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Event Results

Badlands Gravelcross June 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourse
B4Adam Cowie3h 59m 38sBronzeM18-3970km
A90Adam Sharples4h 32m 30sBronzeM60+70km
A32Adam Stallwood3h 19m 19sSilverM40-4970km
B95Adrian Waller4h 54m 58sM40-4970km
A66Alan Jenkins3h 29m 49sM40-4948km
B69Alan Mattinson3h 46m 49sSilverM60+70km
A64Aleck Hornshaw3h 52m 37sSilverM50+70km
B40Alfonso Corbacho Anton3h 08m 17sGoldM18-3970km
A42Andrew Abery3h 06m 25sBronzeM50+48km
A44Andrew Bagnall3h 54m 44sSilverM60+70km
A50Andrew Caleya Chetty4h 01m 24sSilverM50+70km
B34Andrew Chaney2h 39m 20sSilverM50+48km
A60Andrew Harrison4h 24m 26sBronzeM40-4970km
A43Andriy Avramenko3h 29m 08sSilverM40-4970km
B15Andy Perrin3h 01m 54sGoldM40-4970km
B82Annalisa Sarasini3h 26m 40sGoldF50+70km
B36Anthony Christodoulou2h 12m 36sGoldM40-4948km
A67Anthony Kendall4h 52m 15sBronzeM60+70km
A38Antony Wildey3h 51m 32sSilverM40-4970km
B28Ben Biddell3h 59m 55sBronzeM18-3970km
B35Ben Chapman3h 41m 20sSilverM50+70km
A84Ben Reidy2h 52m 13sGoldM40-4970km
B92Ben Thilwind3h 30m 38sSilverM18-3970km
A99Benjamin Wainhouse3h 37m 47sSilverM18-3970km
B79Bradley Rowlett2h 39m 10sBronzeM18-3948km
A52Brien Curran3h 07m 01sBronzeM18-3948km
B19Charlie Spokes3h 31m 24sSilverM18-3970km
A56Chris Fourie2h 54m 23sGoldM40-4970km
B63Chris Larkin2h 38m 02sSilverM40-4948km
B91Chris Theodorou4h 14m 11sBronzeM40-4970km
B18Claire Sharpe3h 31m 38sSilverF18-3970km
B72Clive Nicolaou4h 32m 29sBronzeM60+70km
B24Daniel Bannister3h 51m 34sSilverM40-4970km
A72Daniel May3h 29m 54sM40-4948km
A25Darren Quigley3h 20m 57sSilverM40-4970km
B47David Fudge4h 55m 00sBronzeM50+70km
B98David Whitelock2h 53m 31sGoldM40-4970km
A73Dean Mccann4h 47m 03sBronzeM40-4970km
A93Duncan Spooner3h 29m 43sM40-4948km
A95Duncan Turner3h 28m 40sSilverM40-4970km
B56Elliott Herbert3h 51m 39sSilverM40-4970km
C7Erika Henson2h 50m 58sSilverF40-4948km
A98Fiona Vaughan5h 05m 04sF50+48km
B1Francis Barnett4h 00m 06sBronzeMU1870km
C11Freddie Fowler2h 16m 51sSilverMU1439km
B61Gary Keenahan4h 35m 16sBronzeM50+70km
B39Geoff Cooper3h 12m 11sGoldM60+70km
B22George Andreou3h 59m 40sBronzeM40-4970km
A63George Holmes3h 37m 34sSilverM18-3970km
B80George Sanders2h 08m 52sGoldM18-3948km
C13Georgia Lovett3h 26m 20sGoldFU1670km
A5Graham Botwright3h 32m 25sSilverM50+70km
C5Graham Crabtree2h 51m 02sBronzeM40-4948km
B5Graham Dobson3h 57m 51sBronzeM18-3970km
A20Graham Mackie3h 51m 15sSilverM50+70km
A105Harry Millett4h 01m 08sBronzeM18-3970km
A11Iain Cole4h 51m 51sM40-4970km
B89Iain Stuart3h 18m 35sGoldM40-4970km
B43Jacques Devilliers Erasmus3h 59m 51sBronzeM40-4970km
B32James Cairncross3h 40m 06sSilverM40-4970km
B3James Cowan3h 18m 28sGoldMU1870km
A104James Gyselynck4h 01m 05sBronzeM18-3970km
A21James Metcalfe3h 35m 55sSilverM40-4970km
A62Jamie Hawthorn3h 51m 31sSilverM40-4970km
C14Jan Van Damme2h 25m 17sSilverM18-3948km
A14Jean-Pierre Erasmus3h 53m 39sBronzeM18-3970km
A61Jeff Hathaway3h 50m 33sSilverM60+70km
B64Jen Lewis2h 56m 09sSilverF50+48km
B10Jeremy Hartill2h 55m 43sGoldM50+70km
B65Jeroen Linnebank3h 20m 33sSilverM18-3970km
A107Jo-Anna Skene3h 48m 51sSilverF50+70km
A54Joe Dobey3h 07m 11sBronzeM40-4948km
B33John Carter3h 51m 05sSilverM40-4970km
A8John Castle2h 40m 58sSilverM40-4948km
B73John Owens2h 29m 35sSilverM50+48km
A76Jon Neil4h 20m 59sBronzeM40-4970km
