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This is one of the great, UK MTB rides! With over 90% of its length off road, and a series of classic climbs and descents along it’s whole length, the South Downs Way is a mountain bikers rite of passage – a bucket list achievement and a must do for everyone who loves riding off road!


We launched this event as CX Century with the ultimate Gravel Bike challenge in mind. As time has gone on, as many MTBs as Gravel Bikes now enter the event; it’s tougher on Gravel but the numbers show generally quicker too. Make no mistake, this is the hardest gravel challenge in the UK, but it’s one you will never forget (or regret!).






The South Downs Way: 100 miles or 100km

The South Downs Way; it has long been a right of passage in mountain biking circles. And now you can take on this hundred mile ribbon of imposing chalk downland in a single day with our unparalleled Trail Break support.

Renowned as a supreme physical rather than technical challenge, the South Downs Way is the most high profile long distance MTB challenge that we have. But so much more, too. The huge climbs, sweeping descents and expansive coastal views make it a truly memorable ride in one of the most quintessentially beautiful parts of the British countryside.

South Downs Century brings you all of this in the ultimate South Downs event! An unforgettable experience and a monumental challenge  and endurance  badge of honour!

South Downs is fully supported, from route marking to multiple feed and support stops, so all you have to do is concentrate on taking on this epic ride!




Registration Opens


Start Time

6:45am – 7:15am

Finish Time



E Bike Friendly Event

E-bikes are welcome on this event*, and ride timing for the event includes an e-bike category. When you book your place on the event, just tick the “E-bike” box on the booking form.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a long distance event, so consider your battery range before booking.

*To be allowed on this event, e-bikes must meet the definition of an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC) and be legal for use on UK roads and bridleways without a licence. For the definition and restrictions applying to an EAPC, see the government information at Any bike that does not meet the definition of an EAPC, or that has been modified to exceed the restictions to an EAPC in the UK will not be permitted on our events.

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Finishers Medal

Every finisher gets a medal – 100 mile finishers get the coveted bespoke CX Century 2019 medal!

Free Kit Bag

Every rider gets a free kit bag to put your kit in for us to trasport along the route for you, and to keep after the event!

The Mile Century: 100 mile option

South Downs Century pits you against the full; 100 miles of the South Downs Way; a giant of ride including over 12,000ft of climbing in a single day on eye-wateringly steep gradients! The route is 90% off road on classic South Downs chalk tracks, and the views of this endless trail are as breathtaking as the climbs! The South Downs Way should be on every mountain biker’s bucket list. South Downs Century is the perfect way to tick it off!

Starting alongside the 100 km event in Winchester, the 100 mile route finishes at Beachy Head above Eastbourne; an inspirational finish point for your epic ride!

100 miles


100 miles (160km)


Start Location

Winchester (St Catherine’s Park & Ride)


Start Time

6:00am – 7:00am


Finish Location

Beachy Head


Finish Time

Estimated 3:30pm – 9:00pm

Route Stats

The lowdown on this ride in numbers, profiles and maps; where the route goes, where it hills are, how demanding it is and which bike to use.

There is a 7mph cut off pace for this event, which will be enforced at checkpoints. See the information section at the end of the page for more information.

Kilometre Century


  • Physical Severity 85% 85%
  • Technical Severity 45% 45%

Mile Century

miles (162km)

  • Physical Severity 99% 99%
  • Technical Severity 50% 50%
South Downs Century route profile

Bike Suitability

Which bike will be best or this ride? The Wildwood is open to any bike and any rider – but here’s our guide to which type of bike suits this course best.

  • Gravel / Adventure Bike 90% 90%
  • CX (race style cyclocross) 75% 75%
  • MTB 80% 80%
  • MTB (29er) 85% 85%
  • Hybrid* 65% 65%
  • Road* 45% 45%

Warning: This ride contains off road sections and rough surfaces. Only use road bikes that are capable of some off road. DO NOT use any bike you do not want to expose to dirt and the risk scratches or some damage. Only use a bike with strong wheels and off road capable tyres. Remove mudguards prior to the ride.

