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The big terrain of this South Downs course is a superb ride on a gravel bike. Expect fast and occasionally loose surfaces, big climbs and flying descents. It's a physical ride, well suited to a bike that can climb well and cover ground fast.

for MTB


MTBs come good in the South Downs due to their low gearing for big climbs and gradients, and having the tyres and suspension to take the edge off of big, physical days. Plus that extra level of 'chuckability' gets the most out of those long descents!


The big terrain of this South Downs course is a superb ride on a gravel bike that can climb well and cover ground fast.


MTBs come good in the South Downs due to their low climbing gears, big day ride comfort and stability on those long fast descents!




The South Downs Bike & BBQ: Get your summer vibe on in the saddle!

Celebrate Summer on the South Downs Bike & BBQ. Join us for a summer hill to grill blast in the spectacular South Downs on some of our favourite trails, then chill with a burger and a cool drink back at the finish!

We’ve picked out some of the best routes around the West Sussex Downs for the perfect high summer ride! And once you’ve worked up an appetite, we’ll have the grill fired up for you back at base. The Duncton Village Hall (aka Duncton Pavilion) is a beautiful spot to chill post ride, in countryside calm with glorious views of the downs!

As ever, your ride will come fully signposted and supported, with route maps and GPS to help you find your way too, rider timing, light refreshments and full catering in addition to the BBQ back at the event HQ.



Lezyne Ride for the Prize

Win Great Prizes Just For Riding!

You can win some great kit from Lezyne at this event, and all you have to do is ride! Prizes are awarded completely at random - you just need to check your ride time on the screen at the finish to see if you're a winner. You could walk away with an awesome piece of Lezyne swag worth up to £80!

Check out the full Lezyne range here





Cocking Village Hall

Bell Ln, Cocking, Midhurst GU29 0HU

Registration Opens


Start Time

9:00am – 10:00am

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 3:30pm


E Bike Friendly Event

E-bikes are welcome on our events*. When you book your place on the event, just tick the "E-bike" box on the booking form.

E-bikes are allowed on our events. Please ride responsibly on public roads and trails (this applies to any bike!) and be an ambassador for e-bike use; help us establish e-bikes as a positive presence on on the trails through our events!

E-bikes will be noted on our ride results listings for information, but otherwise will be treated the same as any other bike.

*To be allowed on our events, e-bikes must meet the definition of an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC) and be legal for use on UK roads and bridleways without a licence. For the definition and restrictions applying to an EAPC, see the government information at https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules. Any bike that does not meet the definition of an EAPC, or that has been modified to exceed the restrictions to an EAPC in the UK will not be permitted on our events.

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Senior (Adult) Booking
Add Junior Riders

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Junior Rider entry ticket for under 16s only. Junior riders must be accompanied and supervised at the event by a responsible adult at all times. Adult riders using this ticket, or junior riders who are not properly supervised, will not be allowed to take further part in the event and no refunds will be given. Responsibility for deciding the junior rider is fit and capable of taking part in the event lies solely with the riders parent or guardian. Please seek advice from us (the organisers) if you are unsure of the suitability of the event for your child. We will do our best to advise you but the final decision and responsibility is yours.

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where the hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.

Full Route

  • Physical Severity 75% 75%
  • Technical Severity 35% 35%

Mid Route

  • Physical Severity 65% 65%
  • Technical Severity 35% 35%

Short Route

  • Physical Severity 40% 40%
  • Technical Severity 30% 30%
Route profille graphic

Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? This event is open to any bike and any rider – but bear in mind that this is predominantly an off-road ride! Here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.


MTB or Gravel?

You can use either an MTB or gravel bike for any of our events; none of our rides are exclusively one or the other. All that matters is that your bike is suitable for riding off road. The question of which bike you should choose is harder to answer, as it will vary from person to person and ride to ride, but we've tried to give you some guidance here. While our events that open to any off road bike, each event may lean slightly more towards one than the other. So our MTB branded events will typically be shorter distances and may use some more rougher or more technical sections and places, while our Gravel branded events will generally be longer distances, with typically less technical surfaces involved. But the emphasis for all rides is off road - our Gravel events are not intended to be road rides with just a few bits of dirt track here and there; they are created to give you plenty of good, varied open hill riding. 

