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Event Results

  • Go Long MTB 2021 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

No.NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
C24Aaron CooperM18-3962km3h 44m 27sGold
C6Alan CosterM50+44km3h 54m 36sBronze
A26Alan FoxM40-4944km3h 19m 37sSilver
A8Alasdair CarmichaelM50+62km3h 16m 14sGold
B13Alex DavisP40-4930km2h 27m 34sBronze
A92Alex WheatmanM18-3962km4h 17m 41sSilver
B54Alistair SedwellM40-4962km4h 43m 43sSilver
A50Amanda LaneF50+ E44km3h 00m 37sSilver
A94Andrea RotchevaM18-3962km5h 52m 56s
B20Andrew FoxM18-3962km4h 00m 55sSilver
A44Andrew KeeleyM50+62km4h 07m 54sGold
B58Andrew TownsM18-3944km3h 28m 03sBronze
B65Andrew WoodcockM40-4944km3h 51m 38sBronze
A31Andy GundryM40-4944km3h 23m 05sBronze
A38Andy IronsM50+62km3h 24m 46sGold
B28Angela KennettF60+ E44km3h 43m 13sBronze
A98Anne WyattF50+62km3h 59m 36sGold
B11Annie ChristianF60+ E44km3h 43m 08sBronze
B19Anthony FathersM50+44km4h 41m 38s
A33Anthony HolfordM60+ E62km3h 43m 42sGold
A42Artur KaczmarekM40-4962km5h 08m 27sBronze
A85Barry WellsM50+44km6h 44m 10s
A59Ben OldenM40-4944km3h 58m 20sBronze
A99Ben QuigleyM40-4944km2h 53m 38sSilver
A82Bernie VerrillsM60+62km6h 21m 26s
C2Charles BlackwoodM50+44km4h 19m 56s
B5Chris BouletM50+62km4h 36m 12sSilver
B35Chris LowreyM40-4944km3h 51m 38sBronze
A22Christopher FinchM60+62km5h 15m 36sBronze
B24Colin IslesM50+62km5h 57m 18sBronze
A52Colin LewisM40-4962km4h 43m 47sSilver
C30Conrad SteynM40-4944km3h 21m 13sSilver
A34Craig HolfordM18-3962km4h 25m 02sSilver
C5Daniel CaustonM40-4944km3h 08m 00sSilver
B27Daniel JordanM50+62km5h 16m 16sBronze
A95Daniel SmithM40-4962km4h 17m 07sSilver
A5Danny BowlingM18-3962km5h 11m 15sBronze
A35David HolfordM40-4962km3h 36m 36sGold
B26David JohnsonM60+44km3h 37m 42sSilver
A39David JoslingM40-4962km4h 48m 40sBronze
B50David RoseM40-4944km3h 58m 17sBronze
B52David ScottM50+44km4h 08m 16sBronze
A9Dean CarpenterM50+44km4h 21m 42s
B53Debbie SealF50+ E44km3h 05m 10sSilver
A63Dewi PriceM40-4944km3h 30m 56sBronze
A18Douglas DriscollM60+62km3h 54m 07sGold
A17Efren DolleteM50+62km4h 17m 18sSilver
C3Emma BladesF40-4944km4h 56m 16s
C11Emma-Nicole LewisF40-4944km4h 56m 17s
A41Filipe RamirezM60+44km4h 24m 50sBronze
A30Gary GreenM60+62km6h 24m 16s
A96Gary TindleM60+44km4h 19m 42sBronze
A58Gerry NorthwoodM60+62km4h 27m 52sSilver
B16Glen EacottM50+62km4h 22m 32sSilver
B62Graeme WarrenM50+62km4h 58m 13sSilver
B17Greg EastonM40-49 E62km4h 33m 49sBronze
B56Greg SummersM18-3962km4h 17m 19sSilver
C25Harry DalyMU1644km3h 44m 36sBronze
B47Heidi Robus-TonerF18-3930km2h 27m 31sBronze
A57Hendrik NelM40-4944km3h 21m 22sSilver
A65Hermione RedfernF40-4944km4h 29m 48s
A64Howard RadcliffeM50+62km4h 36m 06sSilver
A4Ian BleachM40-49 E62km3h 49m 37sGold
C12Ian TurkM50+30km4h 39m 04s
A81Ignacio Vazquez DoiroM50+62km4h 21m 25sSilver
A93Iuliia RotchevaF18-3930km3h 17m 21s
B18Jacqueline EastonF60+62km4h 58m 09sSilver
B59Jacqui UnderhillF40-4944km3h 58m 22sBronze
A16James DeucharM40-4944km3h 30m 33sBronze
B37James MccarronM50+ E62km4h 43m 52sSilver
B42James NolanM50+62km5h 06m 24sBronze
A7Jamie ButlerM50+62km4h 27m 58sSilver
B3Jane AttewF50+44km4h 27m 26sBronze
C17Janne FathersMU1644km4h 41m 30s
C28Jason MarconiM40-4962km4h 52m 27sBronze
A72Joe SextonM40-4962km5h 57m 06s
B1John AthertonM50+44km4h 27m 28s
C8John DoyleM50+62km4h 22m 57sSilver
A66John RemularM18-3962km6h 18m 02s
A78John SpeakmanM40-4962km5h 09m 26sBronze
B66John WoodcockM40-49 E44km3h 51m 23sBronze