The Kilometre Century: 100km option

South Downs Century includes a kilometre century option; 100km and almost 7,500ft of climbing in a single day, 90% off road on classic South Downs chalk tracks, the South Downs Century kilometre century is a physical test and a genuine epic, and the perfect preparation for taking on the full 100 mile South Downs Century in a future year!

Starting alongside the 100 mile event in Winchester, the 100km route finishes on top of Truleigh Hill above Shoreham; ideal for an easy pick up off the A27, or downhill all the way to the station to begin your journey home!

100 kilometres


100km (62miles)


Start Location

Winchester (St Catherine’s Park & Ride)


Start Time

6:00am – 7:00am


Finish Location

Truleigh Hill (Shoreham)


Finish Time

Estimated 2:00pm – 5:30pm

SDW Kilometre Century

100 km Route
  • Included Event Support

  • PRICE FREEZE – Book now at last year’s price!
  • Two Feed & support stations.
  • Rider timing with live results posted to website.
  • Emergency contact numbers for our team made available for you to carry with you.
  • Back up support vehicles .
  • Route marked by the event Team and uses known SDW markers. GPX route issued to all entries. (Harveys South Downs Way maps will also be available to buy as an extra. Carrying map of the route is recommended for the event).
  • Medal for all finishers.
  • Price increases  will apply in last week of booking.

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Event Logistics

Transport Options

You will need to arrange transport to and from the event. Due to the numbers of riders and the broad timescale and distances the event will cover, we cannot offer transport solutions as part of the event. you will need to make your own way to the start, and arrange either a pick up or transport solution from the finish. Prior to the event, we will provide you with as much information as you need to help you make all of your arrangements in good time, including pick up locations, connecting train services and local taxi contacts. For the second half of the route, the South Downs Way runs close to the south coast mainline, so you are never too far away from a station (and downhill all the way!)

Cut off & bail out points

Your big target for South Downs Century is to complete the challenge. Not everybody will finish, by any means. There will be cut off times at strategic checkpoints on the route, after which riders may not be allowed to continue on the event. You will need to maintain a 7mph pace or better (including stops) to meet the cut off schedule. Should you miss a cut off or decide to abandon the ride, we will provide you with detailed options for your transport options from those cut off / bail out points, including location details for pick up and nearest rail stations.

Event support vehicles & mechanical assistance

Our support vehicles will be traveling along the route on the closest possible roads, and will be equipped to help with mechanical problems and basic first aid. However, please note that getting assistance to any point on the South Downs Way may involve considerable distances and can take a long time. Riders will be expected to carry basic tools and spares, and a small, basic first aid pack. Your first and best option is always to fix yourself if you can; if you can’t we’ll be there to help.

Luggage transport

We will be able to carry a small amount of luggage for you along the route (such as a small overnight bag with change of kit etc). This will be transported from the start in Winchester to the Truleigh Hill checkpoint (and 100km finish) where it will be available for you to access. From here, luggage for riders on the 100 mile course will be transported to the finish at Beachy Head.

Please note: we will take care of any luggage left with us, but cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss that might occur. Any luggage not claimed at the ride finish will be taken back to our offices after the event, from where it can be returned to the owner at the owners expense.

Friends and family support vehicles

A good number of riders will arrange for friends or family to support them along the route from their own vehicles, and to collect them at the end of the day. We welcome friends and family support vehicles on the event, however, we will need them to to observe our guidelines to help the event to run smoothly. We will provide details of recommended rendezvous points on the course, with suitable access and parking. There will also be certain roads on the course where we will ask vehicles not to attempt to access the course, due to road width or parking limitations. This information will be provided to you well in advance to allow you to plan.

South Downs Century 2023 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

(On smaller screens, click on the rider name to see hidden data columns)