In our videos you’ll see us riding gravel bikes on most courses, regardless of whether it’s for a Gravel or MTB event, but really only because that’s our personal preference here in the Trail Break office these days. For individual riders though, that choice will vary. It will depend on your abilities and preferences; how happy you are to push the limits of where you can take a gravel bike for example, or whether you prefer to have the benefits of an MTB under you when the going gets rougher. The terrain, distance and weather/ground conditions may make a difference too. We try and guide you as best we can - you’ll see here a guide showing a suitability rating for different kinds of bikes, plus a physical and technical severity rating for the courses, and we’re going too add that information for all events as we go into the new season. But at the end of the day, that is only a guide, and the best choice is going to be different for every rider.

  • MTB 90% 90%
  • MTB (29er) 90% 90%
  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 85% 85%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 70% 70%
  • Hybrid* 60% 60%
  • Road* 20% 20%

Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres.

Pedal to the Medal

Our ride timing features Gold, Silver & Bronze time band targets to aim for, with times adjusted for each age and gender category. Whether you treat it as fitness / performance indicator or  just a fun extra, it's a great feature of the event.

And it's more than just a label on the results screen - you get a high quality bespoke finishers medal at the end of your ride in Gold, Silver or Bronze colour to reflect your ride time! It's a great souvenir of your ride and a nice little incentive to see if you can 'medal up' a colour next time!

Riding the South Downs

There’s more to the famous chalk ridge than that 100 mile national trail!

The South Downs Way is a mountain biking rite of passage, and of course, our South Downs Century event is the best supported way to tackle that particular challenge! There’s a lot more on offer than that single, 100 mile chalk ribbon though, and the South Downs Trail ride will introduce you to some of the best ‘off piste’ riding in the area.

The topography of the downs is a mountain bikers dream, as long as you like hills on the menu! along it’s spine the ridge takes in a series of huge, looping dips and cilmbs, so once you’re up there, you don’t have the luxury of staying high. The northern face of the downs is steep and predominantly wooded at it’s western end, hiding some brutally tough and surprisingly sketchy trails within. The southern side descends at a more forgiving gradient, and whereas the eastern end of the downs deposits you right onto the coast, here there are still miles of valleys and hills up towards Goodwood and beyond, which we utilise to great effect on this course. For the most part, this is a physically rather than technically demanding course, but the chalk surfaces need to be treated with respect. All in all though, the South Downs remains one of our favourite palces to ride – one visit and you’ll soon see why!

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Senior (Adult) Booking
Add Junior Riders

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Junior Rider entry ticket for under 16s only. Junior riders must be accompanied and supervised at the event by a responsible adult at all times. Adult riders using this ticket, or junior riders who are not properly supervised, will not be allowed to take further part in the event and no refunds will be given. Responsibility for deciding the junior rider is fit and capable of taking part in the event lies solely with the riders parent or guardian. Please seek advice from us (the organisers) if you are unsure of the suitability of the event for your child. We will do our best to advise you but the final decision and responsibility is yours.

Event Logistics

On the Ride

Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.

Entry on the Day

You can enter the event on the day, (pending availability*) although there is a small surcharge so pre entering is recommended. Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.

*Check for status updates at the top of the page for latest news of of changes in on the day availability.


Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a bike number and / or timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip/number will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.

Following the Route

Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink

Freshly cooked burgers, plus other hot and cold food and drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)
PLEASE NOTE: To keep our ticket prices down and so you only pay for the parts of the event you want, burgers and refreshments are not included in the price of the event and can be bought seperately on the day.


South Downs Bike & BBQ 2023 – Ride Results

Here’s the full results list from last year’s event.

(On smaller screens, click on the rider name to see hidden data columns)

NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
A40Aaron Le-FlayM18-3948km2h 46m 13sSilver
A76Adrian WalterM18-3948km4h 35m 09s
A82Adrian WindsorM50+48km3h 00m 08sSilver
A15Aidan ChildsM50+ E48km2h 26m 39sGold
B1Alan BeckM50+28km2h 19m 07sBronze
B10Alex FletcherMU1639km3h 22m 45sBronze
C22Alex HannamM40-4928km2h 50m 42s
A7Alice BlackmanF18-3948km5h 39m 04s
B21Andrea ReeceF50+39km3h 00m 44sSilver
B15Andrew HumphesonM50+39km3h 38m 25sBronze
A58Andrew RowlandM40-4948km2h 29m 58sGold
B28Andrew SeeleyM40-4939km2h 48m 03sSilverNo
A49Andy O'BrienM60+ E48km3h 01m 37sSilver
A69Brian StoneM60+48km5h 01m 52sBronze
B23Camille RivièreM50+39km3h 00m 29sSilver
A17Charlie ClarkeM18-3948km3h 58m 32sBronze
B6Charlie DentonMU1439km3h 59m 04sBronze
B42Charlotte GriffithsF18-3939km2h 52m 45sSilver
A8Chris BlackmanM50+ E48km4h 34m 49sBronze
B8Chris DunnM50+39km3h 23m 08sBronze
A57Chris RoperM60+48km3h 27m 32sSilver
A70Chris StraffonM18-3948km4h 31m 41s
B32Chris TeeM60+ E39km2h 13m 36sGold
B37Chris WilliamsM50+39km3h 18m 50sBronze
B34Cyrena WaldkoetterF50+39km3h 18m 58sBronze
A26Dan GilesM40-4948km3h 59m 44sBronze
A9Daniel BlackmanM18-3948km5h 41m 20s
A37Daniel JordanM50+48km4h 08m 26sBronze
B18Daniel MayMU1639km3h 22m 40sBronze
A99Dave ReddingM50+48km3h 23m 29sSilver
B3David CollinM40-49 E48km4h 10m 26sBronze
B11David FudgeM60+39km3h 18m 53sBronze
A35David JamesM50+ E48km2h 47m 47sGold
A50David OrellanaM40-4948km2h 57m 01sSilver
A53David PeacockM60+ E48km2h 35m 08sGold
B20David PearsonM50+39km3h 38m 26sBronze
A56David RogersM60+48km4h 29m 33sBronze
A66David SkippM50+48km3h 13m 34sSilver
C16David SowerbuttsM60+28km3h 22m 32s
A46Edward MorrisM50+48km3h 23m 39sSilver
C3Elizabeth DaddyF40-4928km2h 41m 19sBronze
C11Emily NorrisF18-3928km3h 19m 04s
A67Ethan SkippM18-3948km3h 13m 25sSilver
A75Eya VicencioF18-3948km5h 58m 32s
A23Florin DragutoiuM40-4948km2h 44m 00sGold
A42Francis LundriganM60+48km3h 03m 01sGold
A27Freddie GilveroM40-4948km5h 59m 08s
B2Freddy CasallasM40-4939km2h 18m 11sGold
B12Gareth GerrardM40-4928km3h 09m 23s
A39Grant LaversM40-4948km3h 01m 35sSilver
B38Guy WoodasonM60+ E39km2h 36m 53sSilver
B17Harry ManfieldM60+39km2h 36m 48sSilver
C17Harry WellsMU1428km2h 47m 30sBronze
C15Ian SmedleyM40-4928km3h 12m 43s
A77Ian WellsM60+48km3h 22m 25sSilver
B24Jake RoganM18-39 E39km3h 09m 51sBronze
A68Jake SmithM18-3948km3h 07m 23sSilver
A28James GwytherM40-4948km3h 12m 51sSilver
B19James NashM50+39km3h 50m 20sBronze
A5Jason BellM50+48km3h 33m 06sSilver
B36Jason WhellansM18-3939km3h 23m 34sBronze
A71Joey TapanganM50+48km5h 59m 08s
A18John CollinsM50+ E48km3h 14m 00sSilver
C12John NorrisM50+28km3h 18m 02s
A3Jon BartlettM50+48km3h 52m 21sBronze
A98Jon BlackwellM60+ E48km2h 51m 57sGold
A103Jonte BeswickM18-3948km3h 08m 41sSilver
