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Event Results

Tommy’s Ride MTB & Iron Duke CX 2020 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameRide TimeAwardCategoryCourseAvg Pace
C34Aisling O'Keeffe2h 51m 43sSilverF40-4935km12 km/h
C26Alan Iddenden2h 30m 04sGoldM50+35km14 km/h
B68Alan Maddock3h 42m 30sGoldM60+48km13 km/h
B93Alan Phillips3h 30m 57sGoldM60+48km14 km/h
A86Andrei Tereskin4h 11m 53sBronzeM18-3948km11 km/h
A14Andrew Butcher3h 12m 46sGoldM18-3948km15 km/h
B61Andrew Kirkman3h 59m 42sSilverM50+48km12 km/h
C36Andrew Parr2h 23m 22sGoldM60+35km15 km/h
A75Andrew Rushworth6h 07m 55sSilverM50+78km13 km/h
C56Andrew Woodcock2h 38m 31sSilverM40-4935km13 km/h
B64Andy Lewis2h 53m 24sGoldM18-3948km17 km/h
B84Andy O'Brien2h 43m 48sGoldM60+ E48km18 km/h
C46Andy Sewell2h 52m 55sSilverM50+35km12 km/h
B112Andy Stevenson3h 20m 01sGoldM50+48km14 km/h
B6Anne Bateman2h 50m 08sGoldF60+35km12 km/h
B85Anthony Onwuka4h 50m 47sBronzeM40-4948km10 km/h
B115Ashley Todd4h 57m 14sM18-3948km10 km/h
A87Ashley Toft3h 10m 38sGoldM50+48km15 km/h
B86Barnabas Ordog3h 47m 57sSilverM40-4948km13 km/h
B18Barry Cook2h 42m 51sGoldM50+48km18 km/h
B119Bernie Verrills3h 46m 05sGoldM60+48km13 km/h
A37Bruce Hopkins4h 54m 56sGoldM40-4978km16 km/h
C61Bryn Hopkins2h 32m 54sSilverM18-3935km14 km/h
B39Campbell Hall2h 38m 38sGoldM40-4948km18 km/h
C2Carl Amann4h 37m 17sM50+35km8 km/h
B46Carl Haslem2h 26m 59sGoldM50+48km20 km/h
B96Charlie Radclyffe3h 16m 03sGoldM18-3948km15 km/h
B1Chris Alberry2h 33m 50sGoldM50+48km19 km/h
C12Chris Copas2h 58m 17sSilverF50+35km12 km/h
B43Chris Harrop3h 16m 30sGoldM50+48km15 km/h
A90Chris Walkling6h 11m 48sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
B77Christine Moore2h 42m 59sGoldF60+48km18 km/h
B107Clive Smith4h 13m 22sSilverM60+48km11 km/h
A59Colin Meddows-Smith6h 07m 46sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
B101Colin Robson2h 55m 10sGoldM50+48km16 km/h
B31Craig Foggo3h 22m 24sSilverM18-3948km14 km/h
B3Daljit Bansal4h 35m 51sBronzeM18-3948km10 km/h
B79Daniel Morris3h 17m 51sGoldM18-3948km15 km/h
B122Darren Wheeler2h 52m 05sGoldM40-4948km17 km/h
A6Dave Bennett3h 58m 20sSilverM50+48km12 km/h
A8Dave Bourne6h 07m 57sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
C1David Aldhouse4h 13m 39sM18-3935km8 km/h
C3David Austin4h 13m 27sM18-3935km8 km/h
A4David Baxter2h 42m 08sGoldF40-4978km29 km/h
C27David Johnson3h 07m 53sGoldM60+48km15 km/h
A67David Peacock3h 04m 08sGoldM50+48km16 km/h
A84David Smith5h 09m 36sGoldM60+78km15 km/h
B121David West5h 04m 30sM40-4948km9 km/h
B17Derek Conner5h 04m 28sBronzeM50+48km9 km/h
B19Derek Cook2h 52m 08sGoldM60+48km17 km/h
B33Dictino Garcia4h 35m 27sBronzeM50+48km10 km/h
A48Douard Le Roux3h 19m 20sGoldM40-4948km14 km/h
C39Edgar Rayner2h 32m 12sGoldM50+35km14 km/h