C16John WrightonM40-4944km3h 56m 54sBronze
A90John ZeeM18-3962km6h 07m 56s
B15Julia DownesF40-49 E44km2h 54m 26sSilver
A79Julian TaskerM40-4962km4h 04m 27sSilver
A23Kacper FlakM18-3962km5h 18m 12sBronze
A75Katarzyna SlanyF18-3962km5h 39m 15sBronze
A28Kate GasseF40-4962km5h 37m 45sBronze
A24Keith FloydM60+62km5h 13m 20sBronze
A11Kevin CatapangM18-3962km5h 14m 58sBronze
C22Laura ReidF18-39 E44km3h 39m 37sBronze
C27Leigh KnowlesM40-4962km4h 28m 00sSilver
A3Lewis BatchelorM18-3962km4h 01m 48sSilver
B44Lukasz PaulukiewiczM40-4962km5h 56m 29s
A2Maciej BarabaszM18-3962km5h 18m 04sBronze
A56Magdalena MuchaF18-3962km4h 38m 30sSilver
A89Marcus WynneM40-4962km4h 22m 12sSilver
A1Mark AshtonM50+62km4h 26m 59sSilver
A20Mark EdwardsM18-3962km5h 11m 06sBronze
A49Mark LambourneM40-4962km3h 13m 54sGold
B38Mark McveighM40-4944km4h 09m 06s
B39Mark MillerM50+62km5h 56m 15sBronze
C26Mark TarrierM40-49 E44km3h 49m 41sBronze
B22Martin GroundsellM40-4962km3h 59m 42sGold
A69Martin RuleM50+62km3h 39m 24sGold
B64Martin WilkinsM18-3962km4h 10m 23sSilver
A62Matt PeskiM18-3962km4h 43m 25sBronze
B9Michael BurchM50+62km5h 06m 35sBronze
A46Michael KilleM50+62km5h 13m 23sBronze
B55Michael StrachanM50+44km4h 05m 27sBronze
A87Michael WinterM50+44km3h 59m 42sBronze
A91Michael ZywkoM40-4962km5h 09m 18sBronze
B45Michelle RobertsonF50+ E62km4h 01m 03sGold
C7Mike CosterM60+44km3h 54m 39sBronze
A14Mike Dean DeanM50+62km5h 15m 38sBronze
B48Monika RogersF40-4962km4h 36m 06sSilver
B6Nathan BriceM40-4962km5h 23m 45sBronze
B43Nathan O'HareM40-49 E62km4h 33m 51sBronze
C23Neil DalyM40-4944km3h 44m 44sBronze
B46Oliver RobinsonM60+62km4h 57m 12sSilver
C15Patrick McturkM40-4944km4h 21m 21s
A29Paul GillespieM50+44km3h 05m 44sSilver
C13Paul MitchesonM40-4944km4h 21m 31s
B57Paul TateM40-4944km3h 51m 44sBronze
A12Peter CoppenM60+62km4h 26m 36sSilver
B31Peter KnightM18-3962km3h 44m 31sGold
A51Peter LangworthyM50+ E62km3h 33m 08sGold
B41Peter MundenM40-49 E62km4h 35m 50sBronze
A67Peter RichardsM60+62km5h 50m 23sBronze
A71Peter SethM60+44km3h 13m 40sSilver
A53Philip LiptrotM50+62km4h 19m 41sSilver
B67Philip YoungM50+ E44km3h 05m 06sSilver
B7Rafal BujakM40-4962km5h 56m 37s
B25Renny IsonM60+62km4h 26m 35sSilver
A97Rhoderick San PedroM50+44km3h 17m 44sSilver
A36Richard HowardM40-4944km3h 49m 30sBronze
A54Richard MasonM60+62km4h 36m 35sSilver
A55Richard McphersonM50+62km4h 08m 04sGold
B8Robert BullenM50+44km3h 16m 18sSilver
A6Roddy BridgeM60+62km5h 15m 10sBronze
A88Ross WooddisseM40-4944km3h 30m 31sBronze
A32Ryan HealeyM40-4962km5h 20m 38sBronze
C29Sam Morris-WarburtonM40-4962km4h 52m 29sBronze
A73Sam SextonM40-4962km5h 56m 58s
B60Sam UnderhillM40-4962km5h 23m 37sBronze
B21Sara GavilletF50+ E62km4h 01m 11sGold
A25Sarah FoshF50+ E62km3h 59m 52sGold
A13Scott CrooksM40-4944km3h 21m 32sSilver
C10Simon LabrowM50+30km3h 29m 52s
A48Simon LambM50+62km4h 38m 11sSilver
A45Stef KettM40-4944km4h 09m 16s
A10Steve CartwrightM60+62km4h 50m 16sSilver
B63Steve WebbM40-49 E44km3h 51m 20sBronze
C14Stewart RobertsM60+44km4h 19m 57sBronze
A76Sue SmithF40-4962km4h 09m 39sGold
B2Susannah AthertonF40-4944km4h 27m 23s
A86Suzi WilsonF50+44km3h 33m 08sSilver
C4Thomas BurgeM18-3930km5h 04m 30s
B40Tim MoxonM40-4962km5h 23m 39sBronze
B49Tim RogersM40-4944km3h 22m 49sBronze
C20Tom BuckinghamM40-4962km4h 38m 56sSilver
A47Tom KingM18-3962km4h 57m 12sBronze
A61Tom Pell-StevensM40-4962km3h 57m 09sGold
B51Trev SandersM50+62km6h 05m 27s
C21Zac BradfordM18-3944km3h 39m 33sBronze

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