No.NameCourseCategory100km Time100 Mile TimeAvg Pace
A1Aris Acosta162kmM40-4905:56:2010:52:3515 km/h
A2Bradley Adams100kmM18-3904:54:4220 km/h
A3Julian Arbelaez Franco162kmM40-4905:04:2509:06:1218 km/h
A5Graham Barker162kmM6006:17:4711:00:3715 km/h
A6Julian Barker162kmM5006:47:5311:50:1214 km/h
A7Robert Barker162kmM40-4905:40:3410:29:5215 km/h
A8Ali Bates162kmM18-3907:15:1512:53:2613 km/h
A10George Bentley162kmM18-3905:58:0009:58:4416 km/h
A11Jill Berryman100kmF6009:09:4711 km/h
A12Keith Bester100kmM40-4906:36:0315 km/h
A15Gary Bull100kmM40-4908:05:2812 km/h
A16Nicolas Bulois162kmM5006:27:3011:44:5314 km/h
A17Steve Carolan100kmM6008:17:2012 km/h
A18Justin Carrick162kmM40-4907:03:4711:54:5714 km/h
A21Matthew Christie162kmM40-4906:50:5712:53:5813 km/h
A24Barry Cook162kmM6010:39:2115 km/h
A25Peter Cook162kmM40-4907:16:4012:51:2513 km/h
A26Carlos Elias Coscolluela162kmM40-4907:11:1513:45:2412 km/h
A27Ben Courtnell162kmM40-4908:16:3514:14:4111 km/h
A28David Courtnell162kmM5008:16:2814:14:3911 km/h
A29Angus Cousins100kmM18-3907:57:0313 km/h
A31Dan Clayden162kmM5007:45:4513:52:5612 km/h
A32Ryan Dillon162kmM40-4906:18:3011:28:4814 km/h
A33John Doyle162kmM5007:32:5413:21:0612 km/h
A34Matt Dunsbier162kmM5005:21:3509:38:5317 km/h
A35Laurence Dyke162kmM18-3907:15:0712:53:1813 km/h
A36Sean Edwards162kmM5006:01:5509:39:0217 km/h
A39Jon Fairley162kmM5005:52:3410:49:5215 km/h
A40Kacper Flak100kmM18-3909:16:2011 km/h
A42Darren Fooks162kmM40-4906:35:1411:46:4514 km/h
A43Daniel Fraczek-Krygier162kmM40-4906:54:4112:45:4013 km/h
A44Martin Gibbs162kmM5007:06:3312:44:4213 km/h
A45Sam Goldsmith162kmM18-3907:27:5313:41:3212 km/h
A46Tim Gordon162kmM18-3907:11:5012:51:0513 km/h
A176Shelley Hufner162kmF18-3908:06:4613:44:3112 km/h
A49John Grounds100kmM40-4907:19:1214 km/h
A50Peter Hales-Alexander162kmM50 E04:35:0107:43:2021 km/h
A51Jez Hartill162kmM5005:04:0308:44:3719 km/h
A52Jon Hawkins162kmM40-4906:12:1110:27:3215 km/h
A53Phil Hodges162kmM5005:40:3209:43:1517 km/h
A54Rick Hodson162kmM5006:10:1810:57:3415 km/h
A55Craig Holford100kmM18-3905:22:1019 km/h
A56David Holford162kmM40-4905:06:5608:44:4119 km/h
A59Sam Jackson162kmM18-3907:16:2112:53:4713 km/h
A60Matt James162kmM40-4907:42:5013:31:5812 km/h
A61Ian Janes162kmM40-4907:00:0313:17:5912 km/h
A63Justin Kilpatrick162kmM40-4907:18:2813:01:2512 km/h
A64Benjamin Kirby162kmM18-3908:03:1514:08:0411 km/h
A65James Kirby162kmM18-3908:03:3314:08:0611 km/h
A66Frank Lankveld162kmM5005:38:3809:42:0217 km/h
A67Peter Link162kmM18-3907:06:0711:44:3014 km/h
A68Josh Little162kmM18-3907:40:2813:22:2612 km/h
A69Lee Little162kmM40-4907:41:2713:22:2512 km/h
A70Mark Lorch162kmM5007:32:4513:40:4012 km/h
A71Rob Lush162kmM40-4907:01:1112:49:5613 km/h
A72Alex Macdonald162kmM40-4906:29:5310:57:5515 km/h
A73John Macedo-Morgan162kmM18-3908:23:2313:44:0412 km/h
A74Lochmar Mackay162kmM5006:22:3711:49:1014 km/h
A75Duncan Maclure162kmM40-4906:07:3210:45:4615 km/h
A76Gary Marshall100kmM5007:55:1113 km/h
A77Luis Miguel Martin Nieto162kmM40-4905:49:2710:02:5916 km/h
A78Pete Masson162kmM40-4905:19:2509:33:4917 km/h
A79Toby Melville162kmM5006:58:2711:54:3714 km/h
A80Geovanny Miguez Cortes100kmM5007:41:3313 km/h
A81Alan Miller162kmM40-4905:55:2910:37:0415 km/h
A82Tyrone Miller162kmM5009:18:2117 km/h
A86Chris Morgan162kmM18-3908:22:5513:43:4312 km/h
A87David Morris162kmM5006:18:2411:28:3814 km/h
A88Magda Mucha100kmF18-3909:16:1311 km/h