C9Jordan JonesM18-3928km1h 53m 27sSilver
A1Julian Arbelaez FrancoM40-4948km2h 22m 52sGold
A22Jupri DelantarM50+48km5h 59m 09s
B14Kai GregoryMU1639km2h 07m 13sGold
B33Karen TeeF60+ E39km2h 13m 43sGold
B22Karl RigbyM18-3939km2h 47m 59sBronze
C20Karl TaylorM50+ E28km2h 33m 25sBronze
B40Katie RoseF18-3939km3h 26m 03sBronze
C7Katy HoggF18-3928km2h 14m 31sBronze
C14Kieran ShortM18-3928km3h 19m 04s
C13Koen OvereinjnderM40-4928km2h 40m 04sBronze
B9Lena FatelnigF18-3939km3h 09m 51sBronze
C1Louise BamptonF40-4928km2h 17m 22sBronze
A99Luke RudmanM50+48km3h 23m 29sSilver
A2Malcolm AylingM60+48km3h 03m 48sGold
A25Marc EbanksM50+48km3h 29m 23sSilver
A36Mario JaramilloM40-4928km2h 35m 36sBronze
A61Mark SabalM40-4948km3h 52m 27sBronze
A16Martin ChuterM60+48km3h 11m 43sSilver
A19Martin CombenM60+48km4h 29m 34sBronze
C8Martin JaramilloMU1628km2h 35m 32sBronze
A6Martyn BevanM60+48km3h 58m 53sBronze
B41Matt DavisonM18-3939km2h 52m 47sBronze
A24Matt DraperM40-4948km2h 45m 53sGold
A78Matthew WellsM18-3948km3h 22m 21sSilver
C10Mike MinerM18-3928km2h 14m 27sBronze
A84Mike YoungM50+48km3h 14m 28sSilver
A51Nathan OstridgeM40-4948km2h 56m 03sSilver
C5Nick FroudeM40-4928km1h 59m 03sSilver
A13Nicolas CareswellM60+ E48km2h 36m 50sGold
A73Ola UrbanowiczF18-3948km4h 04m 20sBronze
A43Paul MarshM60+48km3h 27m 47sSilver
A47Peter NashM50+48km3h 31m 02sSilver
A63Peter SealM50+48km4h 42m 25sBronze
C19Philip IbbsM50+28km2h 15m 06sBronze
B16Philip Lintott-ClarkeM50+39km2h 34m 26sSilver
A83Philip WitcombM60+ E48km3h 23m 24sSilver
B31Rhiannon SowerbuttsF40-4928km3h 19m 16sNo
A12Richard BrownM40-4948km3h 03m 01sSilver
A10Rob BlackmanM18-3948km5h 38m 25s
C18Robert WellsM40-4928km2h 47m 36s
A33Robin HunterM50+48km3h 47m 35sBronze
A54Ron HurtadoM40-4928km2h 08m 57sBronze
A64Rych SearesM18-3948km5h 58m 27s
B4Sam DawesM18-3939km3h 36m 37sBronze
C21Sam HannamMU1428km2h 50m 37sBronze
A44Scott MatthewsM40-4948km4h 03m 24sBronze
A65Scott ShandM18-3948km3h 20m 11sSilver
B5Sean DawesM50+39km3h 36m 57sBronze
A100Sean HowardM50+48km4h 02m 39sBronze
A55Simon ReidM60+48km3h 06m 01sGold
B35Simon WaringM18-3939km3h 23m 20sBronze
A81Stephen WilsonM18-3948km4h 32m 01s
A102Steve BlakesM60+ E48km2h 25m 23sGold
A14Steve ChetwyndM50+48km3h 59m 46sBronze
A45Steve MccutcheonM40-4948km3h 01m 10sSilver
A60Steve RyanM50+ E48km2h 41m 28sGold
B7Steven DentonM40-4939km3h 59m 24s
A79Stuart WhiffenM40-4948km3h 54m 39sBronze
B27Tel SandersM50+ E48km4h 10m 23sBronzeYes
A101Terry RowlesM18-39 E48km2h 47m 47sSilver
A74Tim Van OerleM50+ E48km2h 31m 29sGold
C2Tom BamptonM40-4928km2h 17m 14sBronze
A11Tom BrightM18-3948km3h 38m 30sBronze
B13Tom GreatorexM40-4939km2h 44m 04sSilver
A38Tom KingM40-4948km3h 15m 17sSilver
B26Vince RoweM40-4939km2h 52m 16sSilver
A62William ScraseM18-3948km3h 18m 24sSilver

