10Francois Bochereau3h 00m 38sGoldM50+50km12:13:58
B82Ken Wells3h 03m 24sGoldM60+41km12:12:00
B87Mike Wood3h 03m 17sGoldM60+41km12:11:55
A56Johnny Lynas3h 11m 39sGoldM40-4950km12:11:45
B5Phil Armstrong2h 42m 19sGoldM50+41km12:11:02
B4Katie Armstrong2h 42m 12sGoldF18-3941km12:10:58
B57Christine Moore2h 50m 20sGoldF60+41km12:10:51
A59Neil Macqueen3h 36m 37sGoldM50+50km12:10:34
B52Alastair Mackay-James2h 48m 45sGoldM40-4950km12:09:41
B42Romano Januszkiewicz2h 39m 18sGoldM18-3950km12:09:15
A92James Wilkinson3h 03m 06sGoldM40-4950km12:07:17
B43Alan Jenkins2h 51m 32sGoldM40-4941km12:03:08
B54Daniel May2h 51m 06sGoldM40-4941km12:02:33
B53Simon Martindale3h 12m 13sGoldM40-4950km12:02:14
B38Ben Houlihan3h 11m 43sGoldM18-3950km12:02:10
B76Duncan Spooner2h 50m 09sGoldM40-4941km12:01:43
B9Uttam Bhoobun3h 01m 41sSilverM40-4941km12:01:32
B51Philip Lyons2h 49m 48sGoldM40-4941km12:01:16
A91Paul Wilde3h 00m 28sGoldM50+41km12:00:15
B39Thomas Howe2h 46m 37sGoldM18-3950km11:59:50
B14Andrew Caleya Chetty2h 38m 37sGoldM50+41km11:59:47
B78Rupert Upton2h 55m 59sGoldM50+50km11:57:38
C27Cayden Johns2h 27m 26sGoldMU1431km11:57:15
A52Jonathan Lewis2h 34m 49sGoldM50+50km11:55:24
B70Dominic Saul2h 34m 44sGoldM50+50km11:55:20
A1Terry Akers3h 27m 47sSilverM60+41km11:55:16
A9Martin Brickell3h 27m 45sSilverM50+41km11:55:13
C26Joel Dixon-Coen2h 22m 15sGoldMU1431km11:55:11
B16Chris Coen2h 22m 10sSilverM50+31km11:55:08
B58Nigel Moore2h 33m 12sGoldM60+41km11:53:58
B28Peter Gregory2h 39m 40sGoldM18-3950km11:52:51
B65James Quilter3h 08m 41sGoldM50+50km11:52:46
A24Graham Edwards3h 08m 33sGoldM40-4950km11:52:42
A70Alex Richards3h 08m 37sGoldM40-4950km11:52:39
A84Bernie Verrills3h 24m 36sGoldM60+50km11:51:53
B86Bryn Wilding2h 34m 47sGoldM18-3950km11:50:08
A90Christopher White2h 19m 58sGoldM40-4941km11:48:57
C8Dawn Figg2h 12m 06sGoldF50+31km11:48:54
A51Andrew Leask3h 08m 05sGoldM40-4950km11:47:40
A36Chris Hems2h 59m 23sGoldM40-4950km11:43:16
A67Mark Pepperell3h 11m 56sGoldM40-4950km11:42:25
A48Jo Kitley3h 00m 51sGoldF18-3950km11:42:18
A77George Slater3h 00m 44sGoldM60+50km11:42:14
B30Scott Hall2h 12m 26sGoldM50+50km11:41:29
B11Steve Bottomley2h 12m 20sGoldM50+50km11:41:26
B61Andy O'Brien2h 38m 10sGoldM60+ E50km11:40:11
B83Jonathan Wheelwright2h 23m 01sGoldM50+41km11:38:18
B63Andrew Parr2h 23m 29sGoldM60+41km11:37:26
A29Toby Glyn3h 06m 34sGoldM50+50km11:37:06
A53Ricardo Lopes2h 52m 59sGoldM18-3950km11:34:35
A16Simon Currie2h 51m 52sGoldM50+50km11:30:23
A42Toby Jenkins2h 51m 55sGoldM40-4950km11:30:20
A10Ritchie Brooman3h 01m 33sGoldM40-4950km11:30:07
A46Anthony Kendall2h 18m 15sGoldM60+50km11:29:39
B56Michael Millham2h 02m 52sGoldM18-3950km11:28:44
B85Laurence Wigfield2h 14m 40sGoldM18-3950km11:27:49
B23Gavin Eivers2h 14m 30sGoldM40-4950km11:27:46
A85Kris Wadley2h 45m 55sGoldM40-4950km11:27:38
A82Stuart Thorn2h 40m 52sGoldM50+50km11:27:03
A83Kevin Tilbrook2h 42m 41sGoldM50+50km11:26:37