A90George Osborne162kmM40-4905:05:4808:56:1618 km/h
A93Julian Paphitis162kmM6005:11:1109:12:5018 km/h
A94Tim Parfitt162kmM5005:53:5010:48:5315 km/h
A95Simon Pegg162kmM5007:33:2813:40:3512 km/h
A96Guy Pethybridge162kmM5005:40:1910:04:2216 km/h
A97Ross Philipson162kmM40-4906:46:1212:17:1813 km/h
A99Stuart Plows100kmM18-3906:38:5515 km/h
A100Scott Pollard162kmM5007:08:0712:55:3413 km/h
A101Mark Porter162kmM50 E06:52:0011:26:2014 km/h
A103David Randall100kmM5009:13:2811 km/h
A104James Randall100kmM6009:13:0911 km/h
A105Gavin Rham162kmM40-4907:00:0112:36:0413 km/h
A106Stephen Ripley100kmM5006:12:2616 km/h
A109Patrick Ross100kmM18-3907:58:1613 km/h
A110Lukasz Rozycki162kmM40-4907:23:1113:24:0812 km/h
A111Paul Rusby162kmM5005:04:2208:58:0418 km/h
A112Chris Seymour162kmM40-4905:11:1409:21:2317 km/h
A115Karol Skiba162kmM40-4906:54:3613:09:3112 km/h
A117Chris Smith100kmM5009:09:4911 km/h
A118Peter Smithers162kmM18-3907:16:5812:53:3113 km/h
A119Tomasz Sobkowiak162kmM18-3907:23:2313:25:5812 km/h
A120Tony Bladislao Solorzano Zambrano100kmM18-3905:58:0017 km/h
A121Michael Stimson162kmM18-3904:37:5808:06:2620 km/h
A122Lawrence Stockwell162kmM40-4907:29:1113:21:0112 km/h
A123Stuart Strange162kmS40-4906:27:1411:44:5714 km/h
A124Andy Swaisland162kmM40-4907:03:5712:06:4013 km/h
A127Miles Thomas162kmM40-4905:19:1609:17:3617 km/h
A128Ion Thomson162kmM5006:41:2111:38:4014 km/h
A129Claire Ticehurst162kmF40-4907:11:2612:37:3513 km/h
A130Lee Timms162kmM5006:53:1313:17:4312 km/h
A132Angus Trenholme100kmM40-4907:39:4413 km/h
A133Fergus Trenholme100kmM40-4907:39:4613 km/h
A134Dominic Tucker162kmM40-4907:12:2312:43:0413 km/h
A135Stephen Tucker162kmM50 E07:30:4812:51:2013 km/h
A136Mike Vincent162kmM40-4906:41:3211:38:5914 km/h
A137Simon Waite162kmM5006:15:2111:02:4015 km/h
A138Mark Wallbutton162kmM50 E07:30:4312:51:1713 km/h
A140Tom Watt162kmM5005:32:0509:26:3617 km/h
A141Chris Weldon162kmM40-49 E07:30:3112:51:0113 km/h
A142Simon White162kmM40-4906:22:0811:39:3914 km/h
A144Charlie Willard162kmM18-3907:22:1813:33:2512 km/h
A145Daniel Willis162kmM40-4905:54:3710:37:3715 km/h
A146David Wilsdon162kmM5006:11:2610:39:5015 km/h
A147Douglas Wood162kmM5007:06:2512:30:0713 km/h
B1Dan Achilles100kmM18-3908:03:0212 km/h
B2Darren Achilles100kmM50 E08:03:1612 km/h
B4Stefan Brynard100kmM40-4907:12:3114 km/h
B5Marco Miguel Castigador100kmM18-3905:30:4418 km/h
B6Giles Cayford100kmM18-3908:03:1112 km/h
B7Ronald Cloete100kmM40-4907:12:2514 km/h
B8Alex Dewitt100kmM40-4907:00:2914 km/h
B9Andrew Fletcher100kmM18-3907:15:0914 km/h
B10Matthew Galvin100kmM5007:46:1113 km/h
B13Michael Hardner100kmM5005:39:3518 km/h
B15Mario Jaramillo Abadia100kmM40-4910:29:4810 km/h
B16Andrew Kent100kmM5006:16:1216 km/h
B17Ann Knights100kmF5007:07:0814 km/h
B18Will Knights100kmM5007:07:0614 km/h
B20Fabio Leiva100kmM5010:29:4510 km/h
B21Oli Minto100kmM18-3907:15:2014 km/h
B22Robert Morgan100kmM6008:41:2412 km/h
B23Ryan Nabor100kmM18-3905:34:4018 km/h
B24Vanz Opinion100kmM18-3905:30:0818 km/h
B25Gerald Simon100kmM5006:53:5414 km/h
B26Phillip Smissen100kmM40-4908:49:0111 km/h
B28Chris Tee100kmM60 E07:36:1213 km/h
B30David Tibbals100kmM5008:48:3511 km/h
B32Martin Weil100kmM40-4907:59:0413 km/h
B33Jacques Welgemoed100kmM40-4906:30:5715 km/h
B34Sara White100kmF40-4907:46:1013 km/h
A177Nici Van Niekerk162kmF18-3908:06:4613:44:3112 km/h
A178Larissa Clay162km11:39:0014 km/h
A179Marit Sormus162km11:39:0014 km/h