C40Ellen Rham3h 53m 12sM18-3935km9 km/h
B123Eric Wilcock4h 21m 30sSilverM50+48km11 km/h
B2Freddie Aldridge3h 16m 44sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
B24Gail Edmans2h 50m 18sSilverF50+35km12 km/h
C4Gavin Binmore2h 48m 37sSilverM50+35km12 km/h
C41Gavin Rham3h 53m 13sM40-4935km9 km/h
B12Geoff Chapman4h 13m 39sSilverM60+48km11 km/h
B75Geoff Mizen2h 29m 02sGoldM50+ E48km19 km/h
B98Gordon Richards4h 48m 22sBronzeM60+48km10 km/h
A43Gustav Janse Van Rensburg3h 19m 21sGoldM40-4948km14 km/h
A56Ian Mc Cormack5h 21m 53sGoldM40-4978km15 km/h
A3James Baker6h 12m 03sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
B5James Barker2h 53m 09sGoldM40-4948km17 km/h
B9James Blackmore2h 23m 14sGoldM60+48km20 km/h
A18James Crosbie3h 58m 16sSilverM40-4948km12 km/h
B88Jason Palmer4h 58m 06sBronzeM40-4948km10 km/h
A41Jim Hunt6h 07m 54sSilverM50+78km13 km/h
A80Jim Shields3h 59m 08sSilverM60+48km12 km/h
B111Jo Staton3h 11m 31sGoldF40-4948km15 km/h
B7Joe Belcher2h 33m 55sGoldM50+48km19 km/h
B20Jof Cox3h 46m 46sSilverM18-3948km13 km/h
C8John Chappell3h 31m 47sBronzeM50+35km10 km/h
B22John Day3h 37m 30sGoldM50+48km13 km/h
B110John Speakman3h 29m 11sSilverM40-4948km14 km/h
C57John Woodcock2h 38m 32sSilverM40-4935km13 km/h
A29Julian Forbes3h 12m 45sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
A64Julian Ormerod3h 45m 33sGoldM50+78km21 km/h
C54Ken Wells2h 56m 12sGoldM60+48km16 km/h
B34Kevin Gardiner3h 16m 23sGoldM50+48km15 km/h
C31Kristina Mould2h 05m 38sGoldF50+35km17 km/h
B97Kye Rawlings2h 29m 23sGoldM18-3948km19 km/h
B59Lee King2h 25m 10sGoldM50+48km20 km/h
A19Leon Crowe5h 39m 52sGoldM50+78km14 km/h
B60Lewis King2h 24m 54sGoldM50+48km20 km/h
C52Liz Verrall2h 51m 41sSilverF40-4935km12 km/h
B62Luke Krawczyk5h 04m 31sM40-4948km9 km/h
C49Marc Strong2h 21m 20sGoldM40-4935km15 km/h
C29Maria Marklove4h 13m 36sF18-3935km8 km/h
B25Mark Eidem3h 37m 29sGoldM50+48km13 km/h
A27Mark Fisher4h 55m 07sGoldM50+78km16 km/h
B32Mark Follows3h 07m 13sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
B52Mark Horler-Wallis2h 08m 34sGoldM50+ E48km22 km/h
B57Mark Jones3h 40m 50sSilverM40-4948km13 km/h
B10Martin Bowd2h 42m 32sGoldM50+48km18 km/h
B13Martin Chuter3h 12m 20sGoldM60+48km15 km/h
B58Martin Kearsley2h 28m 40sGoldM50+ E48km19 km/h
B104Mathew Salisbury2h 53m 10sGoldM18-3948km17 km/h
B82Matt Nebel4h 26m 54sBronzeM40-4948km11 km/h
C20Matthew Hobbs2h 32m 05sGoldM50+35km14 km/h
C10Michael Coles2h 32m 11sGoldM40-4935km14 km/h
C48Michael Spicer3h 05m 48sSilverM50+35km11 km/h
B128Michael Zywko3h 29m 13sSilverM40-4948km14 km/h
B26Miguel Faísca3h 55m 36sSilverM18-3948km12 km/h
B8Mike Blackburn3h 59m 56sSilverM60+48km12 km/h
A70Mike Plowman5h 39m 58sGoldM50+78km14 km/h
B116Mike Trebilcock2h 44m 23sGoldM50+48km18 km/h
C55Mike Wood2h 53m 48sGoldM60+48km17 km/h
