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Online entry for this event is now closed, but entry on the day spaces will be available at event registration. Scroll down for full event details.

Shackleford Spring Punch: A New Twist on an Old Favourite!

We’re returning to the venue of our ever popular New Year event for a spring ride with a little extra punch! Enjoy a spectacular Spring outing across the Surrey Heaths and out to the Devils Punchbowl!

Based in the tiny village of Shackleford, near Guildford, this is an accessible event with easy access from the A3, but also perfectly placed ot get you right out into the countryside of the Surrey heathland!
We’ve changed things up from our New Year event; running some of the course the other way round, keeping some of your favourite bits just how they are, and taking the opportunity to explore sections of the commons that we can’t usually use in winter. Expect a fast and furious course, with an entertaining variety of trails to it; from the unique challenges of the greensand heaths, to the unexpected gnarl of the Punchbowl descents! There’s a bewildering network of trails around here, but we’ve used our local knowledge and experience of the area to pick out the very best spring circuit  – all you have to do is ride and enjoy!




Lezyne Ride for the Prize

You can win some great kit from Lezyne at this event, and all you have to do is ride! Prizes are awarded completely at random - you just need to check your ride time on the screen at the finish to see if you're a winner. You could walk away with an awesome piece of Lezyne swag worth up to £80!

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Shackleford Spring Punch MTB 2022 – Ride Results

Thanks to everyone who rode the event this year – we hope you had a great day! Here’s the full, searchable results list.