Event Venue

(Start & Finish)

Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery

Stockclose Farm,

Add Junior Riders

NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
B17Adam ChristieM40-4930km2h 20m 41sBronze
A34Adam GentM18-3950km2h 49m 10sGold
B97Adam SmytheM18-39 E50km3h 30m 05sSilver
A5Alan BeckM50+43km4h 10m 24sBronze
B29Alan FewellM40-4930km1h 49m 55sGold
A33Alan FoxM40-4943km2h 48m 43sSilver
C2Alan WheelerM50+30km2h 25m 14sBronze
B63Alastair Mackay-JamesM40-4950km2h 48m 17sGold
A86Alex RichardsM40-4950km2h 23m 51sGold
C9Alex YeldhamM40-4950km2h 18m 15sGold
A96Ali SmithM40-4950km2h 49m 08sGold
A12Allen BrowningM50+50km3h 59m 37sSilver
B32Andrew GoodmanM40-49 E43km2h 06m 18sGold
B33Andrew GouldM50+50km11h 47m 24s
C24Andrew GroseM60+30km2h 05m 01sGold
A94Andrew ShephardM50+50km3h 51m 10sSilver
C7Andrew WoodcockM40-4943km3h 03m 16sSilver
A38Andy GloverM50+50km2h 46m 14sGold
A41Andy Hall-PattersonM40-49 E50km2h 28m 04sGold
A58Andy MartinM40-4950km3h 24m 28sSilver
A97Andy SwaislandM40-4950km2h 50m 01sGold
C1Andy WaddingtonM50+43km2h 01m 00sGold
B53Angela KennettS60+43km2h 35m 19sGold
B16Annie ChristianS60+43km2h 35m 39sGold
C33Anthony SakellariouM60+30km2h 04m 51sGold
A23Athanasios DerempeisM40-4950km3h 02m 37sGold
B76Barnabas OrdogM40-4930km1h 23m 48sGold
A111Barry WellsM50+50km3h 00m 28sGold
B8Ben BaxterM18-3930km1h 52m 28sSilver
C51Ben NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 43s
C45Ben OttridgeM18-3943km3h 14m 16sBronze
A108Bernie VerrillsM60+50km3h 34m 35sSilver
A16Brett CarterM40-4950km3h 01m 57sGold
A13Brian BurkettM50+50km2h 52m 15sGold
B42Brian HayM60+ E50km2h 28m 43sGold
A21Brien CurranM18-3950km3h 34m 04sSilver
A17Carl ChamberlainM40-49 E50km3h 05m 39sGold
C40Charlie ChristieMU1430km2h 21m 00sSilver
B20Chris CopasF50+30km2h 02m 42sGold
C20Chris GoldingM50+43km3h 30m 31sBronze
B43Chris HemsM40-4950km3h 21m 13sSilver
A60Chris MawerM18-3950km2h 53m 35sGold
B83Chris PearmanM40-49 E50km2h 43m 11sGold
B61Christopher LoweM18-3950km3h 09m 08sSilver
B62Christopher LowreyM40-4943km2h 38m 25sGold
A103Christopher TollitM60+50km3h 02m 42sGold
C50Christopher ToonM40-4950km3h 21m 17sSilver
B85Claire PowerF40-4950km3h 25m 57sSilver
C32Clive PetersM60+30km2h 05m 27sGold
A109Colin WaggettM50+50km3h 16m 43sGold
B66Craig MarriottM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C6Craig WilsonM50+50km2h 09m 22sGold