Event Venue

(Start & Finish)

Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery

Stockclose Farm,

Add Junior Riders

Event Venue

(Start & Finish)

Cocking Village Hall

Bell Lane
GU29 0HU

NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
B17Adam ChristieM40-4930km2h 20m 41sBronze
A34Adam GentM18-3950km2h 49m 10sGold
B97Adam SmytheM18-39 E50km3h 30m 05sSilver
A5Alan BeckM50+43km4h 10m 24sBronze
B29Alan FewellM40-4930km1h 49m 55sGold
A33Alan FoxM40-4943km2h 48m 43sSilver
C2Alan WheelerM50+30km2h 25m 14sBronze
B63Alastair Mackay-JamesM40-4950km2h 48m 17sGold
A86Alex RichardsM40-4950km2h 23m 51sGold
C9Alex YeldhamM40-4950km2h 18m 15sGold
A96Ali SmithM40-4950km2h 49m 08sGold
A12Allen BrowningM50+50km3h 59m 37sSilver
B32Andrew GoodmanM40-49 E43km2h 06m 18sGold
B33Andrew GouldM50+50km11h 47m 24s
C24Andrew GroseM60+30km2h 05m 01sGold
A94Andrew ShephardM50+50km3h 51m 10sSilver
C7Andrew WoodcockM40-4943km3h 03m 16sSilver
A38Andy GloverM50+50km2h 46m 14sGold
A41Andy Hall-PattersonM40-49 E50km2h 28m 04sGold
A58Andy MartinM40-4950km3h 24m 28sSilver
A97Andy SwaislandM40-4950km2h 50m 01sGold
C1Andy WaddingtonM50+43km2h 01m 00sGold
B53Angela KennettS60+43km2h 35m 19sGold
B16Annie ChristianS60+43km2h 35m 39sGold
C33Anthony SakellariouM60+30km2h 04m 51sGold
A23Athanasios DerempeisM40-4950km3h 02m 37sGold
B76Barnabas OrdogM40-4930km1h 23m 48sGold
A111Barry WellsM50+50km3h 00m 28sGold
B8Ben BaxterM18-3930km1h 52m 28sSilver
C51Ben NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 43s
C45Ben OttridgeM18-3943km3h 14m 16sBronze
A108Bernie VerrillsM60+50km3h 34m 35sSilver
A16Brett CarterM40-4950km3h 01m 57sGold
A13Brian BurkettM50+50km2h 52m 15sGold
B42Brian HayM60+ E50km2h 28m 43sGold
A21Brien CurranM18-3950km3h 34m 04sSilver
A17Carl ChamberlainM40-49 E50km3h 05m 39sGold
C40Charlie ChristieMU1430km2h 21m 00sSilver
B20Chris CopasF50+30km2h 02m 42sGold
C20Chris GoldingM50+43km3h 30m 31sBronze
B43Chris HemsM40-4950km3h 21m 13sSilver
A60Chris MawerM18-3950km2h 53m 35sGold
B83Chris PearmanM40-49 E50km2h 43m 11sGold
B61Christopher LoweM18-3950km3h 09m 08sSilver
B62Christopher LowreyM40-4943km2h 38m 25sGold
A103Christopher TollitM60+50km3h 02m 42sGold
C50Christopher ToonM40-4950km3h 21m 17sSilver
B85Claire PowerF40-4950km3h 25m 57sSilver
C32Clive PetersM60+30km2h 05m 27sGold
A109Colin WaggettM50+50km3h 16m 43sGold
B66Craig MarriottM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C6Craig WilsonM50+50km2h 09m 22sGold
B24Dan DriverM18-3943km2h 40m 18sGold
B70Dan MichelmoreM40-49 E50km3h 13m 09sSilver
A6Daniel BennettM40-4950km3h 20m 27sSilver
C36Daniel Biddulph-HowellsMU1650km3h 19m 12sGold
C3Darren WheelerM40-4950km3h 08m 55sGold
B25Dave DriverM50+43km2h 40m 12sGold
B26Dave DyerM40-49 E50km3h 23m 49sSilver
C29Dave MorganM40-4950km3h 13m 32sGold