 NameCategoryCourseRide TimeAward
A151Adrian SimpsonM60+50km2h 41m 22sGold
A145Aidan ChildsM50+ E50km2h 35m 31sGold
B19Alan FoxM40-4943km3h 00m 59sSilver
A69Alan MaddockM60+50km2h 54m 07sGold
A68Alastair Mackay-JamesM40-4950km2h 51m 31sGold
A162Alex KershawM50+50km4h 26m 23sBronze
A16Allen BrowningM50+50km3h 24m 57sSilver
B5Andrew BennettM40-4943km4h 33m 04s
A157Andrew CampbellM60+50km4h 26m 13sBronze
B12Andrew CollarM60+43km2h 53m 59sGold
A35Andrew FoxM18-3950km2h 46m 05sGold
B24Andrew HopkinsM50+ E43km3h 19m 38sSilver
A43Andy GrimesM18-3950km3h 12m 56sSilver
A67Andy LyesM40-4950km2h 59m 05sGold
A100Andy SteventonM50+43km3h 02m 54sSilver
B49Angela KennettF50+ E43km2h 53m 13sSilver
B11Annie ChristianF60+ E43km2h 53m 21sGold
A64Anthony LansdowneM50+50km3h 04m 19sGold
A82Ashley PhillipsM18-3950km3h 08m 30sSilver
A17Ben BruntM40-4950km3h 01m 42sGold
A147Ben HoulihanM18-3950km4h 02m 28sBronze
A134Ben VinallM40-4950km2h 59m 48sGold
A132Bernie VerrillsM60+50km3h 19m 44sGold
B48Brett HoskingM18-3943km3h 13m 46sBronze
A154Brian MarshallM60+50km4h 26m 24sBronze
A126Brian StoneM60+50km3h 37m 10sSilver
A32Bruce FergusonM60+50km3h 08m 25sGold
A88Bruce PringleM40-4950km2h 36m 33sGold
A85Charlotte PowellF60+ E29km2h 28m 19sBronze
B29Chris LakeM50+43km3h 58m 28sBronze
A73Chris McmullanM50+50km2h 22m 54sGold
A141Chris WoodM50+50km4h 13m 41sBronze
A174Craig WilsonM18-3950km2h 34m 53sGold
A44Dan GuilliattM40-4950km3h 23m 36sSilver
B41Dan ToonM40-4943km2h 22m 41sGold
A58Daniel JordanM50+50km3h 44m 07sSilver
B32Darren MillerM40-4943km4h 32m 53s
A15Dave BroadbentM50+50km3h 25m 25sSilver
A62David KinnairdM50+ E50km3h 25m 37sSilver
A80David PeacockM60+ E50km2h 30m 39sGold
A92David ReadM18-3950km2h 25m 48sGold
A95David RogersM60+50km3h 21m 39sGold
C5David RoseM40-4929km2h 40m 48sBronze
B40David ThompsonM60+43km2h 38m 49sGold
A139David WetherellM50+50km4h 02m 09sSilver
A86Dean PowellM60+ E50km2h 29m 52sGold
A26Derek CookM60+50km2h 55m 24sGold
A61Douglas KilbyM50+ E50km2h 43m 51sGold
A76Dudley MoseleyM60+ E50km2h 43m 03sGold
A34Ed FisherM50+50km2h 43m 51sGold
B3Edward BaylyM40-4943km3h 01m 28sSilver
A142Edward BellM50+50km2h 46m 09sGold
B45Elizabeth WilsonF60+43km4h 34m 41sBronze
B99Ellen Van Der VeldenF40-4943km3h 13m 51sSilver
C6Elliott RossM40-4929km2h 01m 46sSilver
B23Fiona HendersonF18-3943km3h 34m 31sBronze
B10Freddy CasallasM40-4950km2h 52m 25sGold
A18Gabby BuckM60+50km3h 28m 53sSilver
B26Gary JacobsM50+43km4h 21m 20sBronze
A39Geraldine GlowinskiF60+50km3h 43m 06sSilver
B15Graham DeaconM50+43km2h 39m 49sGold
A74Grant MooreM50+50km2h 52m 11sGold
C7Greg Van EschM40-4929km4h 36m 31s
A12Gusty BreezeM50+50km4h 02m 10sSilver
A19Henry AndersonMU1629km2h 14m 30sSilver
B7Ian BleachM40-49 E43km2h 52m 54sSilver
B9Ian BullM60+43km3h 14m 34sSilver
B13Ian CollarM18-3943km2h 53m 56sSilver
A28Ian DaviesM50+50km2h 39m 52sGold
A37Ian FrancisM18-3950km2h 42m 42sGold
A65Ian LeesM50+50km2h 19m 34sGold
A1Jack AlgarM18-3950km3h 10m 04sSilver
C2Jak KettleyM18-3929km2h 21m 15sBronze
A46James HansfordM18-3950km3h 09m 59sSilver
A52James HouseM60+50km2h 50m 49sGold
A148James O’ConnellM50+50km3h 24m 59sSilver
A84James PikeM18-3950km2h 47m 47sGold
A170James TewM40-4950km3h 02m 15sGold
B34Jamie RichardsM40-4943km2h 55m 20sSilver
A125Jamie StokesM18-3950km2h 54m 51sGold
A75Janine MooreF40-4950km2h 52m 20sGold
A138Jaram WesleyM18-3950km2h 56m 12sGold
C1Jeff GrimesM60+29km1h 51m 50sGold
B30Jeremy LloydM50+50km3h 38m 33sSilver
A140Jill WillisF60+50km3h 36m 45sSilver
A129Jim TippM50+50km2h 54m 46sGold
A49Jo HitchenF50+50km3h 27m 03sSilver
A2John AmansM50+50km2h 50m 16sGold
A45John GwilliamM50+50km3h 20m 44sSilver
A167Jon RolandM40-4943km3h 14m 42sSilver
B44Jon WhittleM50+ E43km2h 57m 52sSilver
B33Jonathan O'NeilS60+43km4h 13m 25sBronze
A169Josh HumphriesMU1629km3h 19m 33s
A128Julian TaskerM40-4950km2h 29m 12sGold
A166Julian WalkerM50+50km3h 25m 25sSilver
A91Julie RandF60+50km3h 03m 44sGold