B24Dan DriverM18-3943km2h 40m 18sGold
B70Dan MichelmoreM40-49 E50km3h 13m 09sSilver
A6Daniel BennettM40-4950km3h 20m 27sSilver
C36Daniel Biddulph-HowellsMU1650km3h 19m 12sGold
C3Darren WheelerM40-4950km3h 08m 55sGold
B25Dave DriverM50+43km2h 40m 12sGold
B26Dave DyerM40-49 E50km3h 23m 49sSilver
C29Dave MorganM40-4950km3h 13m 32sGold
C12David BaylissM40-4950km3h 13m 58sGold
A31David EveleighM50+50km3h 16m 23sGold
B50David JamesM40-4950km2h 38m 34sGold
A50David JoslingM50+50km2h 42m 22sGold
C52David MonkM18-3950km3h 51m 49sBronze
B82David PeacockM60+ E50km2h 47m 38sGold
A78David PowellM40-4943km4h 30m 56s
A114David WilsdonM50+50km2h 48m 45sGold
B38Dennis HaleyM50+50km3h 49m 27sSilver
B19Derek CookM60+50km2h 40m 28sGold
B39Dillan HallM40-4930km3h 28m 53s
A66Dud MoseleyM60+ E50km2h 55m 56sGold
C22Edmund GrobelM40-4943km3h 11m 53sSilver
C42Fabio ReinaMU1650km3h 16m 02sGold
A118Fergus WoodwardM40-4930km2h 09m 10sSilver
A71Gary NorthM40-4950km2h 43m 23sGold
A115Gary WilsonM50+50km2h 55m 34sGold
C43Geoff Chapman50km3h 24m 48sGold
A72Gerry NorthwoodM60+50km2h 39m 02sGold
A22Graeme DacombM60+50km2h 57m 15sGold
A9Graham BotwrightM50+50km2h 40m 43sGold
C60Graham CrabtreeM40-4950km3h 23m 14sSilver
A53Graham KempsterM18-3950km2h 57m 49sGold
A64Graham MillsM50+50km2h 42m 42sGold
B3Hans AndreaeM50+50km2h 14m 55sGold
C39Harry CheshireMU1630km2h 03m 54sSilver
A76Hayley PooleyF18-3943km4h 08m 39s
A27Henry DuddyM50+50km2h 38m 50sGold
A30Herbie ElliottM18-3950km2h 53m 12sGold
A7Ian BleachM40-49 E43km2h 08m 11sGold
C17Ian CheshireM40-4930km2h 04m 07sSilver
B54Ian LaidlawM60+ E50km1h 31m 01sGold
A70Jack NichollsM18-3950km5h 30m 17s
C30Jack PennMU1830km1h 39m 55sGold
B30Jaco FourieM18-3930km3h 28m 22s
A106Jacqui UnderhillF40-4943km2h 41m 04sGold
A45Jake HodgsonMU1850km3h 57m 01sBronze
A25James DistonM50+50km3h 16m 29sGold
A73James O’ConnellM50+50km4h 03m 23sBronze
A82James QuilterM50+50km2h 21m 09sGold
C49Jamie NewtonM18-3950km2h 20m 49sGold
C4Jane WileyF60+50km3h 34m 17sGold
B9Jason BellM40-4950km3h 39m 22sSilver
A117Jason WoodM50+ E43km2h 08m 51sGold
B40Jeremy HartillM50+50km2h 28m 34sGold
A48Jeremy HoylandM60+50km3h 50m 50sSilver
A116Jeremy WinterM60+30km3h 11m 51s
B77Jim OrrM60+30km2h 22m 00sSilver
C23Joanna GrobelF18-3943km3h 11m 49sSilver
B27Joe EdwardsM18-3950km3h 24m 22sSilver
A3John AslettM60+ E50km4h 06m 10sBronze