A78Gregory Smith2h 42m 24sGoldM40-4950km11:26:35
A97Andrew Yardley2h 42m 14sGoldM40-4950km11:26:30
A94Adrian Windsor2h 51m 52sGoldM50+50km11:25:32
B19Robert Cragg2h 19m 56sSilverM40-4931km11:24:10
C25Oliver Cragg2h 19m 51sGoldMU1431km11:24:08
B15Nuno Cerqueira2h 07m 06sGoldM18-3950km11:23:45
A15Stuart Clarke2h 54m 44sGoldM50+50km11:22:56
A44David Johnson2h 41m 14sGoldM60+50km11:22:47
A37Chris Hollingsworth2h 23m 01sGoldM50+ E50km11:22:39
A58Angus Maciver2h 39m 50sGoldM50+50km11:21:28
A47Anthony King2h 47m 55sGoldM50+50km11:20:31
A61Andrew Male2h 20m 12sGoldM40-4950km11:19:42
B31Mark Harris2h 18m 22sGoldM40-4950km11:17:57
B84David Whitelock2h 06m 13sGoldM40-4950km11:17:53
A45Mark Jones2h 40m 03sGoldM40-4950km11:15:24
A71Huw Rosen2h 33m 28sGoldM18-3950km11:15:08
A79James Stanhope2h 25m 04sGoldM18-3950km11:15:01
A80Richard Stanhope2h 25m 02sGoldM60+50km11:14:55
A33Campbell Hall2h 21m 54sGoldM40-4950km11:14:35
A11Paul Brownlee2h 36m 11sGoldM50+50km11:14:15
B79Liz Verrall2h 09m 45sGoldF40-4931km11:14:09
A54Henrietta Lowden2h 31m 57sGoldF50+41km11:13:21
A55Matthew Lowden2h 31m 56sGoldM50+41km11:13:17
A88David Warwick2h 40m 53sGoldM50+ E50km11:12:32
A63Seb Motte2h 40m 28sGoldM50+41km11:12:03
A68Mike Phillips2h 40m 29sGoldM50+50km11:12:02
B35Dave Hayes2h 11m 01sGoldM18-3950km11:11:00
A27Kevin Gardiner2h 40m 35sGoldM50+50km11:10:59
A4James Barker2h 38m 57sGoldM40-4950km11:10:55
A43Neil Jessop2h 41m 12sGoldM40-4950km11:08:31
A30Malcolm Griffiths2h 34m 12sGoldM50+50km11:07:58
B36Harry Hislop2h 03m 01sGoldM18-3950km11:03:03
A40Mark Ison2h 34m 25sGoldM50+50km11:02:30
A25Adam Foster2h 34m 02sGoldM50+50km11:02:28
A20Max Darby2h 34m 05sGoldM50+50km11:02:24
A18Paul Dale2h 33m 30sGoldM50+50km11:02:00
A72Mark Russell2h 33m 39sGoldM50+ E50km11:01:54
A74John Savage2h 32m 46sGoldM60+50km10:59:58
B33Jeremy Hartill1h 22m 57sGoldM50+50km10:56:17
A17Graeme Dacomb2h 27m 02sGoldM60+50km10:54:16
B1Richard Allen2h 21m 35sGoldM60+ E41km10:53:25
A3Richard Baker2h 21m 18sGoldM50+50km10:53:19
A93Charles Wilson2h 13m 10sGoldM50+41km10:51:22
A8Lourens Brand2h 13m 02sGoldM40-4941km10:51:18
A49Will Knobel2h 12m 54sGoldM50+41km10:51:14
A14Simon Catchpole2h 22m 59sGoldM50+50km10:50:08
A7Graham Botwright2h 11m 12sGoldM50+50km10:49:39
A31Steve Griffiths2h 11m 35sGoldM40-4950km10:49:35
A41Andy Jackson2h 11m 40sGoldM50+50km10:49:34
A87Richard Wallwork2h 11m 34sGoldM50+50km10:49:32
A32Mark Groome2h 11m 34sGoldM50+50km10:49:30
A89John Weeden2h 13m 45sGoldM40-4941km10:45:30
A23Matt Dunsbier2h 03m 46sGoldM50+50km10:45:03
A22Brendan Dobbs1h 57m 48sGoldM40-4950km10:35:55
A39Keith Howard2h 06m 50sGoldM50+50km10:34:57
A5Keir Bartlett1h 56m 21sGoldM60+41km10:32:06
A12Carl Bullingham1h 39m 55sGoldM50+50km10:19:35
A34Russell Hall1h 39m 53sGoldM40-4950km10:19:34
C21Steve Webb0h 00m 02sGoldM40-49 E41km09:43:13
B44Stephen Johns0h 00m 01sGoldM40-4931km09:29:47

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