A87Karen PriceF40-4950km2h 27m 03sGold
A83Katie PhillipsF18-3950km3h 07m 39sSilver
A72Kevin McdonaldM40-4950km3h 01m 27sGold
A96Kevin RuncM40-4950km3h 15m 33sSilver
A59Kieran KellyM50+50km3h 28m 44sSilver
B38Lee ShepherdM18-3943km3h 01m 23sSilver
A165Linda BakerF50+50km3h 02m 54sGold
A144Marc BurdenM50+50km2h 51m 41sGold
B16Marc EbanksM50+43km2h 43m 17sGold
A40Marek GlowinskiM60+50km3h 43m 01sSilver
A48Mark HendersonM50+50km4h 13m 26sBronze
A51Mark Horler-WallisM50+50km2h 55m 24sGold
A150Mark PeacockM50+50km3h 29m 25sSilver
A161Mark RedfernM60+50km4h 25m 46sBronze
B39Mark SmithM60+43km2h 38m 41sGold
A136Mark WallbuttonM50+ E50km3h 25m 36sSilver
C31Marko BogdanovicM50+50km3h 25m 21sSilver
A25Martin CombenM50+50km3h 21m 37sSilver
A89Martin QuinnM50+50km3h 42m 05sSilver
A57Matt JimenezM50+50km4h 02m 11sSilver
A93Matt RileyM60+50km4h 02m 10sSilver
B25Matthew HopkinsMU1843km3h 19m 23sSilver
A63Matthew LaceyM40-4950km4h 07m 45sBronze
B46Michelle BaetenF18-3943km3h 13m 19sSilver
A50Mike HodgesM40-4950km4h 19m 08sBronze
A20Nate BurkettM40-4950km2h 59m 11sGold
A13Nathan BriceM40-4950km2h 52m 19sGold
A137Neal WatsonM50+50km2h 57m 50sGold
A36Neil FrameM60+50km3h 29m 07sSilver
A53Neil HowardM40-4950km4h 14m 27sBronze
B36Niamh ShepheardF18-3943km3h 05m 33sSilver
A22Nic CadeM40-4950km3h 23m 30sSilver
A31Nicholas EmminsM50+50km2h 53m 39sGold
A164Nick BakerM60+50km3h 01m 08sGold
A54Nick HumeM50+50km2h 59m 01sGold
A79Nick ParfittM40-4943km2h 47m 09sSilver
A149Nigel ParsonM60+50km3h 36m 01sSilver
B37Nigel ShepheardM60+43km3h 05m 30sSilver
A71Oliver MarshallM50+50km3h 42m 11sSilver
A146Patrick HardingM60+50km2h 41m 30sGold
A11Paul BooseyM50+50km3h 03m 39sGold
A29Paul DilleyM60+ E50km2h 30m 11sGold
B18Paul EvansM40-4943km3h 34m 26sBronze
A38Paul GillespieM50+50km2h 47m 39sGold
B31Paul MarshM60+50km3h 12m 18sGold
A97Paul RusbyM50+50km2h 27m 40sGold
A152Paul SmithenM40-4950km3h 02m 27sGold
A153Paul WellicomeM40-4950km2h 18m 43sGold
A41Paulo GomesM40-4950km4h 31m 49sBronze
A156Peter BeckwithM50+50km4h 26m 05sBronze
A158Peter ColemanM50+50km4h 25m 59sBronze
A168Peter O'FlanaganM60+50km4h 25m 44sBronze
B35Peter SethM60+50km2h 51m 06sGold
A159Peter SmithM50+50km4h 25m 40sBronze
A21Phil ByrneM50+50km3h 21m 27sSilver
A90Phil RamsdaleM40-4950km4h 01m 56sBronze
A9Phillip BishopM50+50km3h 03m 41sGold
A4Richard ArcherM50+50km2h 40m 20sGold
A5Richard AustinM40-4950km3h 05m 56sGold
B100Richard BernardM50+43km3h 14m 33sSilver
B47Richard CudlipM50+43km2h 42m 20sGold
A30Richard EastM18-3950km3h 04m 45sSilver
A160Richard Ferry-SwainsonM60+50km4h 26m 14sBronze
B98Richard HearnM40-4943km2h 42m 17sSilver
A99Richard SmithM60+ E50km2h 28m 09sGold
A98Robert RzadkowskiM40-4950km4h 19m 11sBronze
A143Robin BrzakalikM50+50km4h 19m 12sBronze
A55Robin HunterM50+50km3h 22m 05sSilver
B42Roger WarrenM60+ E43km2h 17m 34sGold
A3Ross AndersonM40-4929km2h 14m 34sSilver
A135Russ WaiteM50+43km2h 37m 23sGold
A7Russell BaldwinM40-4950km3h 19m 25sSilver
A131Sam UnderhillM40-4950km2h 52m 31sGold
A173Samuel LaceyMU1650km4h 07m 22sBronze
A163Seamus SmithM50+50km3h 25m 26sSilver
C100Seth RoseMU1629km2h 40m 53sBronze
A70Simon MannM40-4950km3h 23m 05sSilver
A94Stephen RockM50+50km4h 02m 21sSilver
B4Steve BenjaminM60+43km4h 34m 44sBronze
A171Steve BishopM40-4950km3h 02m 16sGold
A66Steve LordM50+ E50km2h 02m 13sGold
B27Steven JacobsM50+43km4h 06m 13sBronze
C3Stewart KettleyM40-4929km2h 21m 08sBronze
A42Stuart GreigM50+50km3h 05m 55sGold
B22Stuart HeathM50+43km2h 38m 04sGold
A77Stuart MoseleyM40-4950km2h 41m 03sGold
B43Stuart WarsopM40-4943km2h 37m 59sGold
A33Sue FergusonF60+50km3h 08m 35sGold
A78Thomas NallyM18-3950km3h 24m 44sSilver
B28Tim JonesM40-4943km3h 34m 25sBronze
B14Toby CoolesM60+50km2h 58m 20sGold
A81Tom Pell-StevensM40-4950km2h 33m 52sGold
A130Tom TurcanM60+50km2h 47m 49sGold
A24Tony ColesM50+50km2h 31m 38sGold
A155Will CreswellM50+50km4h 26m 15sBronze
Shackleford Spring Punch route profiles