A37John Ginzler-RingM50+43km2h 36m 17sGold
C8John WoodcockM40-49 E43km11h 51m 57s
B49Jonathan HowellsM50+43km4h 28m 46s
B78Jonathan PackerM40-4950km2h 23m 44sGold
A120Jonathan YoungerM50+ E50km3h 13m 08sGold
A4Jono BartleM50+50km2h 57m 58sGold
C37Joseph BullMU1430km2h 16m 39sSilver
A98Julian TaskerM40-4950km3h 07m 37sGold
A83Julie RandF60+50km3h 25m 51sGold
A15Justin CarrickM40-4950km2h 49m 26sGold
A77Karl PotterM40-4950km3h 35m 10sSilver
A43Keith HaywoodM50+50km3h 39m 24sSilver
C46Ken NewtonM60+30km2h 23m 07sSilver
B69Kevin MchardyM50+50km2h 15m 14sGold
A68Kim MossF50+50km3h 38m 21sSilver
B22Laura DawkinF40-4950km3h 49m 33sSilver
B73Liam NealeM18-3950km3h 23m 20sSilver
A121Louise YoungerF50+ E50km4h 11m 05sBronze
A85Luca ReinaM40-4950km3h 13m 33sGold
B34Lydia GouldF60+50km3h 08m 59sGold
C10Malcolm AngusM50+43km3h 30m 03sBronze
C28Marc MontserratM18-3943km2h 16m 33sGold
A119Marcus WynneM40-4950km2h 48m 21sGold
B10Mark BestM50+50km1h 43m 48sGold
C16Mark ButterfieldM60+30km1h 31m 13sGold
B13Mark CartwrightM50+50km4h 27m 10sBronze
A26Mark DoddsM50+50km3h 35m 12sSilver
A49Mark HulmeM50+50km2h 57m 01sGold
B55Mark LambourneM40-4950km3h 25m 43sSilver
B71Mark MillardM50+30km2h 24m 29sSilver
A63Mark MillerM50+50km2h 43m 20sGold
A74Mark PalmerM50+50km3h 58m 10sSilver
B87Mark RichardsM50+ E43km2h 09m 20sGold
B88Mark RiddingtonM50+50km3h 26m 07sSilver
B94Mark SawtellM50+ E50km3h 13m 04sGold
A105Mark TyrrellM40-4950km3h 25m 15sSilver
A2Martin ArnoldM50+50km3h 14m 56sGold
A11Martin BrickellM50+50km3h 41m 20sSilver
A19Martin ChuterM60+50km3h 00m 05sGold
A42Mathew HastieM40-4950km3h 24m 39sSilver
C15Matt BullM40-4930km2h 16m 33sSilver
B80Matt PavittM18-3950km3h 34m 10sSilver
B44Meg HiggsF18-3930km2h 00m 02sSilver
A80Michael PullingerM18-3950km3h 49m 55sBronze
B57Mike LillywhiteM60+50km3h 26m 13sGold
A39Mitch GoslingM40-4950km3h 24m 42sSilver
B46Neil HodderM50+50km4h 25m 18sBronze
A100Neil ThompsonM40-4950km3h 33m 10sSilver
A14Nick CareswellM60+ E50km2h 46m 00sGold
A75Nick PinerM18-3950km2h 52m 49sGold
C34Nick TaylorM50+30km2h 13m 07sSilver
A101Nick ThompsonM40-49 E50km2h 36m 57sGold
B4Nina ArbuckleF40-4930km2h 01m 06sGold
A32Nir EvronM40-4950km3h 10m 40sGold
C38Oscar ChamberlainMU1650km2h 38m 32sGold
B37Paolo GrittiM18-3950km3h 10m 49sSilver
C11Paul AshcroftM60+ E30km2h 12m 16sSilver
B7Paul AtkinsM40-4950km3h 13m 37sGold