C12David BaylissM40-4950km3h 13m 58sGold
A31David EveleighM50+50km3h 16m 23sGold
B50David JamesM40-4950km2h 38m 34sGold
A50David JoslingM50+50km2h 42m 22sGold
C52David MonkM18-3950km3h 51m 49sBronze
B82David PeacockM60+ E50km2h 47m 38sGold
A78David PowellM40-4943km4h 30m 56s
A114David WilsdonM50+50km2h 48m 45sGold
B38Dennis HaleyM50+50km3h 49m 27sSilver
B19Derek CookM60+50km2h 40m 28sGold
B39Dillan HallM40-4930km3h 28m 53s
A66Dud MoseleyM60+ E50km2h 55m 56sGold
C22Edmund GrobelM40-4943km3h 11m 53sSilver
C42Fabio ReinaMU1650km3h 16m 02sGold
A118Fergus WoodwardM40-4930km2h 09m 10sSilver
A71Gary NorthM40-4950km2h 43m 23sGold
A115Gary WilsonM50+50km2h 55m 34sGold
C43Geoff Chapman50km3h 24m 48sGold
A72Gerry NorthwoodM60+50km2h 39m 02sGold
A22Graeme DacombM60+50km2h 57m 15sGold
A9Graham BotwrightM50+50km2h 40m 43sGold
C60Graham CrabtreeM40-4950km3h 23m 14sSilver
A53Graham KempsterM18-3950km2h 57m 49sGold
A64Graham MillsM50+50km2h 42m 42sGold
B3Hans AndreaeM50+50km2h 14m 55sGold
C39Harry CheshireMU1630km2h 03m 54sSilver
A76Hayley PooleyF18-3943km4h 08m 39s
A27Henry DuddyM50+50km2h 38m 50sGold
A30Herbie ElliottM18-3950km2h 53m 12sGold
A7Ian BleachM40-49 E43km2h 08m 11sGold
C17Ian CheshireM40-4930km2h 04m 07sSilver
B54Ian LaidlawM60+ E50km1h 31m 01sGold
A70Jack NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 17s
C30Jack PennMU1830km1h 39m 55sGold
B30Jaco FourieM18-3930km3h 28m 22s
A106Jacqui UnderhillF40-4943km2h 41m 04sGold
A45Jake HodgsonMU1850km3h 57m 01sBronze
A25James DistonM50+50km3h 16m 29sGold
A73James O’ConnellM50+50km4h 03m 23sBronze
A82James QuilterM50+50km2h 21m 09sGold
C49Jamie NewtonM18-3950km2h 20m 49sGold
C4Jane WileyF60+50km3h 34m 17sGold
B9Jason BellM40-4950km3h 39m 22sSilver
A117Jason WoodM50+ E43km2h 08m 51sGold
B40Jeremy HartillM50+50km2h 28m 34sGold
A48Jeremy HoylandM60+50km3h 50m 50sSilver
A116Jeremy WinterM60+30km3h 11m 51s
B77Jim OrrM60+30km2h 22m 00sSilver
C23Joanna GrobelF18-3943km3h 11m 49sSilver
B27Joe EdwardsM18-3950km3h 24m 22sSilver
A3John AslettM60+ E50km4h 06m 10sBronze
A37John Ginzler-RingM50+43km2h 36m 17sGold
C8John WoodcockM40-49 E43km11h 51m 57s
B49Jonathan HowellsM50+43km4h 28m 46s
B78Jonathan PackerM40-4950km2h 23m 44sGold
A120Jonathan YoungerM50+ E50km3h 13m 08sGold
A4Jono BartleM50+50km2h 57m 58sGold
C37Joseph BullMU1430km2h 16m 39sSilver
A98Julian TaskerM40-4950km3h 07m 37sGold
A83Julie RandF60+50km3h 25m 51sGold
A15Justin CarrickM40-4950km2h 49m 26sGold
A77Karl PotterM40-4950km3h 35m 10sSilver
A43Keith HaywoodM50+50km3h 39m 24sSilver
C46Ken NewtonM60+30km2h 23m 07sSilver
B69Kevin MchardyM50+50km2h 15m 14sGold
A68Kim MossF50+50km3h 38m 21sSilver
B22Laura DawkinF40-4950km3h 49m 33sSilver
B73Liam NealeM18-3950km3h 23m 20sSilver
A121Louise YoungerF50+ E50km4h 11m 05sBronze
A85Luca ReinaM40-4950km3h 13m 33sGold
B34Lydia GouldF60+50km3h 08m 59sGold