C12Joshua Hilbocus3h 31m 49sMU1648km
A1Jules Bernie3h 29m 36sSilverM40-4970km
C6Julian Esteve3h 04m 33sBronzeM18-3948km
B46Justin Fowler2h 16m 46sSilverM50+39km
B93Kevin Tilbrook3h 50m 44sSilverM50+70km
B20Lawrence Van Raalte3h 31m 39sSilverM50+70km
B42Lee Eagle4h 33m 10sBronzeM18-3970km
C4Leighton Bellamore2h 25m 22sSilverM18-3948km
A83Les Reading3h 23m 27sSilverM40-4970km
B37Louise Clark2h 56m 02sBronzeF40-4948km
A71Lovemore Machiridza5h 19m 48sM60+70km
B49Lydia Gould2h 34m 07sGoldF60+48km
B16Lynne Phillips2h 54m 14sBronzeF50+ E48km
A4Mark Booth2h 48m 07sGoldM50+70km
C1Mark Deven2h 52m 22sBronzeM50+ E48km
B48Martin Gill3h 17m 20sGoldM40-4970km
C9Martin Phoenix2h 37m 22sBronzeM40-4939km
A26Martin Quill2h 48m 07sGoldF18-3970km
A28Martin Reader3h 33m 16sSilverM50+70km
B59Matt Johnson4h 48m 20sBronzeM40-4970km
A27Matt Quinn3h 51m 07sSilverM40-4970km
B53Matthew Halvatzis2h 48m 32sGoldM18-3970km
B77Mike Plowman3h 35m 34sSilverM50+70km
B17Mischa Resnick3h 59m 15sBronzeM18-3970km
C2Natalie Deven2h 52m 21sBronzeF50+ E48km
A29Nathan Rees3h 51m 33sSilverM40-4970km
A78Neil Old3h 29m 41sM40-4948km
B30Nicholas Bryant3h 31m 48sM50+48km
A75Nicholas Mutasa5h 19m 45sM40-4970km
A103Nick Bray3h 18m 46sBronzeM60+48km
A23Nick Phillips3h 54m 50sSilverM50+70km
B68Nicolaas Matthijs3h 22m 16sSilverM18-3970km
A87Nigel John Routledge4h 31m 15sBronzeM60+70km
B23Paul Appleby4h 35m 27sBronzeF18-3970km
A45Paul Baker4h 24m 44sBronzeM40-4970km
A101Paul Hone2h 48m 36sGoldM50+70km
A65Paul James3h 42m 17sSilverM50+70km
B60Paul Jones2h 55m 46sBronzeM50+48km
B99Paul Kershaw4h 46m 59sBronzeM40-4970km
A10Pete Christopher3h 29m 38sSilverM40-4970km
A106Peter Fincham3h 48m 48sSilverM40-4970km
B81Peter Sanders2h 31m 27sSilverM60+48km
B96Peter Webster3h 35m 55sSilverM50+70km
A70Philip Lyons3h 29m 56sM40-4948km
B58Phillip Jenkins3h 12m 04sGoldM50+70km
B38Rachael Connall2h 56m 08sBronzeF40-4948km
B27Renaud Besnard2h 47m 00sBronzeM40-4948km
C3Richard Allen2h 36m 57sSilverM60+ E48km
A108Richard Beer2h 18m 06sGoldM40-4948km
B85Richard Stanhope2h 23m 11sGoldM60+48km
B12Rick Hodson3h 57m 08sSilverM50+70km
B50Rob Greenhead3h 29m 37sM40-4948km
A82Rob Razzell3h 33m 11sSilverM50+70km
A86Rob Riekie3h 20m 38sGoldM50+70km
B26Robert Bennett3h 29m 32sGoldM60+70km
B57Robert Holder3h 08m 20sGoldM50+ E70km
B62Robert Large3h 07m 36sM40-4939km
B67Roderick Macfadyen3h 17m 44sGoldM60+70km
A39Ross Wood3h 51m 01sSilverM40-4970km
A55Sam Edwards3h 06m 41sGoldM18-3970km
C10Sam Wood3h 00m 54sBronzeM18-3948km
A47Sarah Brydon3h 21m 58sGoldF40-4970km
B52Scott Hall3h 39m 52sSilverM50+70km
A80Scott Phillips2h 48m 51sGoldM18-3970km
A77Sharon O’Brien5h 04m 58sF40-4948km
A51Simon Clark3h 06m 29sBronzeM50+48km
B11Simon Hill3h 31m 25sSilverMU1870km
A17Simon Howes3h 51m 21sSilverM50+70km
B66Simon Lovett3h 26m 21sSilverM40-4970km
A92Steph Smith3h 50m 26sSilverF50+70km
B29Steve Bottomley3h 39m 45sSilverM50+70km
B78Steve Ponting4h 32m 31sBronzeM50+70km
A85Steve Rice3h 21m 13sGoldM60+70km
B74Steven Payne4h 03m 17sSilverM60+70km
A96Steven Turner2h 40m 06sSilverM50+48km
A58Stuart Greig3h 41m 41sSilverM50+70km
A74Stuart Montserrat2h 51m 06sGoldM18-3970km
A33Stuart Staples2h 49m 36sGoldM40-4970km
B90Tim Sumner3h 29m 36sSilverM40-4970km
B75Tony Peacock3h 31m 52sBronzeM60+48km
A3Travis Bolton4h 33m 06sBronzeM18-3970km
C8Yvonne Penfold3h 09m 00sBronzeM50+48km

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