A44Neil Jessop2h 58m 07sGoldM40-4948km16 km/h
B67Neil Macqueen4h 09m 09sSilverM40-4948km12 km/h
B87Neil Padfield4h 27m 08sBronzeM40-4948km11 km/h
C16Neville Douglas2h 43m 58sGoldM60+35km13 km/h
C37Nic Parslow2h 05m 42sGoldM50+35km17 km/h
C23Nick Hume2h 16m 41sGoldM50+35km15 km/h
A69Nick Perry6h 11m 55sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
A55Nicolaas Matthijs5h 31m 47sSilverM18-3978km14 km/h
B78Nigel Moore2h 42m 55sGoldM60+48km18 km/h
B90Nigel Parson3h 43m 40sGoldM60+48km13 km/h
B106Nik Skidmore2h 35m 18sSilverM40-4935km14 km/h
A38P Horta-Hopkins4h 54m 55sGoldM50+78km16 km/h
A24Paul Dickens4h 34m 47sGoldM60+78km17 km/h
A26Paul Fenton6h 12m 04sSilverM40-4978km13 km/h
C50Paul Tate2h 38m 25sSilverM40-4935km13 km/h
B114Paul Thompson4h 35m 28sBronzeM50+48km10 km/h
B45Rhys Harvey2h 32m 54sSilverM18-3935km14 km/h
C58Richard Beer4h 20m 28sBronzeM40-4948km11 km/h
B11Richard Brown2h 46m 38sGoldM50+48km17 km/h
B71Richard Materek3h 59m 53sSilverM50+48km12 km/h
B73Richard Mcpherson3h 19m 32sGoldM40-4948km14 km/h
A74Richard Rollins3h 36m 42sGoldM50+78km22 km/h
A85Richard Sutcliffe3h 10m 33sGoldM50+48km15 km/h
A36Rick Hodson4h 22m 52sGoldM50+78km18 km/h
B113Rob Tasker3h 22m 15sGoldM50+48km14 km/h
C25Robert Huxtable2h 32m 19sGoldM50+35km14 km/h
C35Robert Palmer2h 38m 32sSilverM40-4935km13 km/h
B108Robert Soanes2h 50m 39sGoldM50+48km17 km/h
C23Robin Hunter2h 25m 07sGoldM50+35km14 km/h
B92Ronnie Peters3h 09m 39sGoldM40-49 E48km15 km/h
B118Rupert Upton3h 19m 12sGoldM50+48km14 km/h
A51Russel Ley5h 09m 29sGoldM50+78km15 km/h
B40Russell Hall4h 48m 19sBronzeM50+48km10 km/h
B56Sam Jefferies3h 15m 12sGoldM18-3948km15 km/h
A12Sarah Burns3h 19m 07sGoldF40-4948km14 km/h
A40Shelly Hufner4h 48m 36sGoldF40-4978km16 km/h
B14Simon Clark3h 15m 58sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
B28Simon Figg3h 39m 16sGoldM60+48km13 km/h
B29Simon Fishlock5h 04m 25sM50+ E48km9 km/h
B89Simon Parfey2h 57m 34sGoldM40-4948km16 km/h
B105Simon Shackleford4h 27m 00sBronzeM40-4948km11 km/h
B47Slade Hastings3h 06m 30sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
C17Stephen Dunne3h 12m 51sBronzeM50+35km11 km/h
B69Stephen Marlow2h 17m 47sGoldM40-4948km21 km/h
B51Steve Hall3h 09m 20sGoldM60+ E48km15 km/h
B48Steve Hicks2h 35m 14sGoldM50+48km19 km/h
B95Steve Potts3h 07m 13sGoldM50+48km15 km/h
B120Steve Weeks3h 39m 11sSilverM40-4948km13 km/h
A78Stiaan Scheepers5h 39m 48sSilverM40-4978km14 km/h
B80Stuart Moseley3h 46m 46sSilverM40-4948km13 km/h
C9Thomas Chappell3h 31m 51sBronzeMU1435km10 km/h
B49Toby Higgs3h 17m 21sGoldM18-3948km15 km/h
B42Tom Harris3h 16m 26sGoldM40-4948km15 km/h
B16Tony Cole4h 12m 09sSilverM50+48km11 km/h
B35Wayne Giles4h 00m 02sSilverM50+48km12 km/h
A45Wayne Jones3h 58m 37sSilverM50+48km12 km/h

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