C10Malcolm AngusM50+43km3h 30m 03sBronze
C28Marc MontserratM18-3943km2h 16m 33sGold
A119Marcus WynneM40-4950km2h 48m 21sGold
B10Mark BestM50+50km1h 43m 48sGold
C16Mark ButterfieldM60+30km1h 31m 13sGold
B13Mark CartwrightM50+50km4h 27m 10sBronze
A26Mark DoddsM50+50km3h 35m 12sSilver
A49Mark HulmeM50+50km2h 57m 01sGold
B55Mark LambourneM40-4950km3h 25m 43sSilver
B71Mark MillardM50+30km2h 24m 29sSilver
A63Mark MillerM50+50km2h 43m 20sGold
A74Mark PalmerM50+50km3h 58m 10sSilver
B87Mark RichardsM50+ E43km2h 09m 20sGold
B88Mark RiddingtonM50+50km3h 26m 07sSilver
B94Mark SawtellM50+ E50km3h 13m 04sGold
A105Mark TyrrellM40-4950km3h 25m 15sSilver
A2Martin ArnoldM50+50km3h 14m 56sGold
A11Martin BrickellM50+50km3h 41m 20sSilver
A19Martin ChuterM60+50km3h 00m 05sGold
A42Mathew HastieM40-4950km3h 24m 39sSilver
C15Matt BullM40-4930km2h 16m 33sSilver
B80Matt PavittM18-3950km3h 34m 10sSilver
B44Meg HiggsF18-3930km2h 00m 02sSilver
A80Michael PullingerM18-3950km3h 49m 55sBronze
B57Mike LillywhiteM60+50km3h 26m 13sGold
A39Mitch GoslingM40-4950km3h 24m 42sSilver
B46Neil HodderM50+50km4h 25m 18sBronze
A100Neil ThompsonM40-4950km3h 33m 10sSilver
A14Nick CareswellM60+ E50km2h 46m 00sGold
A75Nick PinerM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C34Nick TaylorM50+30km2h 13m 07sSilver
A101Nick ThompsonM40-49 E50km2h 36m 57sGold
B4Nina ArbuckleF40-4930km2h 01m 06sGold
A32Nir EvronM40-4950km3h 10m 40sGold
C38Oscar ChamberlainMU1650km2h 38m 32sGold
B37Paolo GrittiM18-3950km3h 10m 49sSilver
C11Paul AshcroftM60+ E30km2h 12m 16sSilver
B7Paul AtkinsM40-4950km3h 13m 37sGold
A8Paul BooseyM50+50km3h 39m 17sSilver
B18Paul ClarkM40-4950km3h 09m 26sGold
A24Paul DilleyM60+ E50km2h 47m 25sGold
A35Paul GillespieM50+50km2h 40m 32sGold
A59Paul MartinM50+50km4h 22m 36sBronze
B100Paul TaylorM50+43km2h 59m 59sSilver
A112Paul WildeM50+50km2h 59m 30sGold
A46Peter HodgsonM50+50km3h 56m 56sSilver
A52Peter KelseyM50+50km2h 17m 24sGold
B64Phil MalamM50+50km2h 17m 36sGold
B59Philip LiptrotM50+50km3h 36m 01sSilver
B11Phillip BishopM50+50km2h 45m 15sGold
A88Phillip RitchieM50+43km3h 20m 00sSilver
B60Rafael LopesM40-4943km2h 05m 43sGold
B41Richard HawesM50+ E43km2h 06m 05sGold
B47Richard HollowayM50+ E50km2h 42m 42sGold
B67Richard MasonM60+50km2h 42m 38sGold
A61Richard McphersonM50+50km2h 30m 52sGold
B81Richard PavittM50+50km3h 33m 46sSilver
B93Richard Sambrook SmithM50+43km2h 35m 21sGold
A110Richie WalsheM18-3950km3h 36m 24sSilver
B72Robert MorganM50+50km3h 02m 46sGold
B79Robert PalmerM40-49 E43km2h 39m 11sGold
C31Robert PennM50+30km1h 44m 15sGold
A113Robert WillingtonM18-3943km4h 30m 32s
A29Roger ElfordM40-4943km3h 16m 47sSilver
B99Ron SutherlandM50+50km2h 53m 47sGold
A44Sam HedgesM18-3950km5h 30m 24s
A55Scott LauzonM18-3950km3h 51m 11sBronze
A62Scott MiddletonM40-4950km2h 49m 44sGold