A8Paul BooseyM50+50km3h 39m 17sSilver
B18Paul ClarkM40-4950km3h 09m 26sGold
A24Paul DilleyM60+ E50km2h 47m 25sGold
A35Paul GillespieM50+50km2h 40m 32sGold
A59Paul MartinM50+50km4h 22m 36sBronze
B100Paul TaylorM50+43km2h 59m 59sSilver
A112Paul WildeM50+50km2h 59m 30sGold
A46Peter HodgsonM50+50km3h 56m 56sSilver
A52Peter KelseyM50+50km2h 17m 24sGold
B64Phil MalamM50+50km2h 17m 36sGold
B59Philip LiptrotM50+50km3h 36m 01sSilver
B11Phillip BishopM50+50km2h 45m 15sGold
A88Phillip RitchieM50+43km3h 20m 00sSilver
B60Rafael LopesM40-4943km2h 05m 43sGold
B41Richard HawesM50+ E43km2h 06m 05sGold
B47Richard HollowayM50+ E50km2h 42m 42sGold
B67Richard MasonM60+50km2h 42m 38sGold
A61Richard McphersonM50+50km2h 30m 52sGold
B81Richard PavittM50+50km3h 33m 46sSilver
B93Richard Sambrook SmithM50+43km2h 35m 21sGold
A110Richie WalsheM18-3950km3h 36m 24sSilver
B72Robert MorganM50+50km3h 02m 46sGold
B79Robert PalmerM40-49 E43km2h 39m 11sGold
C31Robert PennM50+30km1h 44m 15sGold
A113Robert WillingtonM18-3943km4h 30m 32s
A29Roger ElfordM40-4943km3h 16m 47sSilver
B99Ron SutherlandM50+50km2h 53m 47sGold
A44Sam HedgesM18-3950km5h 30m 24s
A55Scott LauzonM18-3950km3h 51m 11sBronze
A62Scott MiddletonM40-4950km2h 49m 44sGold
B48Sean HowardM50+ E43km3h 27m 05sBronze
A57Shane LovellM18-3943km4h 30m 22s
A36Shaun GilmoreM50+50km4h 34m 12sGold
B12Simon Carson-JonesM40-4950km2h 13m 01sGold
C48Simon DunfordM50+50km2h 50m 18sGold
B65Simon MannM40-4950km2h 02m 22sGold
B75Simon O'HeaM60+50km3h 25m 33sGold
A87Simon RiderM50+ E50km2h 14m 36sGold
A91Simon RoweM50+50km2h 47m 56sGold
A69Stephen MullensM50+50km4h 06m 45sBronze
B58Steve LinesM50+ E43km2h 07m 19sGold
A56Steve LordM50+ E50km2h 49m 34sGold
A67Stuart MoseleyM40-4950km2h 55m 50sGold
B1Terry AkersM60+ E50km3h 40m 21sSilver
B89Terry RowlesM18-39 E50km2h 38m 54sGold
B74Tim NewmanM40-4950km2h 35m 54sGold
A81Tim QuickendenM40-4950km2h 45m 03sGold
A20Toby CoolesM60+30km2h 22m 35sSilver
A40Toby GruberM50+50km3h 40m 50sSilver
B45Toby HiggsM18-3943km2h 47m 56sSilver
B15Tommy CaveM40-4930km2h 24m 50sBronze
C47Tony ColeM50+50km2h 33m 23sGold
A92Tony RuddS50+50km2h 56m 43sGold
B84Val PlaceF60+50km3h 30m 44sGold
B86Vicky RhodesF60+ E50km3h 16m 50sGold
A18Victoria ChamberlainF40-49 E50km4h 03m 41sBronze
A90Warren RossiniM50+50km3h 46m 28sSilver
A28Will EdwardsM18-3950km5h 29m 52s
A84Mark ReedM50+50km3h 41m 54sSilver