Short Route


370m climbing

Mid Route


540m climbing

Start Time

9:00pm – 10:00pm

Start Time

9:00am – 10:00am

Full Route


700m climbing

Finish Time

Event Centre closes 3:30pm

Start Location

Shackleford Village Hall
Shackleford Road, Shackleford, Godalming, Surrey GU8 6AE

Riding the Surrey Heaths

Between Farnham, Guildford and Haslemere sits this unique set of heathland trails, typified by sandy tracks, a bewildering choice of paths and topped off by the stunning Devils Punchbowl!

The Surrey Heaths are a wonderful pocket of countryside packing a huge choice of riding into a relatively compact area of the otherwise busy south. The open heathlands hide an impressive network of trails and we’ve picked the very bset for you. This is not the hilliest area, but with plenty of off road to put in the mix with some great, wisty singletrack included, it’s a fast and entertaining ride throughout. There are some surprises in the form the infamous soft local greensand, which takes some skill and care to negotiate and find the right line, and for the full route, the descent from the Devils Punchbowl, which gets a little gnarlier than you might give Surrey credit for! It’s a lot of fun, and the views across the punchbowl are a high point of the ride in every sense!

All in all, this course will give you plenty to enjoy, a great dirt to tarmac ratio and lots of oppotunity to really get your legs turning.

Event Logistics

On the Ride
Once you’re ready to start, report to the start / finish area with your timing chap strapped to your ankle. Listen to the short briefing and ride across the timing mat as directed. As you go around the route, you will find bright orange signs and ribbons to follow. At route divide points, you will find yellow signs showing you which way to go to follow the Full, Mid or Short routes. These should guide you around the whole route, but use your map if you think you have strayed off course or have a problem with the route navigation. There are also emergency contact numbers on the edge of your map. Ride safely at all times, and remember that you are on public rights of way and roads. This is not a race, so please ride appropriately, and be friendly and polite to other trail users you meet. At the end of the ride, pass over the timing mat once again, and hand in your timing chip. For those interested in there ride time, these will be available on the computer screen at the finish.
Entry on the Day
You can enter the event on the day, although there is a small surcharge of £2 (so pre entering is recommended). Just arrive before the end of the registration period and pay at the desk.
Go to the registration desk on your arrival. If you’ve pre-entered via the internet or posted your entry, you’ll have a timing chip on an ankle strap to collect at the desk. If you haven’t pre-entered, pay at the desk and a chip will be allocated to you. Collect your colour A4 map at registration also. Next, get yourself ready to ride.
Following the Route
Follow the orange signs and orange ribbons (you will shown samples of these at the ride briefing) regardless of which route distance you are riding. Everybody follows orange. At route divide points, you will see a set of yellow signs, with “Full Route”, “Mid Route” or “Short Route” written on them, pointing in different directions. At this point, follow the right sign for the route you are riding. Once you get beyond the route divide point, you will start following orange signs and ribbons again.

(Please note, in spite of our best efforts, signs can go missing or be tampered with during the course of the day. Make sure you pick up a copy of the route map at event registration, and carry it with you for use if needed. We also send out GPS files to all pre entries prior to the event, so if oyu want ot have the route on your phone or GPS device, sign up online now!)

Food and Drink
Hot and cold food and drink and snacks will be available to purchase from the event centre before and after the ride. (Including our ever popular home made chilli!)